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  1. Looks like Jasper fans won't get to see much action until the Mt. Vernon game Oct 18th
  2. I was lucky to have Mr. Scherry as an adviser in Middle school. and an Asst. Principle in high school. I remember him telling us when his was born. Great guy and still one of my favorite teachers of all time.
  3. Sorry, I meant more of an eye opener for HH. Like you said.. all the Turnovers is not HH like. I know they blocked better and got off the ball better than we did. Jasper, I thought kept up with HH well, but made plenty of mistakes themselves.
  4. I don't know if you would call that a bad game. More of an eye opener. HH still got the W. With SR offense , they run so much misdirection. If every man on HH does their job and is disciplined you will be successful.
  5. I doubt it would happen, I would say its too late. I don't know the rules or the time you need to pick up another team. Plus PC hasn't forfeited and said they would even with the amount of players they have. We can dream though.
  6. I don't if you would call it a wing T maybe, maybe not., but its a lot of misdirection. I felt both SR and HH had similar offenses against us. If I were to compare both teams HH seemed like the better team. They came off the line harder and stayed on their blocks a bit better than SR, but SR threw the ball more than HH did.
  7. Boonville over Princeton Vincennes over Washington MV over Scottsburg Too bad Jasper can't play GS if the talk is Pike Central might be forfeiting.
  8. I wouldn't move Jasper's ranking at all. Jasper has played 3 of the undefeated teams on there and 2 of them they played close. I can say we played HH a little better than GS did, but that would be the only argument of putting us maybe at a high ranking than whats suggested.
  9. I think the Alices still showed improvements. Vickers had some good throws, but his receivers could have helped him out by catching the ball. The 1st half I was a little worried. Our secondary has struggled in certain games, VL in past games exposed this. I think Our Defense did a good job in slowing them down. We also switched QBs went with Blake Mann instead of Nathan Rillo, They moved Rillo to Safety and Receiver which he had a pick six and a reception score. Hopf did well knowing Dawkins was limited with an Illness. Overall, happy with the outcome. Good luck to the Alice's in the remainder of the season. Sectional 32 looks to be heavily favored by the PAC.
  10. Do you feel that having the Toyota plant nearby has pushed up enrollment?
  11. It's a shame Memorial had to jump up to 4A this year. lol. Not to jump into Sectional, but It looks like Sectional 32 will come down to the PAC Teams this year.
  12. I agree with all of the above and will say that at least 2-3 teams will have a running clock by the end of the game.
  13. I can see Vincennes putting up a bigger fight just because it's Jasper. There is plenty of history between these 2 teams. Lincoln has won 3 in a row, but the way it sounds their offense has been struggling and their defense can only hold the other team off for so long.
  14. God.. I heard it on the opposite side of the field.
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