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You'd better sit down: Indiana's largest high school basketball gym changes after seating count

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Doug Bradley meticulously counted the seats inside Indiana gyms. He went back to original architectural drawings and blueprints from the days when the gyms were built. He took into account temporary seating that, through the years, would add to sellout crowd numbers reported in newspapers.

And more than 60 years after New Castle High's fieldhouse was built, proclaiming itself the largest high school gym in the world, it is no longer No. 1, according to Bradley's findings.

In a Facebook post shared this week on the group Indiana High School Basketball Fans, the headline read: "Seymour, not New Castle, now the Largest Gym in Indiana!"

"Thanks to the diligent work of good basketball gentlemen like Doug Bradley and John Ockomon (both of the Indiana High School Basketball Historical Society,) the long accepted list of largest gym seating capacities has had multiple alterations. New Castle can still make a claim for 'Finest,' but their banner stating it's the largest needs an alteration. How about third?"

Seymour High's Lloyd E. Scott gym now takes first place — according to the Indiana High School Basketball Historical Society and current counts — with a seating capacity of 8,228.

Take a look at the lists

After the research and the seat counts, here is the list of the  new top 10 largest Indiana high school gyms:
1. Seymour, 8,228
2. East Chicago, 8,054
3. New Castle, 7,829
4. Richmond, 7,786
5. Marion, 7,560
6. Elkhart, 7,373
7. Michigan City, 7,304
8. Gary West Side, 7,217
9. Lafayette Jeff, 7,200
10. Southport, 7,124


Oh no. The natural order of things has been upset...........................


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2 hours ago, Muda69 said:

Honestly, I think "all" the gyms' seating capacities are inflated nowadays. People's backsides are getting much, much wider. A gym whose capacity was listed at 4,000 40 years ago probably only seats around 3,000 now...

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