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    It looks to me that 3a is wide open this yr and ther very well could b two new faces at LOS
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    On the bright side of things, goal post like you're mentioning are more the exception today than the norm of 20 years ago.
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    I graduated from Bremen in 2000, I can vividly remember walking down the hall, that looks straight out to the field right toward the field and looking out at the doors and seeing the goal posts bowing outward, sideline to sideline. Still hasn't been corrected.
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    When there is something about the playing field that violates the rules, the officials are instructed to go ahead and play the game (unless it's a serious safety issue), and make a report to the IHSAA afterward.
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    I would agree. I've never endorsed Wilson as a head coach. I will have to say if this team goes to back to back bowls, it will be quite an accomplishment for him and for IU (and the fans). I've never beat Wilson up for his offense. He is an offensive guru. It's always been about the other parts of being a head coach. His VERY BEST MOVE to date was hiring Allen as his defensive coordinator. Now he's getting a defense to match his offense. Too bad he couldn't get him here 3 years ago. Is this year's offense as good as the past few years? Not exactly. I said earlier in the season that Lagow just needed some reps. After 4 games it looks like he has a bad habit of overthrowing his receivers at times. That was mostly why he had the 5 picks against Wake. If he can somehow get that under control, then I see no reason the offense couldn't be just as good as it was the past 3 years or so. His receiving corps is VERY good. Redding is a stud running back and even though MSU had success in the first half at stopping him, I believe he still ended up with 100 yards rushing for the game. IU has one of the more veteran offensive lines in the conference and some of them will be playing on Sundays. The defense is still a work in progress, but I'm seeing people flying to the ball now instead of standing around watching the game. It's a good thing to see. Now that Allen is on board, I think you'll see the "culture" changing. Allen is one intense man. Watch him on the sidelines when the camera is on him. He's the kind of guy you'd run through a wall for. IMO he was the "missing piece" for IU to move forward and pick up better defensive recruits. It's coming together in Bloomington.
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    Not a Wilson fan, and I've been outspoken about that. And the fact that IU will likely add a 4th Bucket "I" link this year says more about the dumpster fire that is Purdue football than it does about the quality of the IU program. Having said that, you would have to be blind not to see that this is a better football team than they've had in a while. They're not putting up video game offensive numbers as in the past. But that's OK because they actually have a defense. Still a lot of football to be played, but so far you've got to give Wilson his due.
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    Ok so a 5 year period? Out of 100+ years of disastrous football? How is that even comparable? You have to start somewhere to get somewhere, amirite? You don't go from perennial 2-3 year seasons to 8-9 win seasons over night. Just like you don't go from crawling to running a marathon. There's a thing called walking in between. It's called building a culture. Going to back to back bowl games is a HUGE feat for this program, and that's an understatement. Demanding 8-9 win seasons for a program who only has a handful of 8-9 win seasons isn't a way to build a program. Firing off coaches for posting successful seasons by IU standards is the absolute wrong message to stand. I just cannot fathom how anyone in their right mind would deem another bowl birth an unsuccessful season. Purdue was a bottom dweller for years in the B10. And then a guy named Joe Tiller came along. He posted a lot of 6,7 win seasons and and occasionally chased a B10 title. And they ran him off. Look where they are now? Let Wilson build the program and steer the course. They are getting better every year. The talent gap between IU and the upper echelon teams have closed. We're outrecruiting other B10 teams. We're routinely putting guys in the NFL. IU is no longer a bye week for the rest of the B10 and we are no longer considered the worst team. Culture. Patience. We're on the right path.
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    6 wins doesn't do it? Be the first IU team to go to back to back bowls in 25+ years. IU hasn't ever been "mediocre" in football, we've been awful, awful for 100+ years. We are the losingest program in the history of D1 football. If you're disappointed over back to back postseason bids, I don't know what to tell you. It's not like IU is reaching to go back to the glory years, because you know, there never were any glory years. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is IU football. But, like Rome, IU's growth is continuing every year. Reality. Progress. Accept it.
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