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  1. George Custer didn't win the battle, but he did kill a few Sioux.
  2. Success? By the end of year four running the Spread Batesville will have won 0 Sectionals and 1 Small School Conference Championship. I guess we have different interpretations of success. The other part of that story is Batesville ended up scoring 9 points. If you score less than 10 points in modern football with your modern offense I wouldn't say it's all scheme, but scheme probably has a little to do with it. Well played sir, well played.
  3. Went to watch the nephew play Lawrenceburg last Saturday, went up early to see the other EIAC teams. They're spread but they ran over Rushville. No Dudley's but they have some solid guys. To East Central? No.
  4. Delta at Shelbyville final score 85-0. Any chance Bobby Cox and the powers that be take a look at revamping or revoking (sarcasm) the Mercy Rule after year one.
  5. I may not be a smart man, but I do know that you can't go from 3rd and 3 to 2 and 10. Glad my alma mater won but the sequence before the second blocked Field Goal the zebra crew was lost.
  6. Great opportunity this weekend to literally watch every EIAC team and yes that is true. Lucky I got to the game early Friday or else I don't think I would have found a seat. Had an entire section to myself on Saturday. But that's not surprising, East Central/Harrison crowd will always out number the others schools playing each other.
  7. I wouldn't say it's a "ridiculous" argument. There is a reason why most states classify teams by enrollment. There was a big difference last Friday between the numbers on each sideline. Teams with larger enrollments have a higher percentage of finding more talented players and more reliable backups. Also I would say that East Central is probably the only team in the EIAC that has the ability to have 22 different starters.
  8. Went to watch the big game last Friday. Man was it a spectacle, Lawrenceburg had a mini College Gameday atmosphere. Was a little surprised by the game overall. Looked to me like East Central didn't take Lawrenceburg too seriously. Hope it was a wake up call for those kids, next couple of weeks won't be a cake walk either.
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