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  1. Culver @ North Judson: A HNAC Championship will, as expected, round out Sectional 41. As the Cavaliers of Culver go to the Nest at North Judson to take on the Bluejays. These 2 met in the first game of the year Jays taking it 26-24 in a very weird on paper game... The Cavs heavily outgunned the Jays on offense but with a couple defensive miscues and a botched handoff that went for a TD the Jays were able to grind one out... Since then the Jays have improved tremendously on defense... As have the Cavs.... It is no secret though though that loading the box against the Cavs puts a hold on their game plan as the Satellites, who were very much less talented than Culver, was able to hold them to 2 scores and very well could've pulled that game out... The Jays offense hasn't been reliable as of late to with the defense constantly setting up good field position for the offense to begin at... This should be a low scoring defensive battle as I have the Jays winning 13-8
  2. Good! You were starting to sound like Ultimate Warrior!!! We already got one of them!
  3. Knox LaVille Culver NJSP 20 - Winamac 13... Jays finally took Wild Frogs advice and put #72 in the backfield and on 3 carries had 48 yards and a touchdown... Sounds to me like that could be the secret weapon moving forward... The breakout run of 43 showed flashes of a prime Walter Payton mixed with the power of Jerome "The Bus" Bettis...
  4. KH nobody cares about Winamac football they haven't been relevant since Roth... Just stop bud...
  5. Caston @ North White: Caston could pull one out here but it'll be a shit show as expected... Vikings 35-21 Culver @ Winamac: Winamac hung with the jays for awhile but eventually fell apart in the closing quarter... Culver should Power T themselves to a 20 point victory... Cavs 28-8 Knox @ LaVille: LaVille could play them tough but I'm not seeing it as much... I see Knox and Pioneer to be a better game than most expect... Skins 28-14 Triton @ Pioneer: Tritons biggest opponent in this game is the running clock.... Panthers 55-7 WC @ North Judson: Keeping this short so I don't get a story written to me by the NJSP coaching staff... or I mean the Duke of Denham.... Jays should take care of business.. Jays 49-0
  6. i’m not sure how i’m putting the jays down as i predicted them to win? and you ask for me to show some school spirit when, ask anyone, i’m the loudest in the student section and talk to the players about the game all week because i’m so into it? and you would be surprised with the tennis turnouts 😉
  7. i’m not sure how i’m putting the jays down as i predicted them to win? and you ask for me to show some school spirit when, ask anyone, i’m the loudest in the student section and talk to the players about the game all week because i’m so into it? and you would be surprised with the tennis turnouts 😉
  8. Crispus Attucks @ Pioneer: Don't know much about CA.. So ill go... Panthers 28-0 Glenn @ Knox: Glenn has a big time QB and he's only a soph... Knox is just gonna be too much for the Falcons to handle though... Skins 28 - 7 LaVille @ Caston: I don't even wanna type this out... LaVille Triton @ Culver: Triton will go to the air early and likely could have some success vs a horrid Culver secondary... But won't be able to stop the power offense... Culver 40 - 20 Winamac @ North Judson: Jays offensive play calling could use some work to say the least... Jays waited until 4th down to spread it out and bring the passing plays vs Knox when everyone and their grandma knew what was coming... Guessing I formation up the middle every time wouldn't be the worst call for an opposing defense... Winamac has had an interesting schedule to the point... I don't think Winamac will be able to get the run game going at all vs Shidler and co.... But I do expect Compton to air the ball out and get a couple key big plays... Should be the best game here... Jays 28 - 20
  9. Bremen @ Triton The Lions are going to put it on the Trojans tonight... Lions 28 - 7 Culver @ West Central Culver is going to pound it down the throats of WC... Cavs 52 - 12 NJSP @ Knox Starke County Super Bowl here... I expect the Jays to get deep into the the playbook tonight... Lambert should be flipping the page in the playbook tonight unlike vs North Newton... Knox should come out slinging the ball around... but it’s never safe to say never in this rivalry... Jays are coming out in the Gary Cox style defense... Should be a bloodbath as always.... Skins 35 - 14 Pioneer @ Caston ... Winamac @ LaVille should be a close one in Lakeville... Lancers 56 - 14
  10. Caston @ Triton Caston had a disappointing week last week @ NJ where they couldn't really get anything going on offense. Triton is coming off an @$$ kicking vs LaVille. I'm going with the Trojans in this one... Triton 42 - 7 Knox @ Culver Knox is looking solid so far this year as they moved to #10 ranked team in 3A after a win vs the Zebras of Rochester. Culver ran all over SCUM last week... but that isn't hard... Knox is a good 3A team and should compete for conference and their sectional... Knox 35 - 14 North Judson @ North Newton Jays are off to a good start and its hard to tell how good NN really is as they've played a blowout team and been the blowout team in a game... Smash mouth fest Friday... We should expect the Jays to keep it between the tackles all night, while not so much for the Spartans... North Newton 28 - 20 Pioneer @ LaVille Game of the Week, will LaVille take that step as a program and beat Pioneer? I don't see it. Pioneer is well coached and has speed and big game experience will prevail here... Panthers 34 - 21 Winamac @ North White Winamac should be able to stop with the goose eggs this week, as they are playing a weak Vikings team that they should... key word should... beat the Vikings... Winamac 28 - 14 BONUS : North Judson @ Rensselaer Tennis : The Jays are switching up the lineup a bit but expect them to handle business vs a weak Bombers team... Jays 5 - 0
  11. Caston @ North Judson Caston turned some heads Week 1 and probably should've taken a 2 TD win but blew it at the end. The Jays turned some heads as well with their preforamce vs the Cavs... I expect the Jays to pound the ball, but for the Comets to get a couple deep balls to Schanlaub... Jays 33 - 14 Culver @ SCUM Culver had a disappointing Week 1 vs the Jays with a lot of silly turnovers... SCUM had a good comeback but fell a shanked kick short of a win. I expect Culver to bounce back and get a good win... Culver 36 - 21 Knox @ Rochester Knox will be wanting revenge from a tough loss last year and after a good Week 1, the tribe will stay rollin' ... Skins 28-0 Pioneer @ Winamac Pioneer didn't look like themselves week 1 and the Warriors looked bad, expect the Panthers to put it to em... Compton will air one out but it'll happen with a running clock... Panthers 60 - 7 Triton @ LaVille Triton looks lost out on the field and with decent skill players that cant compare to LaVille's... The Lancers will take care of business at home... LaVille 34 - 14
  12. Hayden Kaminski, North Judson tennis legend and Football Guru...
  13. The kids got an All-State selection under his belt as a Junior... But hey, what does that mean 🤣👎
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