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  1. Congrats to MR. Kiser. I also wanna say congrats to the entire 1A class.
  2. I only saw Kiser at an 11 on 11 scrimmage an a little but of Lindauer in his 2 state games. This year I would have chose George to be the QB or Warren. If George was not there i would have chose Lindauer, but I sure as heck would have loved to have Kiser being the captain of my Defense. I know right? I would like it to be understood that me questioning Lindaure being in the final 4 is in no way me saying he is not deserving of being in there. I just have never seen someone win the award without being a position winner.
  3. So my question would be how can Lindauer be a finalist for the award and not be a position winner?
  4. Elliott not being chosen does not surprise me. S.Bell in 2009 rushed for over 3k yards and didn't win. Seems like the coaches don't put too much stock into a player in the highest class rushing for a good amount of yards against some of the top competition in the state. I am not saying that D. Wodicka wasn't an awesome player.
  5. Are u referencing Speigle from New players because he is a junior if I'm not mistaken.
  6. I think Elliot should have been in the finals not Bell. But I am grateful that 1 of them made it. If Kiser wins the Award @coachnowlincoachnowlin I will congratulate him and be happy for him. Warren is a great community and we are happy to once again stake claim to being the Defending champs of the largest class in Indiana. I am still in favor if having a Me. Football for every class.
  7. Oh OK i thought he was referring to Whitings post stating he hopes they get a certain person to coach the team.
  8. He didnt say that the coach was gonna come to Whiting just Hope's they can get him. Didnt start any rumors
  9. warren05

    Mr. Football

    That's just fake news.
  10. warren05

    Mr. Football

    It is sponsored by the Star. They Star does not have a hand in determining who wins it I belive
  11. warren05

    What happened at Pike?

    Not sure what happened but I would imagine the opening will attract some good candidates that are energetic and excited to try and get the program back on the winning track. I wish good luck to who ever get the position.
  12. warren05

    Mr. Football

    Yea what he said
  13. warren05

    Mr. Football

    Is Kiser the QB position Winner or is Lindeuar?