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  1. There was a running clock in the middle of the second quarter. Varsity played two snaps in the second half: 1) punt, and 2) XPT after the JV scored.
  2. Here is the by-law change for quarters: Interschool football participation by a player shall be limited to a maximum of: a. Thirty‐ Six (36) Varsity season quarters, limited to Four (4) Varsity quarters per week; or b. Fifty Four (54) total season quarters limited to six (6) quarters during a week with no more than Two (2) Varsity quarters included. No player can participate in more than Four (4) sub‐Varsity quarters per week. It shall not count as a Varsity quarter if a player participates only in a kicking down. A kicking down is defined as a kickoff, kick‐off return, punt, punt return, field goal and kicked extra point.
  3. There is now an article in the Muncie Star Press.
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