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  1. Correct. But I wasn't talking about making up 24 pts in a possible sectional rematch. I'm talking about Week 1, Memorial at Jasper and the way that game played out. You felt the outcome would have been different, and Memorial would be 6-0 had they been healthy from the start. My opinion was that regardless of who was playing for Memorial that day in August, Jasper seemed to have an effective game plan that worked and there was more to it than just injured Tiger players. At this point in the season, I would pick Memorial over Jasper. But Week 6 is a long way from Week 1. And again you're right, the 2021 SIAC was very good and may end up being better than the 2022 version. But Reitz was average at best last year and VL was just bad. That is not the case this year and Memorial has yet to play either of them. My point was simply that there is still a lot to sort out in these final 3 weeks as far as the conference standings go. Makes for great discussion!
  2. MD with a running clock Harrison will cover the 17 pts VL should win but needs to clean up their ball security issues in the RZ that has been a problem the past two weeks. The last time North was at Inman, they were ranked top 10 and were upset by the Alices in their 1st season back in the SIAC. I say VL covers the (-10) Castle covers...by 3 or 4 scores Reitz should handle Memorial... (-24) seems like a lot. But they just throttled a Castle team that I was really impressed with just two Friday's ago, who I thought would give the Panthers everything they could handle and even considered picking the upset. This tells me the Reitz offense has ascended even further since VL saw them in Week 2. I do think it will be hard for them to duplicate that type of performance back to back weeks..and Memorial is clicking at the right time. Reitz won't cover but wins by a couple scores.
  3. Not sure Memorial makes up a 24 pt deficit regardless of who was playing/not playing...sometimes Week 1 games are just unpredictable and aren't indicative of how a team's season will go. Not looking to argue on the matter just giving my 2 cents. I would love to see this rematch in the sectional. And if memory serves me right, this is roughly when Memorial started to turn things on last season. So I can understand the growing optimism. But this is not the 2021 SIAC either. The next 3 weeks will tell us a lot about the upper half of the conference.
  4. This was a weird game. Not a good flow to it..especially in the 2nd half. Lots of penalties. It looked as if Lincoln might run away with it early, when they took the opening drive in easily for a score. Followed by a Harrison three and out, VL was moving again but (like last week in Paradise) turned it over deep in Harrison territory..this time an INT. From there the 1st quarter was all slop until VL righted the ship in the 2Q and poured on 21 pts before half. Harrison's lone score was a deep ball to Horn that he took to the house. That kid is a special talent. They've got a couple deep threats. Clements throws a pretty nice ball as well and moved well in the pocket. 2nd half was a penalty riddled grind, in which VL had little trouble moving the ball but just couldn't convert on many drives. A big part of that was the Warrior D. Harrison is exactly as I've seen advertised for 6 weeks now from others on this thread, and I think we saw that same version tonight. They just struggled to string positive plays together.
  5. Dang...didn't think Castle would just fade away like they have in the 2nd half. Must be a tired defense. Reitz always has the pressure on you.
  6. I could ramble at length on the state of the program…but in short..it’s been difficult the last 10-15 years to watch VL football fade from relevancy (the 2017 team being the outlier). The next few classes (starting with the current seniors) have injected real belief in the program again and it’s refreshing to say the least..not just from a talent standpoint but from a mental and character aspect as well.
  7. Always hated playing down at Boonville during the glory days of the Big 8…must be a Warrick County thing that the football fields have a crest in the middle (Castle does as well…never been to Tecumseh though). Seems to have provided some sort of weird advantage that we just struggled down there. Impressive to see the success the Miners had in this series. Always rooting for Linton. Great breakdown as always MP.
  8. Reitz Memorial VL North [+2.5] Jasper Mount Vernon [+7.5] Gibson Southern North Knox North Posey
  9. I’m very much on the fence. Was wanting to wait and see if Davies plays before making my pick. But it sounds as if we won’t know until Friday. As good as Castle looked last Friday, I like Reitz with the home field advantage and the horses they have to just flat outrun the Knights.
  10. VL attempted a move to the PAC earlier this year and was voted down (I would guess bad blood from former Big 8 schools…Washington and Princeton primarily…makes sense). Personally, I think it was for the best, as I liked the move to the SIAC 2 years ago. But I can also see how the VL brass would view the PAC as a better fit in the long term. I haven’t heard about any such move since then. Can’t imagine Lincoln would reapply to the PAC after being turned away less than 6 months ago.
  11. The sophomore class is similar in size to the junior's, and overall just about as talented.
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