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  1. I think Jimtown may see some numbers increase with the Elkhart consolidation, in terms of transfers.
  2. To me it was to many mistakes by Laville that lead to Lewis Cass big plays. Started with the pick 6. You have the lead 7-0, your defense stopped Lewis Cass twice and forced punts and your pinned down at the 4 yard line. I don’t think you throw there! Run it, try to get out from your own own goaline and either punt or if you get a first down, then try some type of pa pass. But to throw there from the four leading, bad decision. So Lewis Cass scores goes up 8-7. Next offense series, Laville is faced with a 4th and 7 at Lewis Cass 43 and they go for it and don’t make it. 5 plays later Cass up 16-7. Then comes a blocked punt on next offense series and Cass scores. Then a decision to kick a field goal from 47 yards out and it gets blocked and returned for a touchdown. I guess before the blocked field goal, Laville did add a score but allowed the ensuing kickoff to be returned for a touchdown. So it was just to many opportunities given to Cass by Laville that buried them by halftime. I’m not taking anything away from Lewis Cass but Laville didn’t do anything to help themselves out with turnovers and allowing quick scores.
  3. I also would say that watching Laville play Lewis Cass and Pioneer, I think Laville needs to start going for 2 points after a score! Lewis Cass had 14 points, 2 touchdowns on just conversions last night! Unbelievable
  4. Anyone at the game last night that would like to recap what they saw last night? Can Lewis Cass make it through the next couple weeks to get to LOS? Will Laville ever get their program to a level that can compete for sectional titles at a 2a level? Hats off to Cass, they got punched in the mouth right off the bat but did not flinch. They execute their game plan to a t and played physical and fast. Laville let the game get away from them from self inflicted mistakes and over a period of 10 mins, the score went from 8-7 Cass to 40-14 Cass. Would like to hear others comments on the game.
  5. Let’s see if Laville can get the monkey off their back and win a big game.
  6. Any chance this game will be streamed or carried by IHSAA?
  7. All I’m saying is that history shows that Laville has not been able to win BIG games under Hostrawser. That’s not a knock, just truth. I want to see the kids win! But after looking at who they have beaten this season compared to Cass, I think Laville will have problems coming close in this BIG game too.
  8. Here are the opponents records of teams Laville and Cass have beat this season. As much as I would like to see the kids get a championship, it is going to be a very tall task. This is where Laville has always had problems, winning the big games. Looks like it may be the case this year too. Laville beat 2 teams with winning records and they were 1A. Cass has beaten 6 teams with winning records. I guess this could be worse than I thought! 3-8 Bremen 2-8 Triton 5-6 Winamac 0-10 Caston 3-7 John Glenn 6-4 North Judson 4-6 Wabash 7-4 Culver 30-53 Totals 8-2 Pioneer (Twice) 7-3 Maconaquah 1-9 Benton Central 6-5 Tipton 0-10 Northwestern 6-4 Western 2-8 Hamilton Heights 9-2 West Lafayette 4-7 Rochester 43-50 Totals
  9. That’s crazy!! At first I thought you were talking round trip! Ha
  10. Didn’t say Laville was going to win but they will score! And Lavilles defense can hold their own.
  11. Come on, 28 and 40 points!! Laville is 9-2 for reason! They will score and I say 35-21 game at most! I think they are primed for an upset.
  12. Knox 35 Twin Lakes 14 LaVille 27 Bremen 6 Culver 38 SCUM 15 Judson 28 Winamac 14
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