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  1. And after little ol' 2A's North Knox and Linton both beat Boonville... Side note, nice to see the Warriors back on the winning track! Us oldtimers remember the days when North Knox was a football powerhouse!
  2. Wow, great post on multiple levels! Yes, there was the elephant in the room, all those years when 7 of the final 8 in 1A thru 4A were private/parochial...and the converse you mentioned has happened too...not just in football; basketball also... Flip side though - I agree, Linton might well have been playing at LOS last year but for the success factor...and folks around Linton would have been proclaiming it as one of the greatest teams Linton has ever had...when we now know otherwise....I mean Southridge and Sullivan both outscored Linton by four touchdowns last year. As far as the IHSAA taking away the opportunity away from those kids, well, Linton's roster was over 90% underclassmen last year. So those kids have a chance this year. In 2A. It's a tough call. Some small schools are in fact penalized by the "success factor" for having a "good run." Others, who are perennially good programs probably would be OK playing in a higher class anyway. But I do agree with you on the IHSAA's reluctance to "call a spade a spade" as you said.
  3. I too was in favor of a 4 year as opposed to a 2 year cycle. Gives a program time to "get up to speed" so to speak... We all know who the programs are who consistently play above their class (and it isn't just the privates and parochials, in case anyone was wondering)
  4. I basically agree. Re: the lower classes, what you said is basically true. However, I believe in Linton's case, the bump to 2A has been a good move for the program. The kids and the coaches are learning what it takes to compete at a higher level. Of course, a slight bump in enrollment has kept Linton in 2A. No matter, they beefed up the schedule knowing they'd have to play better teams to prepare for the postseason. But you're right, that "once in a generation" player or class can make it tough for the underclassmen to follow up on.
  5. Nuttin’ wrong with that. Cooshin fer pooshin’!
  6. I know, a lot of members here have seen enough of DT’s contraction, some might call it “diatribe”... But has anyone seen Dugger Union’s Sagarin rating? -52.82! 😳 I don’t recall ever seeing anything lower than -2 or -3!
  7. Wolfs are 52-10 favorites at Eastern Greene Friday according to Harrell’s site. Something tells me it won’t be that close.
  8. In all fairness, it does... Mostly was a joke pointed at the media for thinking there is actually a town "Stockton" 😝
  9. Yeah like Indiana Football Digest... "There are few communities that embrace their Friday night football better than the southwest Indiana towns of Linton and Stockton"
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