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  1. South Gibson middle school football was consolidated in the fall of ‘85. A year after a certain #32 moved further down Coal Mine road.
  2. Easier to play 6 DBs for 4 spots than 3 QBs for 1 or 3 RBs.
  3. Only if it’s a pick 6 or scoop and score…or fire call on a field goal…lol and he’ll be in attendance wearing maroon and gold for the first time in his life. A bet is a bet!
  4. There are some connections on this 2021 GS team to the 2017 Memorial team...☺️
  5. And this senior group beat the MD group going to state as 8th graders 20-0. Then beat the Memorial team (that just lost in semistate) as freshmen 22-0 without Brady. Just may want to do a little research before you come to your conclusions.
  6. Hey genious...you show me where this senior class lost a game or for that matter had a close game with anyone in the state of Indiana since the 4th grade. I can go by yearly results to discuss anytime you want. We can talk about Storm the Castle, Titan Clash, and Knoxville championships. Or beating North's 6th grade group as 5th graders....or the trip to play teams in St. Louis in 8th grade. Check the records, but the seniors had running clocks against everyone in the PAC in the first half of each game in 7th and 8th grades. This group has been waiting for their shot. Then add in a very successful and talented Junior group and a few Sophomores and its a recipe for success.
  7. Better check again….#70 has been in the GS program since he was a 1st grader. Love to keep hearing from a butt hurt Raider fan realizing they won’t beat GS for at least the next 10 years. Gonna be fun to watch you have a meltdown each year.
  8. Sweet is this like a Kevin Bacon thing? I’ll play! So in 3A…2017 Memorial drills Danville (I was at that game). 2018 Memorial drills Chatard who drilled Tri-West the week before. 2019 Heritage Hills drills Danville. 2020 Danville beats SR. So by my math that’s 3-1 in the last four years for southern Indiana. And I have yet to see what that has to do with 2021 GS.
  9. Just so we’re clear… Brebeuf beat Chatard this year. So I’m not sure how it’s a blessing. Brebeuf is still looming on the other side.
  10. Jeff Gordon used to race in the South Gibson area at TriState Speedway in Haubstadt weekly starting when he was a 14yr old.
  11. Coach Knigga’s quote might be some bulletin material for some in the GS locker room…👀
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