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  1. Coach Nowlin, thanks for the notes this week! Being a rep is on my bucket list...but I'm always the bridesmaid in the voting...
  2. split INDY into North and South for the ultimate competition. Carmel goes North for playoffs why not for ALL STARS too?
  3. Funny, how Football is the last to expand the summer participation rules and the FIRST to be restricted... I guess we need to start developing travel teams like baseball,basketball,softball and volleyball (I'm being sarcastic here, I LOVE MY WEEKENDS in the SUMMER) We will just have to manage the practices closely. More time with my family is not a bad result!! No more looking at Pros and College. Why? Ask any High school coach if it looks like the their helmets fit PROPERLY...NOT.
  4. dacoachmo

    Mr. Football Thread

    I totally agreed too! Too bad toughness can't be a measurable stat....He has been a warrior for the past three weeks
  5. PLAYOFF STATS for 5 games 58/76 916 pass yards 8 TDs and 1INT 76% completion
  6. dacoachmo

    Possible 3A All State

    Matt DeSomer rushing 121 carries 1294 yards 14 TDs 10.7 YPC PASSING 149 attempts 81 complete 0.54% 1773 yards 16 TDs 3 INTs and he is averaging 39.6 a punt
  7. STATS for TEN GAMES PASSING 76-142 1623 yards 15 TDs 3 INTs RUSHING 117 1270 yards 12 TDs 10.8 yards per carry PUNTING average 39.1 Not gawdy stats like the state leaders, but please keep in mind that in three games he only played a half. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/o/340434/highlights/87273379
  8. dacoachmo

    Bishop Luers At Andrean

    Fort Wayne Luers 82.73 Andrean 68.80 From John Harrell's site
  9. dacoachmo

    How Did Your Jv Them Do ?

    BNI W 42-0 Merrilville L 14-36 Gary West W 34-6 Munster W 31-6 Hobart W 35-13 Highland W 38-12 KV W 37-0 Griffith W 36-6 Lowell L 6-26 7-2 final record
  10. Sure would be nice to see Bremen and Luers highlights
  11. dacoachmo

    IFCA Clinic

    Agree that the clinic should be centered around a college spring practice. IU, BALL STATE, PURDUE.... Illinois state clinic is great with the amount of speakers from HS, small and big college.
  12. congrats to Andrean players Brian Sims and Jon DalSanto great football players and great kid too! Brian Sims was a three year starter for us,,,after not playing much his Freshman year!!!
  13. Can anyone PM me the password? Thanks!!
  14. Congrats to St. Joe. A game for the ages...