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  1. While there probably are parts of the state where football is the biggest interest and draw, Indiana is still known for basketball. Outside the state, basketball is definitely one of the first things that comes to mind when people think of Indiana. Much like Texas and football, it's one of few states that has a sports identity like that.
  2. Valpo scores on the second play of the half. Valpo 14 Mishawaka 6 11:26 3rd Q Mishawaka answers with a 90 yd. KO return. 2 pt. conversion is good. Tied at 14.
  3. Mishawaka 6 Valpo 0 3:33 2nd Q 97 yd. TD drive lasted about 10:30 Valpo answers with an 82 yd KO return for TD. Valpo 7 Mishawaka 6
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