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  1. Has the IHSAA came back with any conclusions following the fight on Friday night?
  2. Anyone giving Northridge a shot to beat Leo? Game was close last year, there are a lot of kids that played on the team last year. Or does everyone think it will be lopsided like I have been hearing?
  3. Anyone on here giving Northridge a chance at all to beat Leo or will it be ugly?
  4. Last week of the regular season and a bunch of teams are playing for the share or out right NLC champions. Goshen at Wawasee- One team will get their first NLC win of the year. I think Goshen has played half way decent against NLC opponents. I don’t think Wawasee can beat a NLC team. Give me Goshen by 7. Concord at Warsaw- A lot on the line here for Warsaw. With a loss Warsaw will not have a share of the NLC title. Concord is coming off a big loss against Northridge. I think both teams will come ready to play. I’m taking Warsaw by 13. Mishawaka at Northridge- Game of the week in the NLC. Both teams have a lot to play for. Northridge with a win will at least share the NLC title. Not sure what will happen if Mishawaka wins and Warsaw wins if they would share the title or not. Northridge struggled with the Warsaw offense when they played weeks back. Mishawaka is really rolling after a tough start. This will be a very physical game. I think Northridge will put it out at the end. Northridge by 4 Hope everyone has a safe Friday. Enjoy some football this weekend.
  5. Is there anyway that concord can knock off warsaw and gain some momentum heading into sectionals? The only way Concord wins is if they keep Warsaw under 20. Both Warsaw losses are when they scored 21. So if the Concord D steps up then maybe they can win. Will Northridge learn from there mistakes from when they played Warsaw. Can Mishawaka Lee their momentum? If the Northridge QB plays like he played last Friday then they will be a hard team to stop. Will that triple option from Mishawaka tear the Northridge D apart? Who knows until Friday night. I’ll put my picks in later in the week. Just wanted to start some conversations. This thread used to be one of the best threads on gid. Trying to get this back to that. It’s going to be one hell of a Friday night. Can’t wait.
  6. I’ll start a topic. Will there be a shared NLC title or will one team take it all?
  7. Can’t believe it’s week 7 already. It’s been a crazy few weeks so I haven’t been able to post some of my predictions. So here are my predictions for this week Warsaw at Wawasee- This is a good Warsaw team going up against a not so good Wawasee team. Even though they are playing for the W trophy I don’t see Wawasee being able to hang with Warsaw. I’ll take Warsaw by 30. Northirdge at Goshen- This is Goshens senior night and first game at home. I think they will be ready to play. They hung in with Warsaw better than I thought they would. Northridge is coming off a good defensive battle with NorthWood. Could be a trap game for Northridge. I think it will be close for the majority of the game. Just because I think Northridge will come out just a little flat. But I think Northridge will get it done in the end. I’ll take Northridge by 10 Eastside at Concord- I don’t really know anything about Eastside. According to Sargins rankings they are the second ranked team in 2A. I think this game will be whoever has the better athletes. They don’t really get to scout each other with finding out who they are playing late in the week. I’m going to take Eastside by 7. Mishawaka at NorthWood- This should be a pretty good game. I think Mishawaka is starting to get it rolling after the Concord win. I think NorthWood will come out hungry after the tough loss to Northridge. But Mishawaka is going to keep it rolling. Mishawaka by 4. Hope everyone has a safe week and weekend and enjoy some Football.
  8. I’m new here but have been following this website for a while now. Here are a few predictions for tonight. NR/Plymouth- This is always a big game. Maybe downplayed a little this year because of Plymouth’s play so far but I do believe Plymouth will keep it close I’m the first half but NR’s defense and running game will be too much for the Rockies. NR by 17 Wawasee/Concord- This is an interesting matchup. I watched the Wawasee and Ridge game last week and Wawasee should some potential in a passing game but couldn’t put anything together. I don’t know much about concord besides they are usually pretty tough matchup. I think this will be a tight game. Give me Concord by 6 Mishawaka/Warsaw- probably the game of the north this week. I don’t think Warsaw is as good as last year, still good but not last year good. Mishawaka has had to tough losses to good teams. Mishawaka had a week off to get even more prepared for this game. Mishawaka will get their first win of the season. Mishawaka by 10 Hope everyone will have a good and safe Friday. Will be in attendance at Northridges opening game in their beautiful field.
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