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  1. It's you're. So you're equating a person being transgender as having a potentially life threatening illness?
  2. I try to love, respect, and be tolerant of all people.
  3. Speaking of irony and (in)tolerance, how ironic will it be if one of the "patriots" on this post ends up having a transgender child or grandchild? This thread is an embarrassment and it's my sincere hope one of the moderators removes it soon.
  4. Beyond the fact it's one of Indiana's oldest rivalries (some say the oldest), you are overlooking a very important fact as to why the CP-Lowell rivalry will remain: Economics! Lowell fans travel better than any other team in the Region. Plus, the kids are just getting back to school, it's week one of the HS season, the CP kids love to dress up as farmers to tweak the Lowell kids, etc. The stands are PACKED. You need to lighten up old man and realize competition isn't everything! If you weren't such a curmudgeon I'd invite you to the game at the Inferno next year as a side trip to visit your family. It's a top 10 Indiana HS Friday night atmosphere IMO.
  5. CP is definitely a sleeping giant and the new Superintendent has deep football roots. All the chatter on the other thread has me very intrigued about who the new coach will be. I have some guesses, but I'm going to keep them to myself out of respect for all involved. I'm a Lowell guy so I hope they screw it up. Competitively, football is all we have!!
  6. Lake Central to Penn is 85 miles. LC to Elkart is over 90. That sounds like loads of fun for a mid-week swimming or wrestling meet. The kids can do their homework on the way there since it will be too dark on the way back.... I bet the many LC parents who work in Chicago will love the drive after commuting through city traffic.
  7. Just to put some enrollment numbers into the scenario (these are on another thread and Morton and Hammond's are after the presumed consolidations): Andrean - 348 Highland - 1061 Hobart - 1264 KV - 1015 Lowell - 1092 Munster - 1572 Hanover - 748 Hammond - 1596 (5A) Morton - 2063 (6A) A "closed" conference is NOT happening. This was done 20+ years ago. It was called the LAC and it was a mess. OUM states it well: Conference affiliations are about three things - gate revenue, participation across three levels in all sports and the ease of scheduling that comes with said participation. I'll speak from Lowell's perspective from the standpoint of a fan who wants them to do well - Morton is a great football opponent. What an awesome way to start your season against three 6A opponents in CP, Portage and Morton (this is why I LOVE the all in playoff format). If you believe adversity makes you stronger, playing those three to start your season does it. Finally, in regard to Hanover, keep in mind it encompasses a decent portion of St. John. South of 231 is exploding with growth. I can envision them being 4A in less than 5 years.
  8. Two simple reasons: It is and always will be about the $$$. Hammond schools do not travel well. Conference memberships are about more than football. Morton would certainly be competitive on the gridiron. But, they would bring very little to cross country, volleyball, track, golf, tennis, etc. Same reasons for the breakup of the LAC 20+ years ago.
  9. I don't see current Morton players leaving for Hammond High, but you never know. Hammond, Clark and Gavit have had zero recent success so other than the shiny new facilities (maybe that's enough?), what is the draw athletically? Excluding the "Rippy" one year fiasco, Morton has also had a much more stable coaching situation. You can keep on pushing this scenario but it isn't happening. If the NCC expands, Hanover Central and Wheeler make way more sense.
  10. I would throw in a consolidated Hammond Morton as a potential school on the rise; specifically if their enrollment puts them in 5A.
  11. MAY have been a suspect call 🙂 But, what a story: First time finalist in Lowell (coming in with 4 losses) knocking off the defending 3 time champs. Great stuff.
  12. I am certainly not rooting against the Brickies, and would be happy to eat crow on here Saturday morning. But, they are not going to be able to pound the rock like they did last week, and stopping the Rebel run game is no small task. Offensively, they are going to have to find ways to get Vode the ball in space - jets, bubble screens, etc. He's an absolute stud IMO, but I do not see the fade jump balls working against a good/prepared defense. The Brickies are going to have to put up at least 28 pts on Roncalli to have a chance. Throw in the fact Roncalli will be sleeping in their own beds, have faced a much tougher road to LOS, and I presume some of their coaches were on staff in 2016 and know how to keep kids' emotions in check this week, a 28-35 point margin of victory is reasonable. Still going 42-7 Rebels.
  13. The NCC has become a 3 team league (Andrean, Hobart, Lowell). KV was decent at the beginning, but faded after the tough loss to Lowell. Hobart didn't face a challenge in the regular season after week 5. They would be better served playing Andrean and Lowell later in their conference slate. Playing two 6A's to start the season is fantastic, but there's no meat on the bone at the end.
  14. Time for some honesty: IMO, Hobart had a much stronger team last year, and this year's road through the North was essentially a joke (not their fault, the SF makes it what it is). They only had one tight game, and the opponent was without their stud RB. This is THE senior class Hobart has been banking on to get them back to the title game. Congrats on getting there, which is a huge accomplishment, but this game will not be close. 42-7 Roncalli.
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