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  1. 1A at Elkhart: FW Blackhawk (26-2) vs. LCC (24-4) – Harrell has Blackhawk a 10-point favorite. Sounds about right. 1A at Washington: Barr-Reeve (25-2) vs. Bloomfield (20-7) – Harrell favors BR by 11, 54-43. I’m not so sure. I think it’ll be closer than that. I honestly think Bloomfield’s good enough to win this one. Not that they will… 2A at Lafayette: Andrean (19-8) vs. Frankton (25-3); 2A at Seymour: Linton (27-3) vs. Shenandoah (26-1) – couple potential barnburners here. Too close to call. And I ain’t callin’ it. 3A at Elkhart: Culver Academy (23-3) vs. Marion (19-7) – Harrell has Culver by nine, 63-54. I’ll go along with John on this one. 3A at Seymour: Attucks (20-8) vs. Silver Creek (23-3) – another potential barnburner. Both these teams are quality teams. Both have played and beaten quality opponents. Harrell picks the Silver Creek Dragons by three. I’m gonna go with the Attucks Tigers. I’ll get to watch this one, following Linton-Shenandoah. 4A at Lafayette: Penn (24-3) vs. Carmel (24-1) – Carmel. 4A at Washington: Ben Davis (19-7) vs. Center Grove (21-8) – Conference game for the semistate. Hm. Giants and Trojans tied for sixth in the MIC with 2-5 records in conference play. Interestingly, Brownsburg of the HCC beat all three MIC teams still playing. But the Bulldogs are sitting at home after losing to Plainfield in the sectional. Dawand Jones vs. TJD. Harrell picks BD by two. I’m gonna go with CG.
  2. Honestly, I think "all" the gyms' seating capacities are inflated nowadays. People's backsides are getting much, much wider. A gym whose capacity was listed at 4,000 40 years ago probably only seats around 3,000 now...
  3. Last year. Kapek (Bloomfield) Pretty sure it never happened before then though.
  4. I hear ya! Seems like every school who moves up hears the same XXX did nothing in XXXA comments 😜 Not just in football either...
  5. And about that schedule...If Linton was still playing Dugger and Wood and Springs Valley, or even Speedway instead of Southridge, Monrovia and Ritter (last two years) we probably only would've lost to a good Sullivan team. And we'd been thinkin' we were pretty good. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight - and the schedule we played - we know different. This season coming up is going to be interesting. I actually like the schedule the way it is. But if the kids are going to be competitive this^ has to happen. A few more numbers wouldn't hurt either.
  6. You won't get any argument from me on one point - last year's team I think would have made noise not only in 48, but in 1A period. Obviously they wouldn't have been a match for Pioneer...but still... Last year to me was kinda weird in a way...seemed to be a bigger gap between 2A and 1A (with the obvious exception of Pioneer) than in a lot of recent years. I know this - the boys have been working hard in the weight room and doing other drills/training. I've caught a few glimpses of them while I'm in the gym snooping around the basketball team. Luke and Lance are leading the way as you'd like to see. As you said, I just hope the town doesn't get down on them.
  7. You make a key point. You can only hope the kids don't get demoralized by a few losses. I think though if they can just get better defensively they'll be alright. I kept telling everyone I didn't think last year's team was all that bad. Really in my mind their worst loss was at Providence. That was a bit of a shocker. But we're not gonna lose to Sullivan every year. And we should at least be competitive with Monrovia more often than not. I think we'll be alright.
  8. Should the Eastern board decide to go in another direction their next coach may already be in house. Former varsity coach at three different schools, current teacher at Eastern...things that make you go, "Hmmmm...."
  9. And the one at Switz City which is the nicest gym of that style I've ever seen. Smaller than Huntingburg (3,000 seats, 10 rows vs. 6,100, 16 rows) but really spruced-up interior and excellent lighting.
  10. So what do you think? I was hoping we'd stay 2A. A few younger guys step up, I think we'll be competitive.
  11. I heard the same thing. Like you I was surprised.
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