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  1. North 35-34 Reitz 28-21 Mater Dei 31-28 Casrle 48-7
  2. North's Dylan McKinney is the most dynamic break-away threat in the SIAC in years. The number of long TD's he has scored in the first three games is incredible.
  3. North will give Henderson all they want
  4. Line coaches find the end zone camera beneficial to grade their players. In my opinion the side view gives a better look at the scheme and big picture.
  5. Sounds like one Panther fan has not adjusted well to the new norm of Central kicking Panther butt. Seems you are taking out frustrations by demeaning the entire program because of your perceived dislike for a couple of well-traveled teenagers who have had a difficult life. Only one team in Evansville boasts a better record over the past 3 seasons than the Central bears. A lot of good coaches and players should have earned respect for that.
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