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  1. .. I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I hope the injury to Penn's starting QB isn't too serious, or season ending.. Had he remained healthy for this last game, Penn may have maintained more time of possession and possibly made the score closer.. Wishing a good, speedy recovery for him..
  2. . . I went to that game (I split my high school playing days with HF, and finished at Snider).. HF (Chicago southwest suburban) was just too fast, strong, and well coached.. Coach Buzea was probably very fired up considering his past outcomes vs Penn when he coached against them when he was at Portage.. (I can't recall if he coached against them when at Michigan City).. He is also very good at getting his players fired up.. Even with Penn's starting QB, they still would have been beaten soundly. .The 7 points they got came from a break away run from midfield with seconds to go in the first half.. I do believe that Penn will improve as the season goes on though.. They have size, numbers, an excellent coaching staff, and smart kids, but not quite the firepower offensively or defensively they usually have.. HF would/could be top half in the MIC (Indianapolis) yearly and probably would beat everybody in the MIC this year.. I hope Penn plays well vs St. X this Friday, at Penn.. Next year, HF will be traveling to Canton, Ohio (McKinley) our week #3 (their week#2). .
  3. .. According to an article from WOWO News back in March 12, Spuller Stadium field installation was expected to be done by August 2.. From what I saw today, MAYBE by the 23rd. . As of today, they will have to really hightail it. .
  4. . . . They probably would be most years anyway. .
  5. In The SAC (Ft Wayne) : Bishop Luers (was 3A moved to 2A) - natural grass Concordia (3A) used to share Zollner Stadium with Bishop Dwenger up to this year is still at Zollner - natural grass Bishop Dwenger (was 4A moved to 5A) - NOW MOVING ON SITE WITH BLEACHERS should be ready by beginning of season - synthetic turf Wayne (4A) - natural grass Southside (4A) - natural grass Northside (5A) - natural grass Carroll (6A) - natural grass (very pristine btw) Homestead (6A) - synthetic turf (First high school in Ft Wayne to install it a few years ago) Northrop (6A) and Snider (was 6A moved to 5A) - share Spuller Stadium (located at Northrop), NOW INSTALLING SYNTHETIC TURF, and should be ready by Aug. 3rd.
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