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  1. I will be very surprised if they try to restart this. My guess is that hoops are over for this year. Most of the first games for springs sports usually start the first week of April. IF all goes well and we get back to normal in three weeks (which I doubt) then spring sports athletes still have to get their 10 practices in which will push them back to Mid April. If the BB tourney is still in play then those teams will have to be given a week or two to practice and get ready which will impact all the dual sport athletes in basketball that play spring sports. Then when they are done they will have to get their ten practices in. For Seniors this is disappointing. It will be a mess. The whole thing is unfortunate but I believe it was necessary. Guess I will stream some old ESPN Classic games again.
  2. Not sure if you saw or not, but it is now postponed indefinitely which I guess is better than cancelled at this point. We will see how it all plays out.
  3. I think it would be very hard for the IHSAA (and NCAA) to run amateur athletes out there when the paid professional athletes aren't doing it. The situation with the Utah Jazz and last night with the Hoiberg situation probably were the tipping point for the IHSAA, NCAA and other sports. It is unfortunate for these HS athletes and especially Seniors. I just talked to one of them a few minutes ago and he is pretty bummed. Said it is going to be hard to get up because they feed off the crowds. Going to be more like a summer league or AAU game atmosphere. I do hope the IHSAA can stream all these games, because I do hate the fact that players, fans, families, students are going to miss out on a High School experience that isn't guaranteed from one year to the next. Certainly unprecedented times for us.
  4. Congrats to both the Cardinals and Miners on their Sectional Championships and good luck this weekend representing the SWIAC and Greene County. The issues with the Miners are the same issues that we have seen all year, but now it is costing them more. When you play a sectional opponent, who has already played you at least once and has scouted you at least a half dozen times you can bet that they are going to be prepared for everything you bring to the table and they will game plan for it. The Knox county teams did just that and it nearly paid off. That was two of the worse shooting games that we have had this year. Partly due to what S. Knox and N Knox did and partly due to poor shot selection. A wide open 3 pointer in the 4th quarter with a 7 point lead is not the same as a wide open three in the 1st quarter and we don't seem to recognize that. Value the basketball! Lots of dumb fouls in the 2nd half away from the bucket that stopped the clock and gave them free throws, and either the players, coaches or both, never seemed to make an adjustment to letting Fickling get the ball deep in the post. He killed us in the 2nd half and especially the 4th Qtr. Drew Smith has played really hard and really well in the last 3-4 ball games. He does need to be a scorer more in the paint, but the ball has to get to him too. Regionals and beyond are a little different than Sectionals. Most teams watch a little tape, but really line up and do what they have done all year and see if you can stop it. I think we will be fine against a hot Crawford County team, but it will take our best game to get by Providence or South Spencer. Providence has been beat up all year and just got healthy and is showing what they are capable of. South Spencer, coached by Former Bloomfield player and coach Matt Britton, will be a handful if we face them. They actually will run something other than a dribble drive offense and are very talented. I have an uneasy feeling this weekend about the Miners. I hope they surprise me and find their groove. Bloomfield is stepping up their game at the right time. Turner still doesn't look 100% yet, but he is still a dang good player at 80 -90%. They will have to play really well to get out of that Regional but, the type of game they play and their defense will give them a chance and that is all you want this time of year....a chance.
  5. Miners looked sloppy last night. The kind of sloppy that gets you beat against good teams. They better clean it up and hope that shots start to fall or a disciplined South Knox team could upset them. WRV vs Bloomfield could be a good game for a while but I don't see the Wolverines upsetting them tonight. I will say this about the Wolverines....they have zero quit in them. They don't always play smart with the ball, or make the right pass, but they play really hard. Lot's of offensive rebounds on missed FT's and second chance baskets because they outhustled North Central was the difference. Denham played like a Senior in his last few games and Ellett was a force inside. Crites and Rogers continue to improve as well. Again, I don't think it will be enough against a Cardinal team that is clicking right now, but that's why you play the games. Good luck to all three SWIAC teams tonight.
  6. Hats off to West Vigo. They play hard, scrappy and defend pretty well. They stripped our guys 4-5 times in first half on offensive boards. I would agree the Miners are who they are. I thought the baseline cutter for West Vigo was open entirely too much against our zone. Several easy buckets there. This game was about what I expected it to be. Pretty much the same as last game. If Linton ever puts 4 quarters together on both sides of the ball they will be scary good. Bloomfield—-it was great to see Turner back and playing well. Great kid that deserves to finish out his senior season. Eastern—- a two game winning streak??? Anyone see that coming?
  7. I said early on this season that how those roles are filled will go a long way toward how far the Miners go in the postseason. We haven't replaced the toughness and physical play of the Robbins twins nor have we replaced Slover's motor and leadership. This team can score points in a hurry, but they are also prone to long stretches of play like they had against Marshall where they look lost. It certainly was the tale of two halves. Marshall owned us on the boards in the 2nd half and once they got physical with Lincoln they neutralized him. It was a physical game and if he gets those calls then he probably scores 40 but you get in games where the refs let them play and he has to adjust better. Overall, this group is soft when it comes to this type of play. They get pushed off screens, the get out rebounded especially from the weak side, and the offensive movement slows down when the other team gets physical. They have had a good season, but this isn't last years team and it is a little unfair to think they can be what last years team was. I do believe if they clean things up they can get through the regional, but I also believe they can get beat anywhere along the way if they don't.
  8. Miners got a good draw by getting the bye game vs North Knox.
  9. Well Bloomfield got about as good a draw they could hope for. North Central has to like the bye game too.
  10. Itiswhatisis-----Chill out a bit. Good grief this is just High School basketball. Matchups make games, not polls and ratings. Common opponents are helpful in scouting but that is about it. I put little weight in polls and more so in the Sagarin ratings. I should remind you that you said Mater Dei was going to roll over Triton Central in the Football semi state based on Sagarin and we all know what happened then. The Lady Miners might be considered a favorite next weekend, but the championship game is next Saturday not Yesterday. Frankton isn't going to care that they beat TC. They will have to play well to beat a good Frankton team. That is facts. I watched the first West Vigo game in person and I can say that they are a scrappy, but inconsistent bunch. They gave the Miners all they wanted that night. I expect the Miners to win, but if the Miners are off a bit like they were against North Central the other night, then WV can make this a contested game. The Miners are the better team, but that doesn't always mean much. Coach Hart has the Miners playing well right now, but they still have some of the early season chinks in the armor that show up from time to time. Those chinks will get them beat against a really good team. They will no doubt be the 2A sectional favorite, but anything can happen in the tournament. I would say that the Sectional 57 is going to be interesting. Bloomfield is still the favorite, but with Royals injury they aren't as clear cut as they once were. Clay city is starting to click with wins over Shakamak, WRV and Edgewood and a two point loss to NC all in the last few weeks. WRV and Shakamak are capable of playing some good ball and N. Central would love nothing better than a 3rd chance at the Cardinals. The draw for this sectional could be a huge factor.
  11. No drooling here....You never heard me say Hale was all world. As for transfers, when we get a HS kid move in here like they did at Barr Reeve, then the IHSAA rules can apply. Until then, everyone can hate on the Miners all they want, because it won't matter. As for Sullivan, yeah the 8th grader is why Moore is upset now, but it goes a little deeper than that when you talk Linton/Sullivan.
  12. First off, Joe Records is a good athlete and a scrappy kid....always has been. Him holding Hale to 13 points, 6 rebounds and 4 steals (not sure on assist) is a good job I guess if it was a just a one on one game. Only problem is your taking a shot at a kid when the fact is he didn't need to need score thirty when the scoring was as balanced as it was that night. Nobody is losing any sleep in Linton worrying about Sullivan or any other school being upset.
  13. Eastern is a rebuild for sure, but the way things have went over there with the football program and a few board members I would be very careful being public. It does take a lot of good people and a lot of admin support to develop a K-12 program. They used to have it and it can be rebuilt again. Coach Hudson is certainly capable of doing that. IMO Hale has only scratched the surface. His game has continued to expand and he is beginning to grow into his body and become more physical. I think more offers will come and he will go down has the all time leading scorer in Miner history with a slight chance to eclipse 2,000 pts. Can he play at a high major school? Right now, I don't think his game is there yet, but another year of getting better and stronger and a good summer of travel ball and he could turn some heads. From all I know he is a great kid too and as a fan, that is what you want to see.
  14. It's all good. Hale was being looked at by several D1 schools...mid major mostly and has committed to Indiana State.
  15. Both of those teams lost last week so it wasn't surprising that they got bumped down, but Blackhawk is clearly the best team in 2A and will be a handful for anyone. I would expect Blackhawk to represent the north in the Finals. Shendendoah is very good as well and very well coached. This is actually the 2nd time the Miners have been ranked #1 this year. They were #1 until their loss to TH North at the classic.
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