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HHF/GID Interview with John Hurley, Head Coach at Evansville Memorial

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Guest DT

Hello Coach Hurley, and thanks for visiting with us at Hoosier High School Football and The Gridiron Digest

Question 1: Suffice it to say, Southern Indiana high school football sometimes can fly below the radar, as many of our fans and readers are from the larger population centers of either Northern or Central Indiana.  The performance of southern schools in the state tournament recently and their overall success as a group is changing that dynamic.  From a statewide perspective, how would you assess the quality and style of play in the south as compared to other areas of the state, and do you expect to see continued improvement from the schools in The SIAC, PAC, and Hoosier Hills?

The SIAC and PAC both offer opportunities to play a wide range of offense and defensive schemes.  The SIAC should be very competitive this year with teams ranging from 2a to 5a.  The SIAC prepares us for the physicality of the tournament every year. 

Question 2:Your program had an incredible 3 year run from 2017 to 2019, winning 41 of 44 games and capturing 2 state championships in 3 title game appearances.  The Tigers had a rough stretch from 2012 to 2015 when you won only 13 games over those 4 seasons.  What were the key factors that contributed to the turnaround at Memorial, and do you feel the program is now positioned to compete annually for a conference championship and make deep runs into the postseason?

We’ve been blessed with great kids and very little turnover in the coaching staff.  Anytime a program has deep playoff runs a lot has to go your way.  Staying healthy is important for preparation and execution in a playoff run.

Question 3:The SIAC made a big move last year with the additions of Jasper and Vincennes.  This gives your AD the ability to complete a full round robin conference schedule, but closes off any opportunities for non conference play.  As you head into year two of the conference expansion, what impact has the additions of the two new schools had on the league in general, and do you feel that the SIAC gives you everything you need during the regular season to prepare your kids for tournament play?

The addition of Vincennes and Jasper has increased the competition and physicality of our conference. 


Question 4 :The Success Factor is an issue that impacts some schools significantly and others not at all.  Memorial is right in the mix based on your great success and the fact that your enrollment can fluctuate and impact your class designation.  What are your overall thoughts on the SF, and do you feel that it has positively impacted its intended purpose, which was to help maintain competitive balance.  Also, what are your thoughts on being in Class 4A as it relates to regular season and post season preparation?

The success factor was set up to maintain a competitive balance, and for the most part, it does.   The days of programs winning 6 out of 10 state championships is very unlikely.  We currently playing 4a with an enrollment of 550.

When we were in 3a we only played one sectional opponent a year.  In 4a we play 4 sectional opponents during the season.  Tough to play teams multiple times.


Question 5 :You have been blessed with a lot of high end talent at the skill positions at Memorial during this recent run.  What are you doing as a program to develop this talent internally and who will be some of the top kids we will see this fall?

We have been blessed with multisport athletes in recent years.  Athletes being able to get in the weight room across multiple sports has been a big part of our success.  


Question 6 :Feeder systems are the lifeblood of high school football programs.  How would you describe the connection and relationship with your feeder schools, CYO football, junior and youth leagues, etc?

There is a lot of competition for kids' time these days.  Unfortunately, some parents get caught in sports specialization at an early age.  Our feeder league and Cub programs do a great job getting kids out to play football. 


Question 7 :Coach, Southern Indiana football fans really seem to get out and support their schools.  We see this evident in the activity on our message boards and the great support your schools receive when they come to Lucas Oil.  How would you describe the support you get from the community, parents, alumni and the casual fan who come out and get behind your team every week?

   We have a strong large loyal following who support the Tigers.  All are welcome, Friday night is a great Family, community experience at Memorial.






Coach, thanks for your time and best of luck this coming season to you and your team.



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Guest DT
2 hours ago, DE said:

I know very little about EM, but I do know this...

They have the best uniforms in the state.

So cool.  I agree

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Guest DT
4 minutes ago, DT said:

So cool.  I agree

Road whites also very stylish




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