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  1. One positive from last Friday at the Reitz Bowl...they played Santana’s “I’m Winning” over the PA after the game. Instead of that tired old “We are the Champions.” More schools should take note and follow suit.
  2. Might need the Gibson Field TP after one of Tanka’s flatus hoagies. Priceless!
  3. Exactly. There was a lot of discussion last week on Mater Dei’s strength of schedule. One thing to keep in mind - those games against the big Evansville schools are conference games. Basically Mater Dei’s been playing the same schedule since before Bob Griese was quarterbacking Rex Mundi. So they’re used to it. Linton I think does about the best it can with its schedule. Maybe you could tweak it a bit, drop a game or two and find a quality replacement. But it’s not like the Bloomington schools or the Terre Haute schools are gonna schedule Linton.
  4. Back to the topic. One other thing stood out to me: “previously undefeated foe.” Presumably not a “hapless” opponent. Although it does seem, even though both teams were undefeated Plainedge clearly operates at a higher level than South Shore. Perhaps South Shore needs to upgrade it’s schedule to be better prepared for the likes of Plainedge. Get better or go home! 😜
  5. You know, Tanka, for those who disagree there is well-documented evidence from the wide world of sports supporting your position. The NHL professional hockey club in Toronto is known as the Maple Leafs. Not Maple Leaves.
  6. I often thought, what a privilege it was to be the guy who got to cover Miner football. Right place, right time I guess.
  7. I think he’s pretty funny actually. I get a kick out of him.
  8. I agree. Even last year - and I can’t even begin to tell you how many people were asking me, “What’s wrong with this team?” - look how they fared against the 1A teams on their schedule. And last year was a “down year” by Linton standards.
  9. Yes, I have left. I’m in Indy now. Glad you enjoyed the coverage. I tried to give Miner football the coverage it deserves.
  10. Dang! I hung it up too soon! Hate not being at the Bowl Friday! Semistate-type game in the sectional semifinals! Oh well, I’ll be watching and listening
  11. And last year’s Linton team wasn’t quite the same as this year’ team. As you said, this is a different year.
  12. Wasn’t just you my man 😜 Seriously though, I didn’t know much about Providence, what they had coming back etc so I didn’t have much to offer.
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