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  1. Coach_K


    My concern would be the physicality of professional football over high school football. Will an 18-19 year old body be able to hold up for an entire season? What position would be the easiest to transition from HS to XFL? Personally, I think WR or DB. Physically they could be comparable. Mentally the OC or DC will be in their ear telling them what to do up until the snap so not too much you have to learn.
  2. Admittedly, I do not know very much about travel baseball, so you point is taken. Can you also answer me this question: What restrictions are put on travel baseball after the season is over? I am not trying to be an @$$. I do not know. Is it up to the coach? Is there more oversight? I would love more information so I am more knowledgeable about more sports. Thanks.
  3. Coach_K


    I personally thought the XFL was pretty entertaining. I like many of the rule changes and transparency. The speed of the game was great and it felt like there weren't too many commercial breaks. The product on the field was much different. There is a clear drop off from the NFL to the XFL (Lots of dropped passes and too many missed tackles just to name a couple). I think it will be a fun season, serve as a NFL minor league, and I hope it will stick around for some time. Thoughts????
  4. In the words of legendary Jasper Football coach Jerry Brewer, “I teach PE. Gym is a building or a person.”
  5. Michigan State, Oklahoma, Utah? Looks like all their QBs are seniors.
  6. This entire situation has made education even harder for educators and coaches who are the opposite sex as their students. I know many teachers feel as if they must always have a witness with them after school hours. This isn't a sad situation. It is a depressing one.
  7. Oops! Illinois should be ashamed! Haha! I think the change was still good for the majority of the Big 8 schools. Moving to the PAC and SIAC is going to benefit these schools especially in the postseason tournaments.
  8. I saw Jasper had their lights on today, but I couldn’t get a photo as we were passing by.
  9. The lights at the Springs Valley football and baseball fields are lit to honor Coach Bowsman. #morethansports
  10. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/2019/11/18/curt-hopf-transferred-forest-park-barr-reeve-because-bullying/4230908002/ The saga continues.
  11. Updated 11/15/2019 Curt Hopf remains ineligible. https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/11/15/indiana-doe-denies-curt-hopfs-basketball-eligibility-appeal/4202269002/
  12. Gotta give props to Matt Theobald and his staff for bringing Hanover College back from a dark place. The Panthers won their second straight (first outright) HCAC championship this weekend by defeating Rose Hulman. Congrats to the Panthers coaches and players on a great achievement! Now keep the Victory Bell away from the college up north!
  13. If we are going to wade into the P/P-Public school debate I will chime in... I was the AD at little ole Vincennes Rivet located in Knox County. I can tell you most P/P schools do not openly recruit student-athletes, but they do recruit students. The recruitment of a student-athlete is a violation of IHSAA bylaws and in such instances the student-athlete is deemed ineligible. If all P/P schools recruited, then why aren't they successful in every sport? Where V. Rivet for example is competitive in most girls sports and boys soccer. Boys basketball, baseball, track, tennis and golf are all pretty low in numbers and unfortunately success. Open enrollment does not only help big city schools, it also helps some rural schools. This depends on where you are located in the state of course. I know students who cross county lines to go to a different public school, not the norm but it does happen. Since I now work in one of these small rural public schools, I see it firsthand. I know at least one of our students (a 7th grader) who is getting recruited to go to a different school for purely athletic reasons. One of this kid's coaches has said he makes trips to watch him play in travel tournaments so he stays in our school because other schools are recruiting him. The idea of vouchers is a whole different can of worms to talk about another day. I hope everyone has a fantastic day!
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