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  1. Thoughts and prayers for the family and WW community.
  2. One has to wonder..I can guarantee he didn’t bow to the opposing sideline though, unless of course he was conceding defeat. Congrats to the Patriots. I’ll be gorging on left over sweet potato casserole and dumplings anticipating this showdown.
  3. Whether the penalties were warranted or not, looks like HH just needs to stick to their game plan. No reason for panic.
  4. Their young QB is good. Picked us apart last week in 2nd half.
  5. Where were all the Danville folks a week ago!? 😆 The fun could’ve started sooner! Ok..so I realize VL is not HH, but to refer to them time and again as inferior and then automatically discount Danville’s chances is unfair to both those teams. Lincoln was downright ugly on offense early in the year, I admit, with 3 returning starters from 2018. And the one guy (Haislip) they were counting on to carry them battled an ankle injury all year. Danville saw a healthy #2 running behind an young O line that had come into their own. To the Warriors credit, they adjusted and made Lincoln very uncomfortable in the 2nd half. They forced VL into passing situations against what I felt was a very good Warrior secondary. Fortunately for HH, they don’t care about your secondary unless they’re stacked in the box. I have no doubt Danville will have a good game plan for the flex bone, but it really comes down to whether you have the personnel to stop it. The HH big men are no joke. Much respect for the Warriors, but I’m taking HH by a couple scores.
  6. The best way I can describe the Warriors...a well rounded team that plays within themselves. Nothing flashy. As Dave pointed out, they own a nice +18 turnover ratio. They wait for you to make a mistake and capitalize. Their QB Payne is a sophomore and is duel threat. On film he displayed some inaccuracy but was on point last Friday. They’ve got good size at the receiver position as well as in the secondary. Defensively they did struggle stopping Lincoln on the ground at times, which would play right into hands of the Pats.
  7. Vincennes had success moving on the ground against Danville. Of course this bodes well for HH. If you get behind though, good luck throwing it. Much talent in their secondary. Congrats to HH on a regional title
  8. First, gotta say The Pit looks like a fantastic venue to see a game. Love the placement and layout. Sort of reminds me of the Reitz Bowl on a smaller scale. Had Vincennes won last night, I’d be pulling for the Tigers today. But with Lincoln bowing out, I’m hopping on the Pats train to StinkTown. My gut just tells me Chatard/HH are on a collision course. It’d be great to see those groups of linemen duke it out.
  9. Another note: Danville Sophomore QB Payne was really good tonight. Give credit where it is due. You could tell the Alices had game planned to contain Schubert and the running game and they were largely successful at that. Payne made them pay with accuracy that he hadn’t really shown on film. Overall, it was a good showing by the men in green. Experience at this level of post-season play matters. And Lincoln took it to a team that has had plenty of recent tournament success. Lots to be excited about for a Vincennes team that only graduates 9 seniors. Good luck to the Warriors next week!
  10. To start my recap..I just gotta say that it was so good to have regional football back at Inman Field. It was a full house on both sides..tailgates like I hadn’t seen all season..former players that I haven’t seen in so long. For a program that’s been fighting to get back to respectability, it was a big night for Lincoln football. The Alices shot out of a cannon, scoring on their first two drives. Rae Haislip picked up where he left off a week ago and Danville had no answer for him early. 14-7 Lincoln end of 1st. Danville scores the only pts in the 2nd quarter, botched snap on PAT. Both defenses tighten up. 14-13 Lincoln at the half. The 3rd quarter started well for the Alices, forcing Danville’s RB Schubert to fumble close to the goal line. But that’s where their good fortune ended. They would give it back on an interception in Danville territory. The Lincoln defense would hold, but 2 more TO’s deep in their own territory resulted in short-field TD’s for the Warriors...and that’s all it took. That’s how you lose at this stage of the tournament.. So really a one score game for about three and a half quarters when Danville broke it open off a second INT.
  11. Danville 35, Vincennes Lincoln 14 Final Hats off to Danville and congratulations. Much respect.
  12. I understand the grievances of those in Sectional 32. I’ll admit, it’s validated. But I really don’t see what this has to do with VL. Lincoln being placed in Sectional 30 makes just as much sense as if they had remained in 32. An hour and a half drive up to Nashville, or down to Lincoln City. An hour drive up to Spencer, or down to Huntingburg...Vincennes is just right in no mans land. I-69 has changed things and I’m sure it played a part in the new alignment.
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