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  1. I believe Vincennes Lincoln is looking to depart the SIAC. They have not been competitive and would benefit from going to a smaller conference. Where do they go? Will the SIAC look for another member IF VL leaves?
  2. I think we are going to continue to see a shift with the NIL and transfer portals. USI being in the OVC will give them enough exposure to seeing multiple recruits come in to the basketball program. How will USI's storied XC and track programs perform in D1? What about baseball and softball? How will the transfer portal affect the other non-money making sports? USI should 100% get football. The amount of talent in Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois, and Northern KY could give USI a very solid base, then add a few kids from an Ohio, Texas, Florida, or California and it could be awesome. There is a lot of untapped talent here! And, I believe there is enough interest, plus you could make some awesome facilities to go along with the new basketball and volleyball venues. It is amazing the amount of money the school has invested in the Rec and PAC and academic facilities, but just refuses to add football. I think there would be a huge uptick in enrollment. USI has newer facilities and offers mostly the same majors as ISU, I would think that would make it more appealing.
  3. Stall ball is a great equalizer for team with fewer players. But it is boring (speaking a fan and basketball official). If it gets implemented, it affects the girls game too, something keep in mind. It is immensely difficult to put the toothpaste back into the tube. For some schools, 7 minute JV games are too much. We are getting 4 more minutes of sloppy basketball for some teams. I have hear no discussion of going back to a 6 minute JV game. My point is, if a shot clock is passed, it will be incredibly hard to get rid of in the future. All that being said, I am for a shot clock. I think the 35 sec. proposal is good, but I think 40 is better.
  4. The problem is that the IFCA made the proposal to the IHSAA about limiting contact. Other sports were supposed to submit their proposals, but they were not required to do so. The IHSAA has not made a unilateral decision for the other sports so football is main sport to be penalized. There are a lot of wacky rules from the IHSAA, but in the end the ADs/Principals actually get the final vote.
  5. I hate club sports, but unfortunately that's where a lot of sports are heading. I have spoken to an AD and he thought that's the future, whether right or wrong. Softball actually has a rule that is no club ball during the season. I don't know the specifics but I have talked to multiple softball coaches who have confirmed this. Basketball and Volleyball are ridiculous! Those kids are out there all the time! PAY TO PLAY!
  6. I think it would be cool to do the 2 games, and my solution would be at the college fields. Sure you might not get IU or PU, but there are a lot of smaller schools ISU, Butler, Ball State, not to mention D2, D3 and NAIA schools. Obviously, this would be dependent on their seasons/playoffs as well.
  7. For Basketball, there are 2 or 3 games at one host site. With football there would only be one game. If a school doesn't draw much crowd, bad weather, etc. the host school could be on the hook for costs including the cost of tearing up a field (although if turf not likely). I am just trying to play devil's advocate.
  8. ADs definitely submit "packages" to host sectionals, regionals and semi-states, but that doesn't ensure anything. Back in my AD days, sectional host sites were selected by the sectional teams, then regional and semi-state host sites were selected by the IHSAA. (Schools had to submit their interest to host regional and semi-state.) My school was strong in basketball so we frequently went to regional, which bounced back between 2 host sites. Everyone agreed one site was much better than the other, but the IHSAA always wanted the other site to host. There is definitely an economic piece that must be evaluated for basketball. What is there to do in the city, lodging, restaurants etc. This is less important in football as it would only be one day. What happens if the host is still playing do they get a home game? Also do 4A, 5A and 6A schools want to let 1A , 2A and 3A schools play at their facility? Will the host site recuperate any losses? I feel like there are a lot of questions. And because we don't seed the tournament yet, maybe we should start there.
  9. Glad to see these kids going to advance their academic and athletic careers! The HCAC is getting some good athletes!
  10. I agree with @Grover I don't know about all sports, but when I was a player I know the state finals for football was very strict. You had to have a pass or be on the team roster to be on the sidelines. Ball boys/girls, trainers, and administrators all had to have passes. In track, unless your representative was thrower, you have to stay in the stands. I always have watched my student-athletes from the stands, even in the long jump and high jump.
  11. I don't understand why these coaches can't see the difference in kids. All kids are different and that must be taken into account when "matching them up." I am disheartened because one bad experience can cause a kid to quit. Football is a game and games are suppose to be fun. If it isn't fun, why would you play. This particular incident and drill are not fun especially for younger kids!
  12. While jogging this morning I thought about another factor... Many young guys think they know it all, and don’t want to or are unwilling to learn how to coach and adapt to their players. I remember designing a play and the OC said this won’t work, and explained coverages to me. Being a former lineman understood blocking concepts but had little understanding of coverages. Greatest coaching conversation I had.
  13. This is a fascinating topic! I absolutely believe there is a shortage of coaches out there. I have been coaching for 10 years. When I started, I had no kids just a girlfriend. I went from jv/varsity football straight into junior high basketball and back to varsity track. Now, I have a wife and 2 kids and only coach football. The number of guys you see come and go is crazy. From the first staff (8 total coaches) I ever worked on only 1 of those guys is still coaching. None of which retired from teaching yet. My personal experience with schools hiring practices is mixed. When I was a tiny Jr./Sr. High they only cared about hiring a teacher not a coach. Now I’m at a slightly bigger school and hiring head coaches is important for the school. I remember being interviewed at numerous schools in central and northern Indiana for coaching and/or teaching positions and the administration was concerned because I am from southern Indiana and went to college in southern Indiana so would I stay long term. Those schools went in other directions and many of them have hired the same position numerous times including one school which is on its 3rd head coach since I interviewed only a few years back. Then of course there is the financial situation many young people run into. The assistant coaches don’t get paid enough. The time commitment can be daunting for some people, especially with young families. And one of the biggest factors is the parents. Some parents are crazy! There are so many factors. These are just the few I think are the biggest.
  14. I think the main thing the coaches want, is if the QB is out of the pocket let him throw it passed the LOS and no intentional grounding.
  15. Numerous players on our team have been hit by “close contact” quarantine about 4-5 times this season. (Not to mention the regular injuries.) We have had a cancelled game and opponent changes as late as Wednesday, so this has been a difficult year. Please keep in mind no matter what we are going through, we have an impact on these kids. The tweet below has been the a bright spot for us this season.
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