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  1. I believe they had a new coach or offensive coordinator within the last couple years? I heard a few athletes decided not to come back out. They graduated a running (Mantooth) that was pretty good. I believe is playing at u of Indy? I heard his brother didn’t come back out to stick with baseball. Thought we was suppose to be a pretty good receiver? About all I know from the team. If I remember correct their line was big but didn't move that well. But that was 10 weeks ago.
  2. Was not impressed with Cascade during the scrimmage at PH. They had a few big boys on the line and a few athletes on the field, but didn’t seem to be able to put much together. I see Seeger advancing this week.
  3. I wondered when you would be back. The sting from Friday night must be over. I assume the Wolves would take a sectional title after finishing “4th” in the conference. I guess even a runner up would be an easier pill to swallow then losing in the first round after running the table in the conference. Glad you could join us for the remainder of the season.
  4. I mean are they having limited tickets? Players only allowed so many? Ect
  5. @speaglefanwhats the ticket situation for Friday night?
  6. Is this something the IHSAA would control or would it be up to the schools?
  7. Rumor mill, heard Attica has now canceled. Can we just play the sectional championship this Friday?
  8. Has covid increased in that area? Sorry @speaglefan just saw your post. Heard there was another local school that went to e learning because of a teacher shortage. Does it seem just to be that area or the county as a whole?
  9. Rumor is PH will be off this week. Cloverdale has canceled
  10. Just wait until he notices the post by @speaglefan posted a score and no teams are listed at all.
  11. If he would of read through the other 5 pages he would of seen I can do that on my own. Lol
  12. For the people that normally read the post for the last 10 weeks it’s never been an issues using the common initials for the teams. next week PH will play C (Cloverdale) and SP (South Putnam) will play A (Attica) WRC (Wabash River Conference) the conference is located in western Indiana along the Indiana/Illinois boarder with schools north of 70 and South of 74
  13. If you didn’t read the other 5 pages you missed out on some entertaining conversations
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