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WRC Basketball 22-23

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My favorite time of the year is back! It is time for some WRC basketball Pre-Season Rankings. I was not very accurate last year, but let's see try it out anyway. 

1 or 2 could go either way..

This might be the most fun year of WRC basketball in awhile, because there is no CLEAR favorite to win. I think it could swing a bunch of different ways.

1. Seeger -->  They return a 4x All-Conference player in Snedeker. (Who is probably a top 3 player in the conference) I look for him to have another great year, and provide leadership. If I am not mistaken, they also didn't graduate any starters, or even guys that got a lot of minutes. They went 8-13 last year, but lost to some good teams in close battles. I think they will get over the hump this year and be the team to beat.

2. FC --> They are also returning all of their key pieces. I think they lost a little more than Seeger, but may have more individual talent. They have the tallest Center in the conference, and a top 5 player in Harmon. Gayler could also have a good year as well. 


This is where it gets really interesting..

SV, NV, PH, RP, could fall in any place.. but my predictions

3. SV --> They have a top 10 player in Wallace, and a respectable, probably top 10 player in Bush returning this year. I see them pressuring, and spreading the floor out for drive and kicks. They have some guys surrounding those 2 that can really shoot. I don't know how their post play is, but I don't believe they have any standouts. Let's see if their new coach plays all 14 kids each game, or if he sticks with a core group.

4. PH --> They graduated 2 very good athletes, and lost maybe the best player in the conference in Johnson to a transfer. I believe they will be really young, but not lacking in the skill department. I look for the Sophomore Harper to lead the team this year, but can't count out their Freshman in Schelsky. I haven't got the chance to see him play, but I have heard he is the real deal. I'll be interested to see how he fares at the varsity level. Could be an interesting year for PH. They will lack a lot of size, but make up for it with athleticism. 

5. NV --> They graduated I believe 3 starters. One was all conference, and the other 2 were role players. They return a few guys that are multiple year starters, and some that got a lot of minutes last year. They return an all-conference honorable mention in White, and I think he could fare to be a top 5 player in the conference with the reigns this year. Outside of that I think they will be the biggest team overall in the conference.

6. RP --> They return arguably the best player in the conference in Hazzard. They have a respectable big man in Hines, and a good defender in Mullins. Outside of that I think they will be pretty weak. They are going to need Hazzard to score 20+ every night for them to win games. If he can do it they have the capability of competing for a higher spot.

7. Attica --> Their new coach got them playing hard last year, nearly upsetting a good Faith Christian team at the end of the year. I just think their lack of overall talent will hurt them. They lose their big that got them a decent amount of points, but I am not sure who they are returning. I do believe that they can compete early, just don't think they have the firepower to last. 

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