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  1. Friday, Sep. 20 Boonville at Linton, 7 pm Jasper at Vincennes ©, 6:30 pm Mount Vernon at Washington ©, 7 pm Princeton at Gibson Southern, 7 pm - Many would probably pick Linton to roll in this one based off Boonville’s performance last week, and that could very well happen. Obviously, Jasper and NK have exposed a weak Pioneer run defense that I’m sure the Miners will test. I still think this could be very close. I’m giving Linton the edge. - All signs seem to be in favor of Jasper when they travel to Vincennes..the Alices have won 3 of the last 4 and Coach Salters is 2-0 in that time...it just doesn’t look great right now for Big Green. - MV in a route - GS in a route
  2. Much appreciated. The backup Vickers started last Friday. As I said above, they made some progress consistently moving the ball. Best of luck to FC as well! Great facilities over there! Shame we only met the one time!
  3. Over/under 4 posts before this becomes “Why the SIAC isn’t good for Vincennes / Jasper” thread
  4. For the final time as Big 8 members...this could be a lopsided affair down at Inman Field. Both teams are 1-3, but couldn’t be further apart at this point in time. Jasper has played their usual brutal early season schedule, and could easily be 3-1. The one victory they own over Boonville still has them in the best position for a conference championship. It seems the Cats have found an identity on offense and have been very good the last 3 weeks. Lincoln, meanwhile, might’ve hit rock bottom last Friday at Mt Vernon (I hope). Offensively, there hasn’t been much, if any, consistency running or throwing. There was improvement moving up and down the field on MV, but critical penalties and turnovers squandered scoring opportunities. The defense, which had been outstanding the first 3 weeks keeping them in games, suddenly lacked focus and discipline, giving up several big scoring plays. Just an overall collapse for a team who realistically felt they would contend for the Big 8. I’m optimistic they can right the ship over the next month, but there needs to be some big strides made starting this Friday.
  5. Lincoln hasn’t been good in a lot of ways through the first 3 weeks. But tonight they just didn’t get off the bus. No doubt about it. 150+ yards in penalties and turnovers deep in the opponents territory were back breakers all night. After marching the ball 80-some yards on the first drive of the game they could not get in the end zone. After that the game just snow balled. By far the most disappointing game of the Salters era. But I know these coaches will not get down on the kids. A lot of season left to improve
  6. Congratulations to NK. Gonna be interesting in a couple weeks in Bicknell.
  7. NK up late on on Boonville 34-21 Impressive effort from the warriors
  8. I would say that’s a pretty safe assumption....Can’t decide if you’re trying to paint me into a corner or not haha. I mean Linton, NV, SR all have undeniable football pedigrees. My point is that even the great coaches/programs will at some point face a rival they can’t solve, even though on paper they seem like an even match.
  9. If NV does in fact have a stellar passing attack, it will likely be the most interesting game of the series to date. Bottom line though, Brian Oliver evidently knows how to game plan for this team and it has shown the last 3 years. Miners 34, Falcons 13
  10. Friday, Sep. 13 Jasper at Heritage Hills, 7 pm Mount Carmel (Ill.) at Princeton, 7 pm North Knox at Boonville, 6:30 pm Vincennes at Mount Vernon ©, 7 pm Washington at North Daviess, 6 pm Jasper/HH - one of the hardest games to pick every year. No idea. Had Jasper not exploded against Boonville last week, this might be easier. MC over Princeton Boonville over NK Lincoln over MV - Alices defense is for real. Offense still searching for answers, but I think they find enough of it this week. Washington over ND - The Hatchets are winless. Their smaller county rival is undefeated. Why not?
  11. I’ve not been more interested in a matchup in quite sometime after Jasper’s performance last week...especially going into Week 5 at vincennes. Should be a battle.
  12. Should be an interesting matchup for the Titans. Much speed and athleticism compared to what they face on a weekly basis
  13. Just realized there aren’t any predictions on this thread.. Jasper at Boonville - The Pioneers are your back to back Big 8 champs in just Week 3. I’m rooting for Jasper though! MV at MC Princeton at Washington VL at FC
  14. Sounds like a good run for FC against some stellar competition. Looking forward to this Friday, I think the Highlanders have the upper hand. As I stated, there’s much to be excited about for Lincoln this season and beyond, but this team is inexperienced at key positions on offense at this point of the season. Points have been hard to come by so far. I’ve heard rumbles of changes at certain positions, so there may be some new faces come tomorrow night. This bodes well for Floyd. On the flip side, the VL defense has been nothing short of outstanding, maybe the best defense Salters has had in his 3 years as HC. Unless FC poses a major passing threat, I think the Lincoln D can keep this close through most of the game. FC 20 VL 12 Good luck to both teams.
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