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  1. With the school year winding down, I am checking to see if there are any confirmed boys basketball coaching changes? Hopefully we will have sports in 2020-2021!
  2. 2001 South 4A Semi-State Jasper vs. Cathedral Jasper was down 21-7 with about 10 minutes to go and came back to win 27-21 in regulation. Cathedral had fumbles on back to back possessions then had a 3 and out to give us a chance.
  3. You never know what a district’s policies are. Maybe wanted too but couldn’t. Maybe he was MS coach. If you have information please tell us. Reckless is bad.
  4. Congratulations to Coach Scott Buening who was named AD at Southridge. It looks like he will continue to be the program’s football coach. https://www.14news.com/2020/03/20/buening-named-athletic-director-southridge/
  5. We also have an opening for an elementary teacher.
  6. Springs Valley Jr/Sr. High School currently has teaching openings in Social Studies and Special Education. At this time, we have a paid JV/Varsity assistant football opening as well. There will be opportunities to coach other sports as well. Please see the school website for application instructions. http://www.svalley.k12.in.us/sv-employment
  7. Pardon me, but I might be a bit ignorant. @Muda69 makes a great point. Speaking purely from a former AD perspective, basketball and football keep other sports alive at many schools. Hence the reason many schools don’t want to cut football even if they aren’t Conference or Sectional contenders. Swimming, wrestling, tennis, golf, track, etc are not paying the bills, or coaches salaries. Football and basketball do that.
  8. Both positions have some positives and negatives. I am interested to see the direction each school chooses to go. MTV- can the new coach (whoever it will be) build on what Coach Brunson was building.? Will the move to the PAC help or hurt them? I would guess help, but you never know. SS- can the new coach turn things around? Will the shakeup in the PAC help them? I am not sure it will. I know SS has had success in the past.
  9. Evansville Reitz has to be a top contender. The bowl is pretty sweet but not the best venue for opposing fans.
  10. So long as those students enroll at Reitz before they attend one class at MTV, I am pretty sure there is nothing MTV can do.
  11. Putting on my old AD hat... Transfers from MTV to Reitz would be subject to the “past link” rule making them immediately ineligible or limited eligibility. If that’s what MTV wanted to do, and assuming that is still a rule.
  12. Please remove this post due to the poor spelling of the word lose!
  13. Coach_K


    My concern would be the physicality of professional football over high school football. Will an 18-19 year old body be able to hold up for an entire season? What position would be the easiest to transition from HS to XFL? Personally, I think WR or DB. Physically they could be comparable. Mentally the OC or DC will be in their ear telling them what to do up until the snap so not too much you have to learn.
  14. Admittedly, I do not know very much about travel baseball, so you point is taken. Can you also answer me this question: What restrictions are put on travel baseball after the season is over? I am not trying to be an @$$. I do not know. Is it up to the coach? Is there more oversight? I would love more information so I am more knowledgeable about more sports. Thanks.
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