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  1. They had an excellent engineering program when my daughter graduated in 2012. I hope that can continue.
  2. Promote early online tickets, but do not remove the cashless gates. Many people decide at the last minute whether to go to a game and which game to go to. Many people still find it a hassle of online purchases and many people still worry about the security of online purchases. I would not like lose any ticket sales right now.
  3. Never let it be close enough for the refs to decide it. Luers beat themselves with penalties at the wrong time. Can not do that in a state championship.
  4. I don't think Hammock's hit would be legal today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHfnZq1LCUE
  5. Everything I have been reading seems to indicate that Pioneer's success vs. Luers will be ball control.
  6. I guess I won't be watching the Luers game. Hopefully I can listen to it on Redeemer Radio.
  7. Fairfield's offensive line had Luers D Line on its heals most of the night. I watch helmets. I saw Luers helmets most of the night which means they were being pushed back and controlled. Could pose major problems if Pioneer is similar to Fairfield.
  8. After moving down to South Carolina, I find this very true. The high school players down here tolerate the heat better than their counterparts in Indiana. On the reverse, they can not handle cold weather as well.
  9. Four quarters of the best Luers football they have in them. Make them beat you. Don't beat yourselves.
  10. AH, the good old days! I do watch the games on my computer as much as I can, but while I was teaching I was closer to the hearts and minds of the players. I miss being in the stands and collecting pre- game newspaper articles and forum quotes to post on the wall outside my classroom. By this time of year, that wall was full from door to door.
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