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  1. Cass is a year away or so from doing this. Athletes, students who drive to school, and members of extra curric. activities will all be in the pool to be tested.
  2. Just an observation that's all. There are senior players on the IFCA ALL STATE team who didn't make the region team. There are also players on the region squad that did not make the IFCA ALL State team. Would it make sense that if you are selected on an All STATE team, you would be good enough to make a region team?
  3. Senior in question was nominated at meeting. Just didn't get votes I guess.
  4. Tough break for Cass - 2 kids on Jr. All State team and senior O-lineman/D End that could have started for any team we played. Yet not a single player here. So coaching vendettas against other teams get in the way or were the players on a 4-6 Logansport, 5-6 Twin Lakes, or 6-6 Judson teams just that good?
  5. Huh? Not known as power guys? Compared to who? Mike Alstott, Jerome Bettis? Agreed. If Charlie is not a power back, then I have no idea what you would called him. He is a tank. His weight room numbers as a frosh at Delta were insane. I can't imagine what they are like now.
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