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  1. I think one of the things that I always wonder about when you go on a contraction rant is that there will always be a worst team. Do you think as teams contract that there will be parity among the group as to eliminate lower level teams? What would the final result of contraction look like? A conference finish with 1 or 2 clear front runners and the rest somewhere around .500? A realignment with teams following a bell curve-ish win loss total with high win teams at the top, most teams in the middle, and low win teams at the bottom with just less teams overall? I am sure some schools could and should contract but I don't think that decision should be based solely on win-loss record.
  2. As a Whitko grad I think it's a good hire. If you read the Times Union article, it talks about him intentionally balancing life as a coach and father. That's a trend that seems to be appearing more in the profession and I will be rooting for Coach Jensen even more because of it.
  3. Part of the risk is also false information. If a coach hasn't applied, but someone makes that implication and it picks up steam, the coach could be at risk of having a relationship in jeopardy for something he had nothing to do with. I appreciate the site's policy on keeping unsubstantiated claims to a minimum.
  4. I think there needs to be a standardized mercy rule. When I was in Florida it kicked in with a 35 point lead and went back out to standard timing if the lead dropped below 35. Everyone knew how the clock was going to play out and there was no debate nor arguments about . I am in South Carolina now. We had a team ask for it last year when we were up 21. They got the ball after the half and scored on the first drive. Their head coach still wanted the running clock, the officials wanted the clock to go back to normal timing rules, our head coach just wanted to know what the heck was going on. When I was in Indiana, we played a team and won 74-6. It was an away game three hours away so we only dressed 30 players. The other team's coach refused the running clock and we ran dive every single play with our worst skill player and it still got out of hand. Without a rule you are asking a head coach to agree to what many feel like is giving up. A lot of guys won't do it because they don't want to quit on the kids or they don't want their community to feel like they gave up on the kids. I would be open to many different solutions, but I think there needs to be a standard that everyone understands and I think the solution takes has automatic indicators so it's not left to human judgement.
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