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  1. Good synopsis. I would like to see Joey shoot a lot more given that he had probably the highest shooting % last year. Lincoln will have to pass more if we are to have any hope of making it very far in the tournament. I think the addition of Drew Smith (along with Pyne) will give them a much needed boost in toughness and scrappiness. Also, Trey Goodman could potentially give them another shooter. I don’t think he’ll start, but he could come in and take some pressure off Lincoln and Joey. He will have to be guarded as I’ve heard he can hit the 3. Curious to see what the freshman (Walters) bring
  2. Today is the first day of practice for most boys b-ball teams in Indiana (those not quarantined). Pretty excited about this year’s Linton team. We’ll never know how far they could’ve gone last year, but I feel they’ve got just as good, if not better, of a chance of going far in the post-season as last year. Two D1 players (3 if you count Pyne for baseball-IU), a VERY good incoming freshman, and a talented supporting cast should make for a fun year. We’ll be scrimmaging at Evansville Central Nov. 21, and will open with both Parke Heritage and North Knox on Nov. 28. Here’s hoping for a COVID
  3. It was added last week in place of the Sullivan game. Marshall was 22-5 coming in, so they’re pretty good. Miners came out and played really well the first half. Best defense I think I’ve seen them play. They had them down 21 at the half. We let down the second half and they got to within 5. Final was 69-54. Hale 29, Hart 15. With last night’s win, the Miners are now 20-2 and clinched their 8th straight 20-win season. That’s never been done before in Indiana history.
  4. Linton has added a home game vs. Marshall, Ill. in place of the Sullivan game. It will be tomorrow (Thurs., Feb. 20). Not a bad pick-up as Marshall is pretty good this year.
  5. How does Linton bring it on themselves? By being good and well-coached when schools had been used to beating up on them? Rules were not broken and there is no recruiting-not even at the elementary level which is when most of them transferred. But people around here don’t care about that. They just want to be mad and jealous and listen to rumors. I heard the other day we’ve got transfers from Bloomington South, Bedford, and Indy coming in lol. Coach is gonna be broke taking all those kids to King’s Island and putting them up in his house (more rumors)!
  6. Um, it was WRV? He’s had plenty of good games against better teams *eye roll* You seem . . . upset? I hope WRV survives, but with people like you around, I’ll not hold my breath. Especially since you’re not accepting transfers because you don’t believe in that kind of stuff. Oh, wait . . . Btw, Linton doesn’t have to beg people to come here, we’re just a better school than other options in the area, in academics, athletics, and maybe most importantly, financial stability.
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