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  1. Had to find a middle ground somewhere I guess...
  2. This is true. But I would guess these same kids are coming into contact with one another on their own time. It might as well be on the practice field or weight room.
  3. Politically speaking, I think there is more of a grey area pertaining to COVID than people realize. Several right wingers, like myself, that I know have taken the pandemic very seriously...others not so much. But to stay on topic, yes, I think we start on schedule. The heat wave will be more of a concern than any disease the kids might contract.
  4. I must say...all of you, my PAC friends..are why I keep coming back to the GID. Maybe one day, the annals of Indiana high school football (post 2012) will include Lincoln amongst the elite. Because, of course, nothing prior to that should be taken into account when measuring a program.
  5. Big news in 3A girls BB. With Macey Lange (U of E commit) returning along with several key players, the Lady Alices could be an instant favorite out of the south.
  6. I’m flattered that GS is able to use a VL sectional title as motivation. I really am. But shouldn’t such a prestigious program as Titan football have it’s sites set higher?
  7. So glad to see the 2019 PAC comedy act has returned for another season.. Why does this needed pointed out time and again? We get it. Sectional 30 was weak in 2019 and will most likely be again this year. VL was average to above average and struggled in games they shouldn't have, including the sectional championship. It's no secret they were a younger team (9 seniors) that had a revolving door at QB until the 3rd week of the season. 8 games in the win column was never expected of that team. Yet, they did just that.
  8. This made me chuckle a little. A lot of truth in your statement. And trust me, the home locker rooms were just as bad at that time. Fortunately they are no longer in use. Both locker rooms were relocated to either new or revamped buildings at the same time the field was resurfaced a few years ago. Still probably not great by some schools' standards, but functional and with proper plumbing!
  9. I just hope Coach Morris will hold a little more sway when it comes to potential upgrades to the football facilities, as Hatchet Hollow is in desperate need of some. I realize this is easier said than done, but removing the track to extend the sideline along with a resurfacing job and new grass would completely change the entire complexion of the field. VL was in a similar situation with Inman Field a few years back, although not as dire.
  10. I was just talking about the open Washington position a week ago. I hadn’t realized Jake Durnil stepped down at the time. What’s strange is some of the parents I spoke to last fall seemed to feel he had some things going in the right direction, mostly pertaining to the younger incoming classes. Yet, the on-field product and varsity numbers were not encouraging signs. Good luck to Coach Morris.
  11. We might sneak another 1 or 2 in there. Should a pretty veteran group for Lincoln in 2020. And yeah sectional 30 is what it is. Might as well take advantage while we can. I'm sure realignment will bring us back together soon!
  12. The Vincennes community and Lincoln football family recently lost a monumental figure this past week. Doug Roberts passed suddenly on Friday, February 7th at the age of 55. For me to put into words what Doug meant to his family, his friends, co-workers, and the football community would be impossible. The man was just a larger than life human being that could fill a room with his positivity and kindness. You could've met Doug just once and feel as though you'd been friends for years. Doug was active for 20 + years coaching and promoting football at all grade levels, but mostly with the youth. He was a positive influence for countless young players throughout his time (myself included), and he didn't have to be on a practice field to make an impact. Everyone knew Doug was a football guy and you could bring up the game in any conversation. He had such a way to motivate and give confidence, not just when it came to football, but with any of life’s challenges. The man genuinely cared about whatever your situation was and wanted to know how he could help. You would never know it, but Doug never actually played a down of football for Vincennes. He grew up in Pennsylvania outside of Pittsburgh, where he played in high school and collegiately. Football, though, was a way for him to transition to new surroundings in Indiana. By getting involved with the YMCA and youth programs in the early days, he forged friendships that have lasted to this day. Given time, his infectious personality made him a well known face throughout the community. If you didn’t know the man personally, you’d have thought he was born and raised here. He planted such deep roots in such a short amount of time. Today, Doug’s life will be celebrated at historic Adams' Coliseum, where so many influential people and notable teams have walked the floors for 100 years. Seems fitting that this mountain of a man be honored in such a place. RIP my friend
  13. I'm interested to see how VL and Jasper handle the overall physicality of a full SIAC slate. Not saying they can't/won't compete on a weekly basis, but the toll on the body will be a little different than that of a Big 8 schedule.
  14. Thoughts and prayers for the family and WW community.
  15. One has to wonder..I can guarantee he didn’t bow to the opposing sideline though, unless of course he was conceding defeat. Congrats to the Patriots. I’ll be gorging on left over sweet potato casserole and dumplings anticipating this showdown.
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