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  1. Due to the non-selection to the tourney 3 of our 5 are done. Is there a sight or a way to find people needing crew members?
  2. I wish there was a weight/health requirement. I saw a guy in a regional game last year who had to have an extra panel put in his already large shirt and could not bend over to pick up the ball. What was he, the umpire. He kind of dropped it into place. Nice quote about controlling the controllables, but if you are consistently getting screwed and you have no way of controlling it, that is part of the reason we are losing officials. Athletes have to go through a physical to participate and they are restricted games (how many a year etc.) Officials do neither. Basketball is worse. We had a guy at an opposing school Saturday night who work a Varsity game at 12:30. Ended up doing a two quarter JV game and the Varsity game in the same night. And that is why young officials are getting out. Once you are at the top, you should start over. Spread the wealth
  3. The entire process is flawed. Even with the changes there were five schools that voted for us that we have never ever been to or officiated, we recieved one 1 vote. What if that 1 came from someone that should not have been able to vote for us. We averaged a 3.7, received votes from over half the teams we could, rating was a 128 and we did not get a sectional. We recieved 1-one, 0-two, 12-three, 13-four, and 5-five. That is 31 votes of the 48 that we officiated due to cancellations for Covid. We met all requirements and did not get a sectional game.
  4. On the officials rating that was just released, is that a crew rating or an individual rating. I am curious as votes were received from votes from 30 schools of the 48 we could have because of games being cancelled due to Covid. Our overall ranking was a 3.727. We received only one 1 vote and since we do not know who that was how much does that affect us. Reason I ask we had 5 votes from schools we have never ever officiating. I did not think that was possible anymore. How many crews were needed for the first round of sectional. I count minus the 6A there were about 132 games on October 22. The ranking I am looking at for me (our crew?) is 128. Can someone explain why we did everything we needed, recieved votes from over half the schools, only one 1 vote, and did not get sectional. This is part of the problem. And as I look at the crews it is the same people year year year out. That is why it feels like the good ole boys club.
  5. That is not my question. If a team says they are taking a knee and the defensive team gets overzealous is there a penalty. I view that as more unsportsmanship than some of the things that is called.
  6. What about a team down 10 with 1 minute 3 timeouts and on defense. Other team said we are taking a knee. The defensive team coach told his kids to go through the defense because the game was not over. They did not he called another timeout told the players he wanted them on their butts regardless of taking a knee. He told the crew chief there was nothing in the rule book against it. Fortunately the players had more since than him and did not resort to that, but he was lighting them up for not doing it. Had they did it, is there anything there?
  7. We were told that observations have no impact by a member of the IHSAA. They went on to say that, the only way the IHSAA really got notification of the observation was if the crew was really bad and the IHSAA may then reach out to them. Other than that it is just help for the crew to get feedback.
  8. After our talk with the IHSAA and them saying your votes were good no bad votes, just not enough. We are looking at who voted when those come out and we are dropping anyone that did not vote. We are pretty sure it was the schools in the city and this year we had a game cancelled and then the last two cant vote so we lost six teams before the vote. Similar situation last year.
  9. And he was probably doing a sectional Friday Night.
  10. The number one goal should somehow get schools to vote. That is what should be figured out. I just talked to IHSAA and our crew did not receive a sectional only because school votes. He said all votes we received were good, but we did not receive too many. I wonder if our problem is we did smaller schools and some Charter schools and they may not have voted. I know last year four of the IPS charter schools did not vote. If so much emphasis is going to be on the school votes then, something should be done to encourage them to vote. As a new crew when you have only been together for a few years and the same schools want you back you are limited to who gets to vote for you. Looking at we only have had about 30 total school worked for in 3 years. That eliminates several votes and then when some choose to pay the fine and not vote we pay the price. Maybe find an incentive for the schools that vote. I think that is where it starts. We were observed, went well, met all requirements, did some 4A to !A games, the votes we got were good and yet it all came down to coaches who just did not vote.
  11. Well you can't get experience if you do not get selected. We again did not get one and we as a crew are done playing this game. We will wait to see what our votes looked like this year and move on whenever they come out, but I am in my fifties and this process is not beneficial to young guys or old guys. So I am done doing the meetings and pay the association fees. I will just work our games we have for the next three seasons and be done with trying to brown nose the right person. You look at who gets sectionals in all sprots and its the same guys year in year out many times the same guys from sport to sport. Yet there is those that say the good ole boys club does not exist..
  12. The assignments are released today. Have they been or are they supposed to be?
  13. The goal should be to be fair. If a crew works a state they should not be eligible for a state again until they meet the requirements of a first year sectional crew. How ever long it takes that crew it should take a crew to return to state. That is one of the reasons there are less officials and many crews that do not even apply for tourney because of this. We are in our fourth year and our ratings have been pretty good, we jump through all the hoops, watch the silly videos, go to meetings where many times they are talking about things other than football (one meeting I was part of talked about drinking alcohol throughout the entire meeting as well as the cussing used), pay an association fee and not get more than a first round sectional. It is not worth, we may as well be a crew that just works Friday reg. season. Not jump through the hoops and not be held as accountible.
  14. I know in a few states after you get a State you have to start over and go through the steps again.
  15. That is not my question. If only 7 schools vote, and are all 2's and higher. You technically did not get enough votes. Would a one qualify you. Too many schools do not vote, that is why I am asking.
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