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  1. No we didn't. Did that team play last night? And it was a team Pioneer plays every year. You make it sound like they got bumped up and found out how good the teams are in 2 A. It's the team they play every year.
  2. Oh I'm sorry. Did they win those games? A loss is a loss is a loss.
  3. First off that was last year's team not this year's. Secondly, it wasn't just Pioneer fans who thought that. Think you would find if you looked back at the threads that Pioneer fans were in the minority of those who said that. It was a discussion on the internet. People stated their opinions. But you were offended. Get over it.
  4. How many times did LCC draw the number 1 team in the state in 2A in the tournament? Yeah, didn't think so. It's funny. Pioneer plays Lewis Cass every year. And have more than held their own with them. But if you want v to make out that this one game is some sort of statement about Pioneer, fine. Just remember this same Cass team also best 3A West Lafayette who was ranked 2nd in 3A just last week. How quickly they forget.
  5. Bell plays for a 2-5 completely irrelevant Purdue team. Not sure what point you're trying to make but it should be pointed out that playing wide receiver is the easiest position on the field for an incoming freshman to earn immediate playing time. That, and running back. Other positions usually take some time to transition. But everyone knew Bell was athletically gifted and that is what is needed for a freshman to get playing time at that position. It seems as if some are trying to denigrate the Panthers for losing to the number 1 team in 2A by saying "See, 2A is so much tougher". Well, doesn't that argument then denigrate your own team that plays in 1A?
  6. What you're doing now is making excuses. The point is for you to see that it's not so easy to just pull your starters. There are reasons why a coach doesn't just pull his guys out. Now that the shoe is in the other foot, one would hope you could see that.
  7. They're not back ups and jv if their starting. By definition they're starters and, by your own rules, they must come out in a blow out situation. No excuses and no exceptions.
  8. The only question is how long will Winamac leave their starters in?
  9. Leaving the starters in is a two way street. If I'm coaching I'm not sending my under sized and not completely developed freshman out there so your seniors can feel better about themselves and say yay we scored. I've seen that done and seen the freshman's career ended by a gruesome knee injury. Also, saw the senior who hit the kid stand over him and celebrate like he'd just won the Superbowl. There are ways to attempt to hold the score down without pulling all your starters. Like not giving the ball to v for best player/s. I don't have the stats in front of me but if be willing to bet Jack and Danny didn't have 25 second half runs in the second half of games all last year. Most games 0. So, here's an idea. How about we leave player personnel decisions to the coaches on both teams? They know more about their respective players than you it I do.
  10. What were they being called out on exactly? You don't want the score run up? Play better defense. You don't want shutout, play better offense. It's not Pioneer's coaches job to worry about your feelings. Their job is to put their people into the best possible position to be successful, both in life and on the field. Part of that is setting goals. If their players have goals that you don't want them to achieve, then try and stop them. It's really that simple. I really have a hard time understanding how their attempting to set records is so offensive. Why do they keep the records for if not to give teams something to shoot for?
  11. You guys who continue to point out that Laville had guys out as well are missing the point. The reason I brought up the injuries to the Panthers was becausev someone said before the game that the Panthers haven't any depth. The fact that they had those guys out disproved that theory. No one question whether Laville had depth or not so the defensive post that " we had guys out too" is meaningless. But if it makes you feel better, fine. Whatever.
  12. Right in front of ref who is looking right at him and whose job it is to watch for that. You'd almost have to purposely turn a blind eye to it. Only one bad call or non call among several.
  13. By the way and for the record Pioneer won without their starting guards, TE, OT, middle linebacker and SS and still won by 3 TDs So much for not having any depth
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