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  1. With being a small school (enrollment only 228), we can not force summer workouts even if we wanted too. I am realistic when it comes to football not being the #1 sport at our school and that kids (especially in our area) have to work to pay for certain things. I do get a few kids that try to participate in both football and basketball in June and I try to take it easy on them as I know they are doing both. The one positive for me is our basketball team is a run and gun type team and so the basketball guys are going to be conditioned for sure.
  2. We normally do this as well, but this year seems to be worse. It might be because we get all the moratorium all in July. We also start school July 28th so not much time between moratorium and start of school.
  3. I was just curious how everyone deals with summer workouts. We are a small school and share a lot of the same athletes. I just was told the schedule for basketball in June and they only have 7 days off and that is including Sundays. On another note to me it is crazy that we only have 12 practices we can use between June and July, but basketball can workout basically everyday and play 20-30 games in June. Thoughts?
  4. These kids at Edinburgh love football and the town is just amazing when it comes to support. Hopefully this year will be the huge turning point for our program. Lots of Talent on this team. Thank you for the kind words. Small schools do matter.
  5. I am a second year head coach and I am trying to get our players more involved in our community.We do not have a great history at Edinburgh (most know this), but our fans have always be in the stand supporting us no matter what. We did a cemetery clean up last year and I am wanting to get more ideas. My goal is to take 1 Saturday a month for June through October to do an community service project. I would like to know what are some of your guys ideas are.
  6. I looked up the board minutes and it said Rick Zimmerman. I believe he Jennings County's coach last year.
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