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  1. The 98 team had the older Paridean (Joey) on the line, Hurt at RB, Weisheit, and Ingler. Solid squad.
  2. And Central has won 4 of the last 5 against Memorial.
  3. Correct. And there are players ready to step up… Even a kicker. LOL
  4. Really? I think most expect GS not to miss a beat. And a lot actually expect GS to be better next year. I know 2020 has been talked about alot during those classes’ travel football years.
  5. Now that Lindauer is gone....let me know SIAC gets a QB. Maybe some teams ought to try the wing T.
  6. No....Bosse will have their hands full stopping North Harrison’s ground game all night long. MV / SR could be an interesting game.
  7. Going to ruffle some feathers here... 1. Heritage Hills 2. Central 3. Gibson Southern 4. Memorial 5. Southridge 6. Castle 7. Jasper 8. Mater Dei 9. North 10. Mount Vernon
  8. I’ll bite.... that would be awesome! We already have the Vincennes Lincoln Alices. You guys could be the North Lincoln Nancies. Let’s get that petition started! Great way to honor Abe’s mom Nancy’s final resting place so close to the high school.
  9. Uh....it was 4th and 11...down 16 points with under 2 minutes to play. He barely got the first down. If he goes out of bounds any sooner, he’s stopped short and the game is over. No lesson to be learned there. BA did right and kept his team in the ballgame. Yes he paid for it but he’s a competitor.
  10. Neal Anderson with the Bears was always better on Tecmo than in real life too.
  11. Yea it’s Boonville with 1 E. Like the song “One Night in Boonville” by Furryhead and the Favorites. Great tune!
  12. Linton in a rout Jasper in a rout MV in a rout GS in a rout
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