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  1. Yes, how about them. I went to this game, one of the best HS games i have seen. Mississinewa just pounds the ball. O Line and D line look fantastic. Ole Miss might have something special here. I think Coach Funk has proved just how good he is. This should end that ridiculous discussion from an earlier post.
  2. Or if they had a good coach ???? Isn't that right captionobvious? In my sarcastic voice. In all seriousness , If Mississinewa controls the ball and time of possession they win this game.
  3. I am as well. Great guy who runs a great program. Look where Mississinewa was before he got there. Funk has changed he culture of the Football program. I have to believe that CaptionObvious has a personal issue with Funk/Mississinewa.
  4. Arent you the same guy that said Funk is holding Mississinewa back? If so i would consider anything you have to say as irrelevant. One of the dumbest comments i have ever seen on here.
  5. Is Funk still holding Mississinewa back? Dumbest comment i have ever seen on here. Went to game Friday, great adjustment made at halftime to win that game. I am a Marion graduate, but at some point we have to start giving Mississinewa and there coaching staff credit for what the have done for that program the last few years.
  6. Please tell me this is a joke?? If not this is one of the craziest things i have seen on here. Funk has Mississinewa from one of the weakest CIC teams to one who competes every year. How has he not used the talent? He had a great duo in Skeens and McCoin a few years ago and used them pretty well.
  7. You think Ole Miss best team was last year? That's not even close to being accurate. With that being said, i don't believe this will be close tonight. Ole Miss by 2-3 TDs.
  8. I like the fact that Eastbrook and Mississinewa have both strengthened their schedules. Win or lose this does nothing but help you in the long run. Both teams have excellent coaches that will learn something and make adjustments coming out of these first two weeks.
  9. New Haven was not good last year. i think Marion is the real deal and will beat Eastbrook by at least 2 TDs.
  10. I dont see anyone competing with these two. Only question with Eastbrook is can they replace all that they lost, and with Mississinewa the big question is who will play QB. Mississinewa has been really good at that position over the last 5-6 years i believe. Did the McCoin kid go to play anywhere after HS, also what did the Skeens kid do? Did either of them get many looks for Football? They were both great HS players i thought.
  11. Yes he did. He would be my number one on my list
  12. WHO are your top 5-10 QBs to ever play in CIC?
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