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  1. I didn't say the PAC is competitive. In football we play the top schools other than Gibson Southern, but come tournament time it's SIAC other than 1-2 other schools. Like I said, I would rather see us struggle against a good Mater Dei or Reitz team than whip up on Washington or a Princeton team each year. The PAC has their weaker teams too. I'm not a big fan of driving to Evansville all the time, but they still have to drive here too.
  2. I think there are plenty of advantages joining the SIAC. We play most of the Evansville schools in baseball and basketball already like you said. In football, we already play Ev. Memorial and Vincennes, sure our records may only be 3-6 or 5-5, but we play teams that are more competitive. Which helps us play a full game as opposed to always taking your starters out 2nd half. Plus it will help the kids get use to seeing larger crowds and more fields with turf. A lot of times teams wont' see this until they get deep in the tournament.
  3. Your comment about the Big 8.. Yes. The PAC.. I would say probably, too bad none you guys will be able to find out though with Memorial being in 4A now.
  4. I will say that Memorial and SR are two great teams. I felt Memorial played better than SR did against us and yes Jasper has been making great strides since game one. Hard to say how good Boonville really is. I mean they beat a typical Washington team and held Vincennes to 6 points. Is Vincennes that much worse than Boonville? I'm always terrible predicting this game because HH usually plays some mediocre teams before Jasper. I'll give props though, only allowing 12 points in 3 games is still a feat.
  5. I'm not taking anything away from Memorial or SR wins. They played better than we did and are great teams. What I saw compared to the Boonville game was there was no energy on either side of the ball. There dropped balls and missed blocks and tackles. I think the SR game we played better and it was anyones game.
  6. This game is always with in a touch down or 2. HH will always come at you with their running game and throw in a few passes. Their special teams have been one of their best assets by pinning you deep with their punts or being able to get a field goal. They don't make many mistakes and are well disciplined. If the Jasper team that beat Boonville shows up I think we have a good shot, if it's the 0-2 group The Jasper crowd will be pretty quiet.
  7. Clearly you didn't watch how Jasper played their 1st 2 games.
  8. My Big 8 Predictions: Hopefully Jasper get the win over Boonville. Saw improvements in last weeks game, hoping this will carry over. Mt. Vernon over Mt. Carmel . Mt.V had a solid win over NP. Princeton over Washington.... start that season 0-2 against 5A teams is tough, but I think the Tigers will get the win. VL over FC... A tough loss over Boonville will hopefully motivate and right the ship.
  9. You may talking about Rillo our current QB. He is a pass 1st than run kind of a QB. Of course this year he will be running more with the option in the play book.
  10. RoadRunner is right. No wing T, options, dive's and sweeps, A few passes here and there. More of a spread type O.
  11. I will say this, when HH won state in 2000, that was a well executed trick play pass to Cutler.
  12. Congrats to Southridge on the win. Good gamem but not the way I wanted it to go. Too much Calvert at the end. Good luck in the rest your season. I wish SR and HH would stay in the schedule, but I don't see this happening. The biggest school we play in the regular season is Boonville, everyone else is 3A. I think we need to play 5A and more 4A schools to get the feel of the tournament and better competition. At least we still a big rival game with Vincennes.
  13. Tell that to Southridge, Heritage Hills, or Vincennes or any team in the big 8. Beating a team that has dominated you or that has a close series is the one you want. Its bragging rights. You should know that. I'm not saying Jasper is going to beat you like a drum each time but it depends on the situation. Everyone has a rival team. And I wish we could have joined the SIAC when Tell City left possibly sooner. Yeah we may only win half our games but I would rather have a close game against a good Castle or Reitz team than a Washington team you 50 points on every year. That does nothing come tournament time.
  14. Yeah, it's tough to be 0-2 and possibly 0-5 by the time we get our 1st win. I don't feel our record is all because of the new coach. This is new system and sure our system as a whole has changed. We still have the same coaching staff minus a few, and a few of their roles have changed. I feel there is a chance we will only win 3-4 games this year. We have great kids and great community support. The past 50-60 years have been good to us, and it seems the past few years we haven't been as consistent as the past. You can't tell me there isn't a team that would root against Jasper. I see it on this thread all the time, but that just shows how well our sports programs have been. As far as Jasper ppl being quiet on the thread.. I bet before 2012 there weren't many GS ppl on here posting as there are now with you're program turning around.
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