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  1. So apparently... VL and Jasper are still entertaining offers from the SIAC. Whether this is for all sports, or just football I'm not sure. It'll be interesting to see where this goes. Vincennes already plays all SIAC schools in basketball (minus Castle) and would like to add more Eville opponents on their football schedule. Jasper is probably pushing harder for this because of the sectional competition they face in both sports. Obviously, this would split the remaining Big 8 teams permanently. I could see VL wanting to keep these schools together in a Big PAC division. Jasper could care less based on what I've heard...shocker.
  2. And the title of the article is a little deceiving, as if the Big 8 had a choice in the matter.
  3. So glad this day has finally come. Always dreaded going across the Wabash to play. No visiting locker rooms, and they have less visitor seating at the football stadium than their basketball arena.
  4. The team to beat, yes. But I don’t see any one team “dominating” on an annual basis. You’re basing this belief on the past, which is understandable. The Big 8 has been mediocre over the past decade, save for a few exceptional teams. Meanwhile, over that same time period, GS has been the model for consistent excellence on the gridiron. So it’s easy to assume that this trend will continue. But based on what I’ve watched over the past two seasons, in particular with VL and Boonville winning conference championships, I expect the Big 8 to return to its 2000’s form in the near future. We’re already seeing the escalation with the aforementioned teams forcing Jasper to move on from Tony Ahrens. The Cats won’t be down for long, I promise you. And with the VL/GS youth programs seemingly an even match, I expect some damn good battles down the road.
  5. The future is bright. The numbers are way up again. The freshmen class was large enough to field their own team, but from my understanding it would’ve hurt the JV numbers, as many underclassmen played varsity in 2018. That JV team, with the two middle school teams lost a total of 2 games combined (middle school plays GS, Jasper, and Castle). So the hope is that there will be a freshman team this fall. I believe the varsity will have the same expectations in 2019 as the previous year, if not higher. They lost some key players to graduation (Corrona, Lane, Malone, Combs), but it was a relatively small senior class overall. Quite a bit of experience returns at all positions other than QB and WR. Sophomore Colten Pfoff, in all likelihood, will take over under center. His development will carry a lot of weight in determining how the season goes. I expect a beast of a defensive front for the Alices.
  6. Congratulations. For a school and community still healing from such a tragedy, it’s good to have a new voice.
  7. Yes. But will there be as many azz whoopins handed out by GS with VL and Jasper on the schedule?
  8. You are correct. But North is a much bigger step up than Princeton’s previous opponent, Wood Memorial. Whether that was by choice or not.... My point is that I don’t see Princeton being afraid of an increase in SOS.
  9. Outside of a forced rotation through the smaller PAC schools, I can’t imagine the Big 8 not being somewhat flexible to work this out. Jasper, VL, Boonville will desire a stronger conference schedule for sure. MV feels they are on the upswing after a 5-5 season last year. Princeton and Washington are the only unknowns, but Princeton already plays GS and, in my mind, would like a stronger schedule after adding Ev. North in 2018. Unless, of course, the SIAC comes into play for 2 or 3 of the Big 8 schools...can’t rule that out.
  10. I agree with the above. It all starts in the home. Unfortunately, creating good driving habits takes time, and the current programs in place don’t allow for this..if they ever did. Parents need to emphasize good habits well before drivers ed and throughout the adolescent years. Yes, it was beneficial to have summer programs offered through high schools, but once you completed that class at 15,16 yrs old, there was never another structured course that emphasized driver safety. Even if there was, I’m not sure how much it would help. For example, what have the drug-related (D.A.R.E.) programs done for our youth? Little to no impact, in SW Indiana at least (which is a whole different subject). In the end, we are all human and can make mistakes behind the wheel at any time. That’s just the way it is. But our youth are more susceptible to such mistakes. Maybe increasing the legal age to 18 is part of the solution? I don’t know.
  11. Knowledge is the most important quality in a lineman. But assuming both are equally knowledgeable, I would go with the stronger kid, and in this case, substantially stronger. But like others have said, it depends on the position and/or scheme. I wouldn’t feel comfortable sticking a 5.4 kid at guard for example. Add 15-20 lbs in weight and 30 lbs to bench and I’ll take the 4.7 kid every time.
  12. I have to respectfully disagree. The Jasper program as whole is about the same as it’s always been...and I think many HH and SR folks would agree with me. They still have excellent numbers, produce the same quality athletes, and are always well conditioned. The missing piece has been on-field results. IMO, they are a change in coaching philosophy away from being back to where they were. And with Tony Lewis’ track record, I look for that to be in the near future. Does this mean they would be the top dog consistently in a merged Big PAC? Or even the Big 8 alone? Absolutely not. And that’s a good thing. This potential conference would be way too good with GS and HH as obvious contenders and VL/Boonville fully capable.
  13. Since about 2008, until just the past year or so, the Cats were a big fish in a mostly weaker Big 8...and their present mediocrity (by Jasper standards) partly stems from that. When they had their successes in the 90’s to mid 00’s, the conference was much more competitive with 3-4 quality teams. And Jerry Brewer may have had a hand in that success as well... So Jasper has a lot to gain if this merger happens. They need that competition, as do the other upper tier Big 8 teams.
  14. Sadly, I would have to agree with that assessment in regards to football over the last decade. Boonville and VL have seen somewhat of a resurgence the past two seasons, but neither have a sectional title in that time. Jasper and MC have been a shell of their 2000’s selves, and MV, Princeton, Washington are consistently bad (save for a mediocre campaign here or there). It goes without saying that this potential merger would only help Big 8 teams with SOS. And if you’re GS, HH, SR you have to like the idea of trading SS, PC, TC for Jasper, Lincoln, Boonville.
  15. VL/MD was going to happen Week 1 last season but Lincoln was unable void their contract with Owen Valley. In the late 90’s/early 00’s, VL played Central Week 1, Memorial Week 2 for 6-7 years when the program was in a much better place. I know Coach Salters wants to get back playing a similar type of schedule.
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