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  1. How about we get back to talking about HH and Jasper? There was an entire thread about Jasper and Vincennes Lincoln joining the SIAC over the PAC. Go post that stuff over there.
  2. I understand your point, but Football, Basketball, and Baseball Sectionals are almost all SIAC schools, so to me (outsider perspective) yes.
  3. I am sure it will be on 104.7 WITZ Southwestern Indiana's Powerhouse! With Walt Ferber and the Coach Terry Gobert!
  4. Being a part of this great game for about a decade was an awesome experience. I played in 2 of these games and coached in 8. It was always fun to see the kids get fired up to compete with one another. I remember playing middle school, freshmen and varsity sports against great players like Cole Seifrig, Ryan McMannaway and others. It is a shame this series will be ending, however it (joining the SIAC) was in the best interest of the Wildcats. I hope this is a slobber-knocker, and a fitting end to the series.... (for now, I hope!)
  5. 1A/2A Football is always a crap shoot. You never know who is going to show up and stand out. Valley will be tested a lot this week with Paoli in the Orange Bowl. Good luck to everyone this weekend! We have great weather for it!
  6. Are the Southport and Columbus North games just 2 years or will they be longer?
  7. I became a basketball official after making the move back to the classroom from the AD role. I said my purpose in becoming an official was to help out at the younger levels, 5-6, 7-8, Frosh and JV. After doing this for 3 seasons, I have great respect for the officials who do varsity sports. I also have great respect for those doing it for a long time. Fans are completely disrespectful! I will gladly listen to a coach and to some extent a player, but when I hear it from fans, I don't go back. My goal is to help fill the official shortage, but $50-70 a night is not worth being yelled at or saying I screwed their team. I am reffing younger kids, I really don't care who wins. As far as accountability, I know the varsity and JV officials talk and ask each other questions in games and after games to make sure the rules, calls and technique is correct.
  8. I have not followed the Evans brothers careers so I don’t remember what school they were at last, but IHSAA transfers deem the penalty be served at the next school. So if he had a suspension at School A (and didn’t have time to serve the penalty), School B must have him serve the penalty before allowing him to play. Hope that makes sense. (I’m not saying it’s right just the IHSAA rule.)
  9. I believe the bottom line is there have been many mass shootings and nothing has been done. I am not saying make a new law, but that is an option. There has been no increase in security measures done by the government. Trying something is better than doing nothing!
  10. This doesn’t cover what will happen if a pitcher throws over 120 pitches. If the pitcher starts the 7th inning with 119 pitches, what happens? With these rules in place now, the umpires should have control to stop the pitcher. They can pull out players in football due to safety why not the other sports?
  11. That would leave Mt. Vernon (Posey) and Booneville to join the PAC. That is an interesting thought. Would that makes sense for Washington and Princeton? I would argue it does for football, but probably not for other sports. How many schools in the conference have soccer, wrestling, baseball, softball, golf, tennis, swimming? But I like the outside the box thinking!
  12. Girls and ACLs when I was at Jasper and Vincennes Rivet. I know that's not a team, but I have seen a lot of girls with season ending injuries and some of them were multiple ACLs i.e. 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.
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