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  1. I’m going assume this is the same Strong’s that has a place in Newport KY? If so..Wonderful Vodka sauce pizza and a real unique set up. The pizzeria is actually in a residential home. Not sure what L’ burg’s is like.
  2. Danville (7-5) at Vincennes Lincoln (8-4) GAME TIME: 7 pm ET, Inman Field. COACHES: K.C. Woods, 36-14 in 4th year at Danville. Levi Salters, 25-9 in 3rd year at Vincennes. SAGARIN RATINGS: Danville, 62.26, 82nd overall, 13th in 3A. Vincennes, 43.48, 159th overall, 33rd in 3A. LAST OUTING: Danville defeated Indianapolis Ritter, 34-17. Vincennes defeated Princeton, 34-21. OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Danville 71-59. Vincennes 53-65. SERIES LAST 35 YEARS: No meetings. jh PREDICTION: Danville, 31-17. First ever meeting between these teams. Other than briefly watching some film of their game at Tri West two weeks ago, I know very little about the Warriors. Seems they’re pretty similar offensively to Lincoln, primarily sticking to a Spread. #6 RB/DB Schubert stood out to me as a force on both sides of the ball, and he had a monster game on the stat sheet against Ritter. They run what looks to be a 3-5 defense which is close to what Lincoln saw Friday at Princeton. And obviously, I’m aware they’re an established program with a lot of recent success. It’s a tall order for the Alices for sure. Lincoln absolutely cannot repeat last Friday’s first half if they hope to have a shot at victory.
  3. What a crazy play to end on. Saw it on WTHI. Impressive toe tapping catch in the corner of the zone.
  4. Give credit to Princeton. They came out with a great game plan to keep the Lincoln passing game in check (Vickers went for 100 yds, 1 TD 1 int), and the Alices did nothing to help themselves in the 1st half with 2 turnovers and untimely penalties. Meanwhile, the Tigers were the more disciplined team and seemed to have more focus. They took a 10-6 lead into the break. Worst half of football all year for the Alices..right there with the MV game. Lincoln finally got things together and unleashed Rae Haislip on the ground. He carried for 229 in this one, most of it in the 2nd half. He finally looks healthy after battling an ankle all season. And really the Alices just put their foot on the Tigers’ throat and were all but dominant to close out the game. So Congratulations to Coach Salters and staff! First sectional title since 2006 for the program! Excited to have regional football at Inman Field! It’s been too long!
  5. This is why I chose not to start a thread for this game. Little to no discussion about the actual game. Lots of what you see above. Thanks to all who have pointed out the obvious. Lincoln is just making the most of the opportunity they’ve been given up to this point Good luck to the men in green tonight!
  6. Massey likes MD over NK 32-7. Not sure how playing at the Reitz Bowl affected the Miners (it seems that it did somewhat given their slow start), but I feel home field advantage could be a bigger factor in this particular game. Warrior Field is a unique stadium...it’s an elevated field with nothing but open farm ground surrounding you. It’s gonna be cold as it is already...with nothing to block any potential wind.In mid September (when Lincoln has played them) it’s fine...I’d hate to play there in November. This is the biggest game in Bicknell in a long time...If the Warriors can keep the emotions in check and avoid mistakes early, I’ll give them a punchers chance. Of course, I’ll be rooting for the Warriors!
  7. Talk about a coin flip prediction. There are several great Sectional final matchups this week in the south, this is the best IMO. Leaning Central, but not sure at this point.
  8. This was my feeling for Lincoln last week...didn’t seem real that they advanced. I guess every team needs one of those types of games where luck comes into play! It’s hard to execute at a high level throughout the tournament!
  9. Congrats to the Pats. I was able to stream The Bash (somehow in the hills of Brown County) on the long drive back home. Crazy how fast this game turned. Sounds like the HH punt return gets the game ball.
  10. A certain Stinky individual might be able to help you...
  11. I thought Princeton would definitely hang with Edgewood, wouldn’t be shocked if they won. But I never thought they’d score the first 35 pts of the game. The Alices need to be careful next week when they revisit their neighbors to the south. Lincoln was able to take control early tonight in Nashville with a 28-0 lead midway through the 2nd. I was a little worried about a hangover following last week’s thrilling win over Sullivan, but they took care of business. 42-6 late in the 3rd before running clock was implemented. Crazy though to think that these were the 4th and 5th place teams in the Big 8 regular season, and now they’re the only ones left standing. I know people view Sectional 30 as a laugher, but I’m really looking forward to this bonus matchup one last time between two Big 8 rivals on the big stage for a sectional title.
  12. Bottom line, regardless of what the call should or should have not been..this was good karma for Lincoln. So many judgement calls over the years past 15 years that haven’t gone the Alices way...this one did. Hopefully, this will turn into an opportunity they can capitalize on...and can build towards a very bright future with some talented youth on the way.
  13. I would say it’s at least questionable. But the kid was beat on the play regardless, before the possible foul occurred. I’m sure the side judge took that into account before throwing laundry on a game-ending play.
  14. Wow. Unbelievable game. Unbelievable finish. Sullivan scores with 20.9 seconds. Failed conversion attempt. 20-14 Lincoln receives kickoff at own 37. Gets to the Sullivan 12 with 1.3 on the clock. Vickers hits Ruggles on an out route as time expires. Play was stopped for an injury. Lincoln hits the PAT. Lincoln 21, Sullivan 20 Final Really hope the Sullivan kid was ok. He wasn’t moving any extremities from what I could see. The ambulance was waved onto the field almost immediately. Thoughts and prayers for the kid.
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