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  1. Pretty sure Adams was behind the original move, and as you noted, he is now at Valpo (much to the chagrin of the old Valpo soccer coach, from what I read this weekend). I also believe they have opened up the coaching search. Griffith never should have left the NCC, I know as an alum I want to see us playing Highland, Munster, Lowell, etc. as conference opponents. Of course I am just an old fart dating back to the Lake Suburban conference days, so what do I know.
  2. Holding that team to 10 pts was quite an accomplishment! That was a really good Griffith team.
  3. Griffith was one of them in semistate, we were 13-0 going into that game, one of Radtke's better teams, needless to say. That was a stunner.
  4. Good call on VanAlstyne, he was a beast. Van Alstyne, Chris Dittoe at Dwenger, James Banks at BD, Randy Gregory at HSE, Bryant Fitzgerald at Avon, all special players I saw in person.
  5. Avon has a female kicker, not 1st string but she has appeared in some games.
  6. Griffith got a TON of rain Friday night (6+ inches), can't tell you why it didn't get rescheduled.
  7. Not to mention these events are important to the community, ESPECIALLY at the 1A level. By and large rural communities where the school provides a common meeting place, and athletic events (especially football games) can bring people together, and even help drive local commerce. So let's not kill football in the Rockvilles, Atticas, and Kentlands of the state.
  8. I would be surprised if BD beat Carmel. I think Carmel found something last week in Christian Williams.
  9. Seeing this made me wonder what HSE would look like had they not carved out Fishers HS. Looks like both have around 3,200 kids, so 6,400 combined! Makes Carmel look small, LOL. I'm sure the HCC is grateful for the division!
  10. Looks like they moved him to RB (odd move, but whatever). So if you're behind Jonathan Taylor, well, you probably aren't playing, LOL. At least James and Fitzgerald seem to be getting PT at IU (can't say for sure how much since I don't watch much IU football).
  11. There are definitely good athletes at Avon that have chosen for whatever reason not to continue to play football after rec league, Jr Orioles, middle school, freshman football, whatever experience they may have had as a younger kid. Many of them do participate in other sports, and have dedicated themselves to that particular sport, since it is a large school and it takes darned near a full time commitment to play varsity in a sport at a 6A school. There are several Avon kids also playing at different schools (I can off hand name kids at Danville, Plainfield, Covenant Christian, Ritter, and Cathedral), so we get some attrition that way as well. (And that works both ways, I can also name multiple Plainfield kids playing football and other sports at Avon). Point being, you are correct, I could easily point out 20-25 kids at Avon HS that would be assets to the football program had they continued playing.
  12. Bad breaks, or just bad plays? Thought Avon recovered a third fumble on a kickoff, was sure the kicker recovered it but somehow must not have held on. And the yardage numbers are seriously skewed by the late third and full fourth quarter against the 3rd stringers. I was there, it was ugly, total dominance in all phases. If East has any trouble at all with North I would be shocked. And yes, I think Avon is that good. A lot of talent on that field last night.
  13. I would say Radtke at Griffith (and presumably still at New Prairie) ran the wishbone pretty successfully.
  14. Danville does have a kid from Avon that transferred in that will be competing for the QB position, good athlete, should be able to help them immediately somewhere if not at QB. Looking forward to seeing if Schlicher can get the train back on the tracks in Crawfordsville. 2-3 wins this year would be a step in the right direction, but he just needs to get athletes on the gridiron, and that starts at the youth level. His name definitely carries weight in Montgomery Co., so that will hopefully help. They could really use some stability on that staff, hopefully Kurt sticks around a while to build a program.
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