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  1. Hearing that there is a serious case of "Trojan Flu" going around Chickenville. Flat or not the Trojans should make it ugly in a hurry. Surprised?!? The Kenny Powers of high school football is the gift that keeps giving...
  2. Trojans have played in 3 big, emotional games to start the season. Curious to see if the Trojans can buck the recent trend of sleepwalking through the regular season matchup @ FC. 2017 -- 41- 36 2015 -- 21 - 13 2013 -- 35 - 28
  3. Does it really matter who wins on the field? don't they just fight it out after at Mcdonalds to get the real winner??
  4. ridiculous in the sense that is often lazy and used only in times of convenience. while at the same time refusing to account for many of the other factors that contribute to program success/failure. Maybe tired is a better word. New Pal comes to mind as a program that has bucked this mindset.
  5. yeah, I'm with you... I think it is a ridiculous argument. That's why I brought it up.
  6. Hate us cuz you ain't us!! How about having some Tiger Pride and stop calling your school dumpy. At least we look good doing it. So much so that little brother copies the warm-ups and now the uniforms. Should we or shouldn't we beat Oak Hills?? Don't they have around 2500 students?
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