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  1. I met him myself, a few years ago at a Vincennes Lincoln basketball holiday tourney. As you said, very nice young man, well mannered and jovial, nothing like the character he played on here.
  2. Jamie Hudson hired at Eastern Greene replacing Jon Neill. JB Neill leaving Edgewood to take the Bloomfield job.
  3. Eastern basketball might take a step forward. This move had nothing to do with the recent school board proceedings. Should have happened a long time ago. Neill did the right thing...
  4. WTHI TV10 reported Monday night Vincennes Lincoln hired Jordan Myers from Benton Central.
  5. Not for a 4A school I wouldn't think. No way they could be competitive at the 4A level. Unless maybe the 4A school can bring in an ambitious new head coach who can increase the numbers and build the program. Possible argument against contraction? 😜 Now for a 1A school with <250 enrollment maybe that's all you can get.
  6. Serious question - does Cannelton have girls volleyball? (I'm asking because I don't know.) If so, there's probably not enough athletes to go around to offer two fall sports to the girls.
  7. I don't know firsthand of any schools that don't offer cross country. However I have seen quite a few schools that can't field complete teams because only two or three kids go out for the sport. The kids get to compete as individuals "Unattached" but the school doesn't have the necessary five runners to post a team score. Myself, I wouldn't even attempt to run cross country. Any kid who does earns my admiration.
  8. What was that? I didn't hear about it...
  9. https://screenshots.firefox.com/2aok9B7UbxFH3RbR/gridirondigest.net
  10. Nope, I only see "Quote." I don't see "Edit" and "Options." Which is strange because I remember seeing those options before.
  11. How do you delete a post on here? We all post things we wish we hadn't
  12. Small school fans still turn out in big numbers. Well, relatively speaking, since they don't have real big numbers to start with... "Tiny" Silver Creek? 836 enrollment? That would have been considered a "Big School" back in my day.... But I've seen Silver Creek play and I think they would have been competitive in a "what-if" scenario...
  13. Crowd was well above average for the 1A and 2A sessions. I have photos to prove it.
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