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  1. Yeah, I don't think NJ will stand much of a chance. As for the rest of the games, I think everyone including myself agrees on the outcomes.
  2. Triton-Caston game has been moved to Saturday at 1pm.
  3. No one that I knew had any of the details until yesterday. I usually have my connections to get details sooner, but in this case I did not. This article was 2 days after the accident. My apologies that I didn't post it sooner.
  4. Yeah, 2017 was another senior Cameron. He died on my sons birthday. They were pretty tight even though my son was a freshman at the time. While my son has graduated last year, he played a lot of downs with this Cameron.
  5. Release from Triton: It is with sad and heavy hearts that we are making our community aware of the passing of Triton Scholar Cameron Fairchild. Shortly after 3pm today, Cameron was involved in a car accident. School personnel, counselors, and clergy are at the school for those who may need a safe space to speak with someone or grieve. We ask that you lift Cameron’s family up in prayer as we do our best to support them, our student body, and staff through this difficult time. Tell the ones close to you that you love them and may this difficult time be a reminder to all of us to not take those around us for granted. Thank you Triton Community for your prayers and unwavering love for our scholars through the coming days and weeks. Trojan PRIDE,The Trojan Way!!! Fairchild was a senior on this years team.
  6. I also saw he was suspended/disciplined in the spring during soccer for something similar. The article didn't say what exactly but it seems there is pattern here.
  7. I saw a little bit longer clip than the one posted. It started with 88 making a late hit on the qb, and off camera I think a fight ensued back on that side and a coach was trying to separate the people involved in that. Either way, that kid just sealed his fate with any future in football.
  8. I’d rather be irrelevant and know it, than think I’m relevant and not be.
  9. I would love to watch the Pioneer - Bremen game. I have a feeling it will be a slugfest..... but I’ve been wrong before, ask my wife!
  10. I think you got some games turned around there.
  11. I’d have to agree. I was just telling my wife last night that just a few years ago they were on the verge of not having a team and I think they may have only played a JV schedule that year to undefeated this year. Great story.
  12. Triton tries to stream all of their games but it’s pending on good internet service
  13. Triton needs an opponent for next Friday since a Laville is out.
  14. Haven't heard yet. Looks like they lost their starting QB to a knee injury this week too. The hits are coming hard for them this week. I doubt they will play, but I read where Penn had a player test positive and they are still playing Friday because the kid hadn't been around any players since Sat.
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