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  1. Rule Clarification: 4th down on Jaspers 46, Jasper punt is partially blocked, goes high in the air comes down on Jasper 48 where NV player attempts to catch it, did not control it, and Jasper recovers on their 47. After officials conference Jasper was awarded ball. Correct?
  2. Jasper dominated for over 3 quarters, 35 -7, tried to run out the clock, but Northview would have none it, scoring 3 TDs via the pass in the final few minutes. NV moved the ball all night, and would have been a different game, if not for several dropped passes. NV QB probably threw over 40 passes, no interceptions!
  3. Sectional opponents Jasper and Northview are similarly ranked by Sagarin, 60.75 and 57.07, and their respective opponents this Friday, Mt. Vernon and Indian Creek, are also very closely ranked, 52.03 and 52.23. The games this Friday should provide some insight on where they all stand at this point in the season.
  4. I like it, but with a warning first. But what was actually said, and what is profanity? "Cr*p" ?Sh*t"? Pay them more. Trust free enterprise.
  5. Of course the in-house people were hoping they'd stay in-house, but all the out-house (no pun intended) people I have spoken to recently and in the past felt it was time for a regime change. Coach Ahrens was an exceptional motivator, leader and teacher, and always put the welfare of the kids first, and was a positive influence on the community as a whole. I hold him in the highest regard. Maybe he was too close to the community when it comes to the entitlement of the student athletes and parents, just an anecdotal observation.
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