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  1. Oh! our 2012 team that trailed by 31 to North Posey in a loss and 35 to Southridge at half in a loss. But came together at the end of the year to provide a magical run.
  2. Or I can bring up 2014 when I think it was 50-3 GS at some point in the 3rd quarter....and a lot of Titans were scoring TD after TD
  3. 2 years...Memorial had a great 2 year run. But 2 years before that they lost to Princeton. Yea same Princeton team that GS beat by 42 that year. No telling where you’ll be in 2 years in high school football. But yeah we’ll see you then. State champs....lol. I may have access to a blue ring from 2017...😉
  4. You realize McCool’s includes 83 yards on kick offs to right? Take those special teams yards out and he had 157 yds from scrimmage....exact same as Dawson Witte....😉. Witte wasn’t on special teams. Phenomenal - very remarkable, extraordinary. Combs was phenomenal and so is Evans. Evans had 296 yards rushing as a sophomore vs. Memorial that year. And there was another that ran up and down Enlow that night....Pennell had 2 catches for 136 yds and took both to the house. A ton of phenomenal athletes don’t get offers. Watch “Last Chance U”.
  5. What???? Evans is better than anyone Central had last year. Not close. And only person I seen running up and down at Jewell wore #8. I do remember the year Memorial won state, that same Mr. Evans ran ALL over Enlow.
  6. The real question is why would another PAC team have patriot74 on their payroll? I guess South Spencer loves being the little brother.
  7. I actually believe most GS followers wish Memorial was still in our sectional the next two years. The Titans would like some pay back.
  8. I think TC is the sleeper. Could finish anywhere from #3 thru 5
  9. Gibson Southern at Evansville Central
  10. I think it’s Central’s to lose.... 1. Central 2. Reitz 3. MD 4. Memorial 5. Castle 6. Harrison 7. North 8. Bosse
  11. I don’t think this was HH or GS’s 1st choice, but here we are. If not the SIAC I wish GS and HH would have joined the Big 8 with Jasper and VL. Then maybe Tecumseh and North Knox could have filled out the PAC. Moving forward will Tecumseh play in the PAC in the small division? Big school PAC teams will now have 4 non conference games. With Southport filling 1 of GS’s spots, it will be interesting to see who the other 3 are. SIAC teams might not be options if they play a true conference schedule. SR or NP could provide good gates. These options are the true benefit of this new alignment for GS.
  12. At GS...before R’z Cafe, Carriage Inn, Haub’s, Log Inn. And after Sandy’s, Carriage Inn or Brass Ring
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