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  1. Pioneer takes care of business at home. 42-7 Caston needs to join the Midwest conference!!! Laville by a lot! Knox beats Glenn at home 35-21 Culver runs all over Triton but the Trojans throw all over Cavs. Culver 35-28 Winamac starts to turn things around, beats NJ in a close one. 21-14
  2. They need to join Caston in their on conference and play each other 9 times!
  3. Not sure where Watts was last week against Pioneer, he only touched the ball twice last week and this week he’s the featured back! This game shouldn’t of been as close as what it was! Undisciplined penalty’s costed Laville all night. Their passing game just isn’t what I expected to see this year. Watts and Dill need to be the focus on offense, then the rest. You can’t coach speed!! You would think that would be obvious. It will continue to work against a weak teams but never going to get by Knox, Pioneer or 2A sectional.
  4. St Xavier VS Penn Adams VS Mishawaka Marian vs Riley clay vs Washington St Joe Vs NP Glenn VS Jimtown Bremen Vs Triton Benton Harbor vs Elkhart Central
  5. Zero Kolby James played At least I heard his name
  6. Please embellish me and let me hear about how bad it was??
  7. 6 guys short? poorly officiated? who were the guys that were out? what was so bad about the officiating? i believe laville was short a cpl starters to if I’m not mistaken.
  8. I’m here to eat crow!! Pioneer, is the better team, and Lewellen is the best player. I find it hard to think he is going to stay healthy all season. He takes a beating and just comes back for more, made me a believer in the kid. That would be my #1 concern. Overall I was pleased with Laville defensively, they punched them in the mouth and showed some toughness. The offense was disappointing! There seems to be no continuity in the play calling. First half seemed to be all run and second half all pass. The passing was effective but they needed to mix it up, to keep good defenses like Pioneer’s guessing. To predictable IMO. Was Watts hurt? He was hardly involved in the run game. The kid has showed he can get the edge and be explosive vertically but was nonexistent in the scheme last night. Between that and the inability to convert in the red zone, which was pathetic was the difference. They got plenty to work on but would like to see a rematch in sectionals.
  9. 2018 Pioneer 44 Lewis Cass 0 minus 44 2019 Pioneer 22 Lewis Cass 28 plus 6 2018 Pioneer 66 LaVille 19 (with 5 give aways) minus 47 2019 Pioneer ?? LaVille ?? 3 point difference in the games against Pioneer last year but LaVille managed to score, not once, not twice but three times.
  10. Pioneer is no where close to the team they were last several seasons and it is showing this season. They don’t have a QB, they have no depth, they do have speed but that will be neutralized by a team defense approach this Friday. Laville has more depth upfront and more athletes IMO overall and their ability to be able to throw will win them this game.
  11. For the people that are still picking Pioneer over Laville, I would like to hear why or how Pioneer beats them? Laville is primed for a breakout season! Defensively they are solid and offensively they have all the components to take advantage of Pioneers defense. They have not been passing as much in the first couple games but sounds like last week they didn’t need to. Teams that can match Pioneers speed and can pass the ball is what puts Pioneer in a bind. Laville has both and will exploit it. The Doyle kid is another older, Doll and Watts have the speed, plus they have other very nice pieces on both sides of the ball. I can this being a 2 TD victory by the Lancers!
  12. Triton tops Caston 35-21 Knox beats Culver 35-14 NOrth Newton knocks off Judson 32-28 Laville beats Panthers 38-22 winamac hammers NW 42-21
  13. Andrean VS NP - Most seasons this would be a close one but NP has got some studs and they handle the niners with ease....NP by 20+ Jimmies VS Central - Central keeps rolling in this one.....Central 35, Jimmies 17 KV vs Washington - Panthers to much in this one, beat Kougers by 14. WS versus Mishawaka - Cavemen get things going and grind out a win 35-21. Hammond Versus Clay - Going with the home team here. Clay don’t let me down. Clay by a PAT. Homewood vs Penn - Homewood handles Penn in this one, 42-28. Riley Vs Adams - Whichever QB plays best wins it! I will go with Brown and Wildcats by a TD. Bremen VS Glenn - Glenn heads into Bremen with both teams looking for their first victory. I think Glenn comes away with the win as long as they take care of the ball. Glenn 24, Bremen 17 ST. Joseph VS Marian - Any way both teams can lose?? Got to say St Joe in a close one.
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