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  1. Where will this one be played?
  2. warren05

    Forest Park Facilities

    Lutheran has no stands on the visitor side but has them on the home side and the home and visitors are separated which was a good thing this year
  3. warren05

    Week 9 Scores..

    Did they have a running clock in 2nd half
  4. warren05

    Week 9 Scores..

    Monrovia scores with 20 sec left in 2nd. 14-7
  5. warren05

    Week 9 Scores..

    Scecina ties the game up at 7 all with 4 min left in 2nd
  6. warren05

    Week 9 Scores..

    End of 1st monrovia leads Scecina 7-0. Monrovia has ball deep in crusaders end.
  7. http://statechampsnetwork.com/index.cfm/news/high-school-sports-news/top-50-football-players-in-indiana-for-2018/ What are your guys thoughts?
  8. warren05

    MIC 2018

    I belive he is refuring to the Coaching. I dont think he likes it. But to be fair they did graduate almost 50 seniors from last year including most of the offense if I'm not mistaken.
  9. Let's get a list going of the different Conference champs. MIC-Warren Central
  10. warren05

    Park Tudor/Monrovia

    Lack of available players for PT.
  11. warren05

    Week 8 Scores

    Warren-41 Carmel-17 Final Warren wins its 8th MIC championship.
  12. warren05

    Week 8 Scores

    Elliott with his 3rd rushing TD of the night for Warren. Warren-41 Carmel-17 2:39 left in 4th
  13. warren05

    Week 8 Scores

    Carmel with a 2nd INT of the 4th. Warren takes over at their 17. 2 plays later Bell has his 3rd TD reception of the night. Warren- 34 Carmel-17 6:54 left in 4th
  14. warren05

    Week 8 Scores

    After a Carmel INT Warren goes to the 7 and has to settle for a 22 yard FG. Warren-27 Carmel-17 9:47 left in 4th
  15. warren05

    Week 8 Scores

    End of 3rd qrt. Warren-24 Carmel-17