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  1. Looks to me like a solution looking for a problem. I don't think these are going to make it more respectful or retain officials. However that doesn't mean they aren't good additions to sportsmanship protocol. I think the mandating of head coaches only being allowed to address officials is a direction we should all head towards. Overall I don't ever have a problem with a coach question an official, as long as its done respectfully and in the correct manner. Then in the end, if the official refuses to side with the challenge, there needs to be a agree to disagree mentality. Wrestling several years ago instituted protocol which made it much more civil (you still have heated moments, but many fewer public displays and tantrums).
  2. I was thinking man I miss me some Gameday Haiku, but as I sat down... the light bulb illuminated Who you Crappin'? But it's not Thursday. Friday Fung? Been a minute since we had Friday Fung.That's it, Friday Fung. Theme... Happy Endings Sit back gents, and let me paint you a picture. It was a cold dark rainy Friday late in the year, circa 2015. Twin Lakes was set to make the long trek southward to Hamilton Heights. A spry and rather daring CoachDale hatches a plan, the equipment truck will make a detour through Greentown to the home of the CFWMer Champ... the one and only SacrificialLamb. Logistics are logged, plans are planned, details detailed. His homeboy hooks him up at his pizza joint, Circle Pizza (shameless plug for my boy), with a venerable smorgasbord of pizza shop deliciousness, with one statement "just make sure you win, I got the bill". The truck pulls into the DawgPound just seconds after the bus. We get a laugh at the hillbillies out front blasting Kid Rock in Daisy Dukes in cold rain, and dancing in their truck beds. We enter the halls, and the staff begins crushing like 2 pies, breadsticks, and several sandwiches. As the kids are coming in and out of the locker room to get taped, "ah that's why CoachDale was so quick to get out ahead of the bus, we wondered why you weren't already here, hey can I have a piece?" 😂 "Heckno Techno! We coaches are maintaining peak performance. Go do your player things... we got bitness to handle." The game commences in a freezing rain monsoon with like 20mph winds straight out of the north. The only offensive production was headed south towards the scoreboard. In fact I don't think the north half of the field was touched more than a handful of times. We take the wind at our backs in the 4th for obvious reasons. It ends up a sloppy mess and 14-14. We drive down and kick a field goal as the horn goes off to win 17-14, from one of the few times the ball was on the north side of the 50. The kids are jubilant, the parents tunnel us out to the bus, cheerleaders cheer, grown men are hugging each other and jumping up and down, angels sang down through the clouds, the whole nine yards. Little did they know, that a wily CoachDale had half a SuperDeluxe stashed away in the equipment truck for the drive home. If that ain't a happy ending, I don't know what is. Fung is winning, Winning is fung.
  3. Is that correct picks or points? I feel like there needs to be some serious clarification on said plaque. By design I got out of FB for a calendar year, I barely even watched Purdue or the Colts until just this last month, for fear of wanting to return to a sideline. Perhaps the addict is over his addiction? Perhaps I can return to the land of GIFs and Obscure Movie Quotes? Foxie doublin' down makes me green with envy.
  4. But seriously... no, Cass-out-of-Conference, might as well be Newton County JMHO 😂
  5. He's allegedly good at the footballing, people talk. Been a long time since anything like that level of offer was around these parts. Realistically I can't think of one. Lots of kids I thought could garner it, but rare air for sure.
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