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  1. This doesn’t cover what will happen if a pitcher throws over 120 pitches. If the pitcher starts the 7th inning with 119 pitches, what happens? With these rules in place now, the umpires should have control to stop the pitcher. They can pull out players in football due to safety why not the other sports?
  2. That would leave Mt. Vernon (Posey) and Booneville to join the PAC. That is an interesting thought. Would that makes sense for Washington and Princeton? I would argue it does for football, but probably not for other sports. How many schools in the conference have soccer, wrestling, baseball, softball, golf, tennis, swimming? But I like the outside the box thinking!
  3. Girls and ACLs when I was at Jasper and Vincennes Rivet. I know that's not a team, but I have seen a lot of girls with season ending injuries and some of them were multiple ACLs i.e. 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.
  4. Where is your proof of this? Specifically, you cited Coach Morrison should consider contraction. Why? Valid points,if you don't factor in that football is safer than it has ever been. This is true we are seeing more and more lay coaches, however this is due to the enormous responsibilities put on teachers. High stakes testing, low wages and now new professional responsibilities all allow an opportunity for others outside the world of education to coach. Take it from me lay coaches can be difficult to work with but they love the sport and want to coach it. Attendance might be down but I am pretty sure football games more than cover for their expenses. If online streaming is an issue... Do not sign off on it. You are correct. An AD's job is to ensure school policies are being followed and to take recommendations to the other administrators school board. Then the school board can decide what they want to do. So if you want contraction to happen so bad, get yourself elected to a school board and make it happen. Or you can just leave these schools alone and wait for the "I told you so" moment, which may or may not come.
  5. Unfortunately, a lot of young people feel like there is nothing to be optimistic about. My opinion: Yes
  6. DT you might be right, but have you been to Madison? Did you read the NY Times article? I went to college in Hanover only about 5 miles away. I know the city, some of the people and the history. The student-athletes there need football. Football provides the kids an opportunity to develop a bond, friendship and brotherhood not to mention keep the kids safe. The boys learn accountability and have the football staff looking out for them. The coaches at Madison educate their student-athletes about life as much as the game of football. You and I probably view success differently. Yes they might not be win on the gridiron, but who is it to say that winning is success for this community? Just because a team doesn't win doesn't mean it isn't successful. Coaches are with these guys for a minimum of 20 hours per week in season and countless hours out of season. We are positive role models who represent what their lives could become instead of what they see everyday. I'm only 34, but when former players come up and talk to me they appreciate how much work and time I gave them.
  7. Kids don't have parents anymore. They have friends. Friends who share their DNA and are responsible for them, but "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."
  8. I understand your frustration with the article, but Englehardt said there were several sources about the preliminary talks. (I want to know those sources.) He probably texted the questions because Mr. Lewis did not answer phone calls. Mr. Lewis could control the narrative with texting the answers back. (I've been there and done that in the past.)
  9. Here is an article for a few years ago about what Coach has done. I hope in his new role he can continue to be a positive role model and make a big impact in the Madison area! https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/08/sports/opioids-suicide.html
  10. Coach Morrison was a college teammate of mine and good guy. Good luck in your new role Coach Mo! https://madisoncourier.com/Content/Sports/Sports/Article/Madison-football-coach-Patric-Morrison-resigns-to-take-assistant-athletic-director-position/18/289/115225
  11. To your point, if school personnel can already have firearms on school property with authorization from the school board, is there a legal argument against it? If it is state law on the books, I would argue no.
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