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Semi-states: Who ya got?


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1A at Elkhart:

FW Blackhawk (26-2) vs. LCC (24-4) – Harrell has Blackhawk a 10-point favorite. Sounds about right.

1A at Washington:

Barr-Reeve (25-2) vs. Bloomfield (20-7) – Harrell favors BR by 11, 54-43. I’m not so sure. I think it’ll be closer than that. I honestly think Bloomfield’s good enough to win this one. Not that they will…

2A at Lafayette:

Andrean (19-8) vs. Frankton (25-3); 2A at Seymour: Linton (27-3) vs. Shenandoah (26-1) – couple potential barnburners here. Too close to call. And I ain’t callin’ it.

3A at Elkhart:

Culver Academy (23-3) vs. Marion (19-7) – Harrell has Culver by nine, 63-54. I’ll go along with John on this one.

3A at Seymour:

Attucks (20-8) vs. Silver Creek (23-3) – another potential barnburner. Both these teams are quality teams. Both have played and beaten quality opponents. Harrell picks the Silver Creek Dragons by three. I’m gonna go with the Attucks Tigers. I’ll get to watch this one, following Linton-Shenandoah.

4A at Lafayette:

Penn (24-3) vs. Carmel (24-1) – Carmel.

4A at Washington:

Ben Davis (19-7) vs. Center Grove (21-8) – Conference game for the semistate. Hm. Giants and Trojans tied for sixth in the MIC with 2-5 records in conference play. Interestingly, Brownsburg of the HCC beat all three MIC teams still playing. But the Bulldogs are sitting at home after losing to Plainfield in the sectional.

Dawand Jones vs. TJD. Harrell picks BD by two. I’m gonna go with CG.

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I am very familiar with Blackhawk and not familiar at all with LCC. LCC is sort of due to be back in the finals. Blackhawk has a great team, but I got spooked a bit by the way they coached in the game with BR. Still have to pick Blackhawk, but no shock to me if it goes the other way.

I think Barr-Reeve is a better team than Bloomfield. The Cardinals have played their best ball at the end of the season and are certainly capable but I will be very surprised if BR doesn't win.

I like Andrean over Frankton based on tougher schedule. I like Linton (full strength) over Doah because of more experienced players, although Linton has some underclassmen too.

Culver over Marian for sure. Probably Attucks over Creek. Creek is pretty young and didn't play well against Jeffersonville which has similar physicality to Attucks.

Carmel over Penn is as much of a lock as a semi state game can be. Center Grove and BD is a toss up. I'll take Center Grove.

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