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2020-2021 Coaching Changes

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*Unofficial* (will edit/update as needed)...sources utilized include Hickory Husker, John Harrell, social media, etc.

Last Updated: 05/19/2020

IHSAA Boys Basketball








2019-2020 COACH

2020-2021 COACH

1. Anderson


Mike Elliott

Donnie Bowling

2. Angola

Josh Sheets

Brandon Appleton

3. Brown County

John Berning

Matt Roberts

4. Cannelton

Michael Snyder


5. Christian Academy

Steve Kerberg

Hayden Casey

6. Columbia City

Brett Eberly


7. Delphi

Brian McCammon


8. East Chicago Central

Marcus Jefferson


9. Eastern (Pekin)

Michael Gilliam

Chandler Prible

10. Elkhart


Kyle Sears

11. Fishers

Matt Moore


12. Fremont

Craig Helfrich

Josh Stuckey

13. Frontier

Joseph Smith


14. Gary 21st Century

Rodney Williams

Larry Upshaw

15. Hauser

Joe Sibbitt

Brent Keck

16. Heritage Christian

Corey Jackson


17. Indianapolis Herron

Jason Wagner


18. Indianapolis Shortridge

Jeff Strange

Drew Fountain

19. Indianapolis Washington

Kenny Roseman


20. Jay County

Chris Krieg

Jerry Bomholt

21. Jeffersonville

Chris Moore

Andrew Grantz

22. Knightstown

Brent Keck


23. Lakeland Christian

Chris Hohm

Jake Ritchie

24. Lawrenceburg

John Blackwell

Brad Cutter

25. Madison-Grant

Brian Trout

Kevin Cherry

26. Manchester

Mark Underwood


27. Mitchell

Doug Thomas


28. Morgan Twp.

Eric Braden

Kevin Krieger

29. North Decatur

Kyle Nobbe

P.J. Metz

30. North Judson

Kyle Evans


31. Pendleton Heights

Kevin Bates


32. Providence Cristo Rey

Pete Bitting


33. Rising Sun

Rick Scholl


34. Scottsburg

Brent Jameson

Eric Richardson

35. South Dearborn

Kevin Reinhardt

Matt Colston

36. South Putnam

Greg Dean

Travis Turpen

37. Switzerland County

Adam Dennis

Travis Wrightsman

38. Warsaw

Doug Ogle

Matt Moore

39. Westview

Rob Yoder

Ed Bentley

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2 hours ago, jstacy13 said:

Shelbyville had a change as well.  John Hartnett has been named the head coach.  He was the interim after Ryan Mack resigned.

Shelbyville Coaching change is #40 on this year’s list for IHSAA Boys Basketball.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Garrett Winegar has been named the new HC at Fishers.  This fills Fishers and creates change # 42 at Warren Central 

# 42: Warren Central

2019-2020 Coach: Garrett Winegar

2020-2021 Coach: TBA

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Change # 46: Covington 

‘19-‘20 Coach: Adam Ballard 

‘20-‘21 Coach TBA 

(Pendleton Heights fills; Coach Ballard hired as HC)


Change # 47: Evansville Memorial

’19-‘20 Coach: Rick Wilgus

’20-‘21 Coach: TBA


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Change # 49: Pioneer

’19-‘20 Coach: Austin Cowley 

’20-‘21 Coach: TBA

(Coach Cowley hired as Delphi HC)

Change # 50: Salem

’19-‘20 Coach: Mike Brown

’20-‘21 Coach: TBA

(Coach Brown hired as Crothersville HC)

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Updates (June 23rd, 2020): 

Change # 52:


‘19-‘20 Coach: Jerry Smith

‘20-‘21 Coach: TBA


Change # 53:


‘19-‘20 Coach: Seve Beach

‘20-‘21 Coach: TBA


Change # 54: Covenant Christian (Demotte)

‘19-‘20 Coach: John Heerema 

‘20-‘21 Coach: Scott Walstra 


Culver Fill: ‘20-‘21 Coach: Kyle Evans


Evansville Memorial Fill: ‘20-‘21 Coach: Heath Howington 


(creates Change # 55 at North Posey)

‘19-‘20 Coach: Heath Howington 

‘20-‘21 Coach: TBA 


Knightstown Fill: ‘20-‘21 Coach: Tanner Hedrick


Manchester Fill: ‘20-‘21 Coach: Eli Henson


Change # 56: Marquette Catholic:

‘19-‘20 Coach: Fred Mooney

‘20-‘21 Coach: Ray Tarnow


Change # 57: New Washington

‘19-‘20 Coach: Jonathan May

‘20-‘21 Coach: TBA


Providence Christi Rey Fill: ‘20-‘21 Coach: Jeff Strange


Warren Central Fill: D’Andre Davis Sr.


Change # 58: Whitko

‘19-‘20 Coach: Eli Henson (named Manchester HC)

‘20-‘21 Coach: TBA

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Updates (June 30th, 2020):


Sheridan Fill: ‘20-‘21 Coach: Tod Windlan 

Whitko Fill: Chris Benedict


(Creates Change # 59: Bluffton)

‘19-‘20 Coach: Chris Benedict

‘20-‘21 Coach: TBA

Change # 60: North Miami

‘19-‘20 Coach: Matt Storm

‘20-‘21 Coach: TBA

Change # 61: North Central (Indianapolis)

‘19-‘20 Coach: Brian Hahn

‘20-‘21 Coach: TBA

Indianapolis Tech Fill: 

‘20-‘21 Coach: Damon Turner

Change # 62: 

Indianapolis Manual: 

‘19-‘20 Coach: Aaron Hogg 

‘20-‘21 Coach: TBA

(Coach Hogg named HC @ Indianapolis Washington)

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Updates (July 8th, 2020)

Change # 63: Jac-Cen-Del

2019-2020 Coach: Jack Day

2020-2021 Coach: TBA 

Jimtown Fill: 

2020-2021 Coach: Matt Stoll

Change # 64: Hammond Noll

2019-2020 Coach: Murray Richards

2020-2021 Coach: John Dodson


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Updates (July 9th, 2020):

Covington Fill:

2020-2021 Coach: Shaun Busick

(Creates Change # 65: Zionsville)

2019-2020 Coach: Shaun Busick

2020-2021 Coach: TBA

Change # 66: Crawford County

2019-2020 Coach Jerry Hanger Sr.

2020-2021 Coach: Jerry Hanger Jr.

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Updates (July 21st, 2020):

Bluffton Fill:

‘20-‘21 Coach: Karl Grau


Indianapolis Manual Fill:

‘20-‘21 Coach: Robert Orkman


Lakeland Fill:

‘20-‘21 Coach: Chris Keil 


Salem Fill:

‘20-‘21 Coach: Will Cantrell

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