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  1. Varsity EC - 41 SD- 6 JV EC - 35 SD - 12 Frosh EC - 27 SD - 8 "I don't care who is listening, but the conference championship is going to start running through South Dearborn."
  2. Truth. I'm just hoping the Trojans can get it to a running clock at the very start of the 3rd quarter for once.
  3. No..I'm telling you that one person playing in a game can make that position group very relevant.
  4. especially the D-line position group...Which, I believe is what TigerLife was referring too.
  5. Hate to bust your balloons Stink but a certain leprechaun would like it to be known that the Trojans are in fact 2-1 vs. the Lions. Both victories were during sectionals. '92 & '93 seasons.
  6. You happy just moving the ball or scoring points? Move the ball all you want in space on your end of the field, but can you get the ball across the line in the red-zone or at the goal-line? You can have all the yards you want but if you're not scoring points you're not winning games! What about being able to control clock & tempo to your advantage. Especially against teams that are bigger and deeper than you. Why not limit possessions and try shortening the game so cave-man offenses don't end up scoring 51 pts. and 55 pts. the last two seasons against the dawgs!!! What about overall team mentality/toughness that spills over from an offensive philosophy?? Your dawgs have been as soft as puppy poo (pun intended) the last few seasons. I don't recall the Dawgs playing that way under Heppner..even when they were young, short on talent, lacked size.
  7. So you just going sit there and pretend that 2 out the past 4 seasons Trojans didn't make it to Lucas Oil??? And win state in '17 using that very style of play?
  8. Hearing that there is a serious case of "Trojan Flu" going around Chickenville. Flat or not the Trojans should make it ugly in a hurry. Surprised?!? The Kenny Powers of high school football is the gift that keeps giving...
  9. Trojans have played in 3 big, emotional games to start the season. Curious to see if the Trojans can buck the recent trend of sleepwalking through the regular season matchup @ FC. 2017 -- 41- 36 2015 -- 21 - 13 2013 -- 35 - 28
  10. Does it really matter who wins on the field? don't they just fight it out after at Mcdonalds to get the real winner??
  11. ridiculous in the sense that is often lazy and used only in times of convenience. while at the same time refusing to account for many of the other factors that contribute to program success/failure. Maybe tired is a better word. New Pal comes to mind as a program that has bucked this mindset.
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