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  1. I am happy to help answer this for you. In 2018, Elkhart Community Schools filed paperwork with the IHSAA letting them know that beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, Elkhart Memorial and Elkhart Central High schools would be competitive together as one Elkhart Hish School. Construction had not yet been completed, leaving the new high school to operate out of two campuses. Construction has since been completed and, beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, Elkhart High school will house grades 10-12 at its West Campus (formerly Elkhart Memorial HS) and 9t
  2. Not for 2021, but we are excited to announce that we have just signed a two year contract with Carmel starting in 2022. Carmel @ Elkhart 8/26/2022 Elkhart @ Carmel 8/25/2023 Our program is excited about the future opportunity to compete against one of the top programs in the midwest!
  3. I know there's a lot of opinions when news comes out like this, especially with him decommitting from an in-state school. This young man's three main reasons for committing to IU were the Kelly School of Business, the strength & conditioning program (Dave Ballou and Dr. Rhea), and the DL Coach (Mark Hagen). Since Rodney's commitment, Coach Hagen was named DL coach at Texas and Dave Ballou and Dr. Rhea both took jobs at Alabama. No one can blame those guys for making those moves that they deemed were best for them and their respective families. Due to those changes, none of
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