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  1. Luers back in 2A, but they may find it much more competitive than the past.
  2. Now two upset saints fans our suing to force Goodell to use that rule: https://www.foxnews.com/sports/new-orleans-ticketholders-sue-nfl-over-call-in-nfc-championship-game
  3. Years ago, money for Luers field was raised by such things as bingo. Donations have helped with some improvements over the years (the track, for example), but the care of the field turf has always been done by a volunteer group of Luers Dads. Some nostalgia may be involved. A major capital campaign has been going for a number of years now to improve the school building. Field turf is probably low priority. However, if a donor wanted to donate for just turf, they won't turn that person down
  4. The Bishop of a diocese has the final say in all church matters and church property.
  5. Luers is a parochial school. In the end, they answer to the Bishop
  6. Won't this raise complaints from the other Fort Wayne High Schools that have football fields?
  7. Thank you all for getting the Gridiron back up and running!
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