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  1. I think miss. was coach funk first head coaching job.
  2. Who will be the lead candidates for this job. Good job. Only hard matchup in conference play is Eastbrook.
  3. I see the dekalb position is open. What happen to the previous coach? I know they had a really good season this past year. It was good to see them being good again.
  4. I like the idea. I would say it should only start in the second half. I question why the rule goes away at state finals.
  5. I have 2 questions from this game. 1. My question is with the game being such a blowout why did both teams play their starters the entire game. A lot of subs work hard all year and deserve to get into the game. 2. When Webo went up 41-0 why didn't the running clock rule come into play? Or does that rule exists for the state finals.
  6. not sure if I would say yes to either. He is just playing on the best team.
  7. On Friday retired Norwell Coach Scott passed away. Like a lot of his players coach made a huge impact in my life. Rest in peace coach.
  8. Any word on what SW is going to do for a new coach? Why did the old coach leave after just one year?
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