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  1. I’m just kind of blown away with how Boonville has handled this whole thing. And this article is the cherry on top. They were in the same boat as Jasper. Both 4A schools with similar enrollments playing in the same sectional with Evansville schools as their competition. They were given a golden opportunity to prepare for said sectional on a yearly basis and declined because of one single contest against a Bosse team who was capable catching anyone(outside the SIAC top tier)off guard in 2018. And surely they knew that had they joined with GS, it would have forced the conference to split into divisions and that they would’ve ended up in the small division?
  2. Wow...knew it was coming, but still hard to believe. Let’s make the 40th and final season of the Big 8 a good one.
  3. Not technically in Fort Branch...but Stolls fried chicken might be the best there is...the only competition to the Gastoff.
  4. Pretty much any pizza place in Vincennes. Both Bobes, Procopios, Old Chicago’s. For Mexican cuisine, El Corral is the full package. A wonderful atmosphere with margaritas to die for.
  5. There’s so many great places to eat in Gibson County already...can’t we just have the nod for best pizza at least?? Lol. I have had Sandy’s once and it was delicious.
  6. Amen. This isn’t so much about who deserves it more than the other. But who needed a new conference home more. And it’s not like anyone from Vincennes is expecting the red carpet rolled out. But a chance to prove ourselves would be nice.
  7. Well apparently the SIAC considered more than just football when making their decision and also looked at the athletic traditions of both schools. VL and Jasper, more often than not, field strong football, basketball (boys and girls), and baseball teams. Ah yes..but Nick Hart’s arrival to GS just so happened to coincide with probably the worst stretch of Lincoln football in the last 40 years. GS and VL programs went in opposite directions almost simultaneously.
  8. Can’t argue with that logic. If any VL sports program has question marks right now though, it’s the basketball program surprisingly. The pep band will remain strong though! Especially for conference games!
  9. Based on recent history in football, I get why some might prefer GS over VL. But I really think the best has yet to come for Lincoln under Levi Salters. He’s just getting started. Lots of good football classes coming up the ranks.
  10. Yeah the only place that I heard Jasper was even considering a PAC merger was on this board. Every other source told me the opposite though. Several people I know within the Vincennes School Corp. that I’ve talked to over the last few months all said Jasper was pushing hard for the SIAC. That wasn’t a mystery. What was a mystery is what VL would do, because I’m of the belief they preferred joining the PAC from a competitive stand point. But from a scheduling, logistical, and stability point of view, the SIAC makes perfect sense. Having all sports included is another big plus. And no, I’m not expecting any conference titles in football for some time. But there is zero reason why they can’t be competitive.
  11. Don’t get me started with GoT. Not good for the forum lol..
  12. I’ve refrained from commenting on all the merger talk as of late (although I’ve kept up my reading on the board). I’ve heard too many differing opinions and rumors from different sources. Not sure what to believe. VL principal Steve Combs was quoted by The Courier saying joining the SIAC was “not in the best interest of the football program”, which is true in a lot of ways. Talent wise, Lincoln is better than they were 3 years ago, but would still be towards the bottom of the SIAC at this present time. VL of 10-15 yrs ago would be very competitive in the SIAC. I’m of the belief that Levi Salters (knowing the man he is and how he relates to players), will pull every ounce of football talent that Knox County has to offer and possibly/hopefully field some of those 00’s caliber teams. With that said, I still feel a merger with the PAC is the best choice. The number of quality football programs in the Pocket is an instant upgrade to the schedule, even for Jasper (who btw has yet to defeat a Salters led squad). I wouldn’t be overly upset though if VL joined the SIAC. They’re kind of in a unique position geographically.
  13. Incredible. This would be a good story to post next time someone complains about our current playoff system.
  14. Yeah I almost scheduled an optometry appointment when I saw this. Can't remember the last team any VL sport was put in such an opportunistic situation...especially when it comes to sectional time. You have my stamp of approval IHSAA. 👍
  15. So apparently... VL and Jasper are still entertaining offers from the SIAC. Whether this is for all sports, or just football I'm not sure. It'll be interesting to see where this goes. Vincennes already plays all SIAC schools in basketball (minus Castle) and would like to add more Eville opponents on their football schedule. Jasper is probably pushing harder for this because of the sectional competition they face in both sports. Obviously, this would split the remaining Big 8 teams permanently. I could see VL wanting to keep these schools together in a Big PAC division. Jasper could care less based on what I've heard...shocker.
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