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  1. Yeah it was clear that East was on and PC was off that night, but still a very good showing for CE regardless. PC was up 20-0 it was clear East was playing very well but physically outmatched. In the end PC barely made a 4th and 1 with about a minute on the clock close to the 50 yard line to clinch the victory 20-14. I'd have preferred that effort in the playoffs but it was a well played game either way. My buddies and I were amazed at the outcome. PC had 6'3" 230 ends, slightly smaller LBs. QB clearly had talent but was off and done amazing receivers and good running back. I still don't know how that was a game. I've never seen a team against East near as talented including great Cathedral, New Palestibe, and Center Grove teams we've played over the years.
  2. Pickerington Central defeated undefeated Mentor in Ohio's big class (Division I) semi-finals. They play for state versus Elder next week.
  3. Until Summit plays non-conference (sectionals) they are meaningless except for intra-conf rankings.
  4. The Summit is currently disconnected from the rest of the state (no non-conference games). The league's rankings will dramatically change (this year much for the better) in the first week and two of playoffs. No point in discussing it now as the algorithm has no data to go off of in relation to non-Summit teams. Could discuss inter- conference rankings though.
  5. Gilley is off tonight. He is throwing at very open receivers, but not accurately.
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