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  1. Current North coach is 6-14 in 2 years. Jury is still out.
  2. For teams that haven't been there for awhile, the experience is to familiarize teenage boys to the venue where they are going to play the biggest game of their lives. It's also a bonding experience and one you'll never forget. Also helps the coaches and equipment staff plan for logistics. A valuable and worthwhile experience in my opinion.
  3. The key matchup in this game is Memorial's def front vs EN offensive line. EN's offensive line is much larger, but Memorial's front 4 has overwhelmed nearly every team they have faced. Comb's speed and power can't be fully appreciated until you see him live. The EN QB will be the best Memorial has faced all year. Central had some outstanding receivers, but they were 5'6. These EN receivers are 6'6 and 6'4. Both teams boast diverse spread offenses. EN is a better run team, but Memorial is a better screen and gimmick play team. Going to be a great game!
  4. MV will have to avoid turnovers ( unlike Mooresville) and complete some long passes on offense. Marauders have overall good team quickness and play pretty solid in the secondary. MV is very vulnerable to Memorial screen game because they bring LB's on a regular basis. No team is more effective than the Tigers with the screen game. The Tigers will need to run the ball in the November conditions, and will call on Combs to do so.
  5. Poor weather and playing conditions normally favor the underdog. Helps level the playing field. But for MV it will make it even more difficult to score vs the Tigers defense.
  6. Mt. Vernon matches up fairly well with Memorial. The Marauders kicking game is much better than Mooresville's, and they don't turn the ball over as much. Memorial will face an option attack with a pretty good runner at QB. The Tigers haven't seen much option football with a running QB this year. MV's sophomore QB throws a good deep ball and their receivers are adept at catching the deep ball. The Tigers defensive front will be difficult for MV's offensive line to handle. Combs will disrupt the MV offense and cause some turnovers. The Marauders will have to score 24 points to win, and that will be very difficult. MV is very young and it's best days lie ahead.
  7. Mooresville is pretty physical with a pretty good offensive line and one outstanding receiver. They are sloppy at times and tend to turn the ball over. Their kicking game is average and they have lost their top running back. Memorial is smoother overall and can do more offensively. Combs will again be the best player on the field. Mooresville will have to ground and pound to win. Look for a 21-17 game.
  8. What happened to all the Reitz Panther posters that have overwhelmed this site over the years? Do they still attend games or have they abandoned ship?
  9. Typical referee's sense of humor. I believe the original poster was simply implying that he doubted the authenticity of the rumor.
  10. North 35-34 Reitz 28-21 Mater Dei 31-28 Casrle 48-7
  11. North's Dylan McKinney is the most dynamic break-away threat in the SIAC in years. The number of long TD's he has scored in the first three games is incredible.
  12. North will give Henderson all they want
  13. Line coaches find the end zone camera beneficial to grade their players. In my opinion the side view gives a better look at the scheme and big picture.
  14. Sounds like one Panther fan has not adjusted well to the new norm of Central kicking Panther butt. Seems you are taking out frustrations by demeaning the entire program because of your perceived dislike for a couple of well-traveled teenagers who have had a difficult life. Only one team in Evansville boasts a better record over the past 3 seasons than the Central bears. A lot of good coaches and players should have earned respect for that.
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