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  1. Southridge never disappoints. Slowest chain gang in the state. They must have an agreement with the Waters of Huntingburg to supply personnel. Numerous times tonight the box didn't get in place until after the 1st down play was completed. Same thing every year. And a pet peeve with officials not knowing the rules. The mercy rule correctly applied stops the clock on time outs, injuries, and scores. Starts back once the receiving team touches the ball on the kickoff. Amazes me that a paid official doesn't know the rules.
  2. I have a feeling the PAC issues will sort themselves out in the next two weeks…😉
  3. Nice try...😉 Come to the JV game tomorrow night. I think you'll see that GS would have been fine this year regardless. And that will be without the senior backups and a couple of seniors that quit this year.
  4. Memorial treats Bosse has their own JV...lol. When they become Varsity talent level they get a blue jersey.
  5. Toyota isn't in South Gibson's School Corporation either. 3-1/2. One started in TYFL and went to middle school in South Gibson. Stayed living in the district but went to another school for 2 years. GS has also lost 2 to transfer. One to North and the other to Tecumseh. The one to North was the top offensive player and TD scorer for the Junior class at every level growing up. The one to Tecumseh was the Senior class' top defensive lineman in TYFL and middle school. Curious - How many transfers do Memorial, Central, and Castle have this year and each year?
  6. Wouldn’t know….I drive a Chevy and wife has a Jeep. AK Steel’s stock is at $1.55 a share today. All time low…down from $70 a share in 2008. But they’re under new ownership. Maybe changing the name.
  7. Yea and the HH guys can tell Maddox that those 6th graders we used to talk about are Seniors now…😉
  8. Boonville at Linton Linton 27 - 14 Forest Park at Mount Vernon MV 54 - 0 North Posey at Heritage Hills NP 28 - 21 Princeton at South Spencer SS 42 - 28 Southridge at Gibson Southern GS 56 - 7 Springs Valley at Tell City SV 44-14 Washington at Pike Central Wash 42-0
  9. I have a feeling Reb08 might be at the HH game.
  10. Here’s an idea. Coming to one of our home games the next 2 weeks. Sit with one of us and show us what you think are cheap shots. It’s an open invitation. Hell I’ll even buy you a burger and some Judy Schmitt sweet rolls.
  11. Chatard hasn’t been in the south semi state for the past 2 years…. that’s how HH got past semi state 2 years ago…😂. Just kidding. But I think if you ask these seniors..they didn’t want the “stars to align”. They wanted to play Memorial and Chatard in the postseason. GS has beaten Memorial a few times on their way to sectional titles. And this senior group beat Memorial 22-0 at Memorial as freshmen (without Brady). They wanted a shot to be the first to get past Chatard. But they’ll just have to compete with who’s ever in front of them now. Either way… it’s going to be a fun ride the next couple of months.
  12. Wow! That’s not going to bode well for the Raiders in 2 weeks. Could be lots of fireworks! 😉
  13. Gibson Southern 42 Washington 0. End of 1st quarter
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