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  1. I don’t think this was HH or GS’s 1st choice, but here we are. If not the SIAC I wish GS and HH would have joined the Big 8 with Jasper and VL. Then maybe Tecumseh and North Knox could have filled out the PAC. Moving forward will Tecumseh play in the PAC in the small division? Big school PAC teams will now have 4 non conference games. With Southport filling 1 of GS’s spots, it will be interesting to see who the other 3 are. SIAC teams might not be options if they play a true conference schedule. SR or NP could provide good gates. These options are the true benefit of this new alignment for GS.
  2. At GS...before R’z Cafe, Carriage Inn, Haub’s, Log Inn. And after Sandy’s, Carriage Inn or Brass Ring
  3. Eastern Greene or Linton to MV would be a hike!
  4. Lol if so....SIAC fans are going to love another Eastern Standard Time school.
  5. Huh? don’t think they make the SIAC better? Have you seen the history of VL and Jasper’s sports programs? I guess the Big Ten didn’t get any better adding Nebraska or Penn State either? Sorry but VL and Jasper aren’t Rutgers. I would agree with you if the SIAC added Day School and Evansville Christian.
  6. I believe Southport is a 4 year deal just like HC was
  7. Heard Boonville was on the fence yesterday.
  8. I’m hearing it may include North Knox and Tecumseh as well as Washington, Mount Vernon, and Princeton
  9. Heard from a SIAC AD tonight that it was a done deal.
  10. Apparently they don’t care about a majority
  11. An off the wall idea, but if Jasper wants to join the SIAC but needs another school to make it happen....what about GS going with them?
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