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    going north for the weekend and will be computer free.............good luck to both teams and someone send a homing pigeon my way with the result and some play by play details. good luck to both teams and to the fans able to go to the game in person realize you are watching something special. two great group of kids squaring off against each other. enjoy the show. *just once i would like to type a comment without having to edit some stupid typo out of it*
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    Well done on an undeafted season, be proud. Hard fought game to be honest, score is somewhat misleading. Trey simply threw dimes and smart went after their weaker corners and is a stud. Thought our running game developed based on Plymouth getting tired and our passing success. The o line is simply good. D did well, needs to get better against the run. Plymouth battled, their d is really good, their safety drudge is the hardest hitter I've seen in awhile. He's a stud. Wish all Nlc teams good luck the rest of the way!
  3. 2 points
    Gibson Southern PAC Champs! edit:. Southridge was very good.
  4. 2 points
    Not necessarily.....but I would love to see South Spencer playing at their best in a possible sectional final vs. MD.
  5. 2 points
    Probably as much as you would love to see Southridge take down the Titans.
  6. 2 points
    It is awesome to see this group of kids from West Washington do so well. They have worked for everything they have earned and have all accepted their roles no matter how big or small. I remember coaching them in 7th grade, and a linemen was a QB and a RB was a linemen and they have all switched roles and done so well. Best part I remember is Bryce Farmer being a wideout and when he split to the wide side at North Harrison, with the huge crown on their field, I thought for a minute we only had 10 guys because I couldn't see Bryce. While I take no credit, their coaches, parents, and community should be so proud. Hopefully all the younger kids at WW and even other places, looks up to and replicates what this class has accomplished. Kudos, congrats, and good luck to seniors and all of Senator Nation!
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    Salem vs WW is a really hard one to call. If Salem can slow Mcpheeters, I think Salem wins. The lions have a big senior class that would love to stop WW win streak. Hard to get a good read on WW with their schedule. PLAC teams are a combined 13-26 going into tonight's games, minus WW. We all know how tough the MSC is. It is one of those games that comes down to who want's it the most, and limits the turnovers. Big game for both teams heading into the sectional. Should be another great county rival game!!!
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    I know the consolation prize is respect, but our kids would have rather had a PAC Championship. Really tough loss to swallow. We outplayed GS in most areas of the game. We were able to move the ball just fine. Just needed one more break. As far as the calls go to go for it, they were good calls. Hindsight is always 20/20. The onside kick was not an onside kick. We called a squib kick. It just wasn't a very good one and the GS up guy knocked it down. Our players and coaches have nothing to hang their heads about. They had the #1 team in 3A on the ropes and there are many things we can improve on this week from the game. Time to regroup and get ready for Heritage Hills. Good luck to Gibson Southern next week.
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    Why are you so worried about who schedules who?
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    This young man is one exciting football player! He's the best I've seen in a few years!
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    last time PC won four games in a season was 1990. Congratulations Pike Central.
  12. 1 point
    Yes it was. I have watched the video at least 10 times and I can't tell. It was close. Great game Raiders!! You guys came ready to play.
  13. 1 point
    Great for PC if the is in fact the final... this program is deserving of some good wins and I hope their youth get fired up!!
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    You started the argument by proclaiming Floyd Central the second best team in the conference (biased opinion). Orange Fever proclaimed Seymour ARGUABLY the second best team in the conference (an objective proclamation). I wasn't at that Floyd Central and Seymour game so I'm not going to say one way or another who is better. HOWEVER, the fact that you dismiss that Seymour could make the argument that they are the true #2 team in the conference baffles me. You keep throwing the Jeff game out there but Seymour has gotten so much better since that game. The team they are right now is the REAL Seymour. Whether or not Floyd Central gave the game away to them or not is beyond my knowledge, but you can't dismiss the fact that Seymour also has the right to feel like they are the true #2 team in the conference due to their head-to-head win against Floyd and the fact that they are a totally different team than the one that lost to Jeff. I have no dog in this fight but I think you need to see how you come off when posting on here sometimes. Good luck in sectionals my friend.
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    Maybe we can do it again in 4 weeks lets say at Raider field, what a game WOW. we may want to rethink 4th and 2 from the our 30 but we were getting it all night you guys made the play when it counted
  16. 1 point
    Onside kick up 12, no punt on 4th down,2 gifts. Wow
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  18. 1 point
    CE wins big. Seymour finishes 2nd in the conference, arguably the 2nd best team in the conference. Amazing year.
  19. 1 point
    WW wins 44-23. Most pts we have scored on Salem since 1997. On to the tournament!!! Congrats on county title and back to back undefeated regular seasons!! Coaching staff has done amazing work last few years.
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    Came out of halftime with shoulder pads off. McKee in. 28-23 sr
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    It looks to me that 3a is wide open this yr and ther very well could b two new faces at LOS
  22. 1 point
    You can't just discount previous years to gloss over Hazell's record. It was a colossal mistake not to fire him 2 years ago when everyone knew he was in way over his head. I will argue that the rebuild for Purdue may take longer then Induana's did. The cupboard really is that bare...
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    Good luck tonight fkfootball...I'll take the over on this one
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    Whenever I think of a game that seems to be an absolute forgone conclusion, and think "is there any possible way this team could win?"...that game is always the one I think of. Probably the single most shocking result that I have ever seen in high school football.
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    Oh for eff sake, get this post out the Dude's dojo! The Dude would ban you for the rest of the season just on principle alone. [Insert stupid smile face thingy] #812FB #EightOneTwo #812 #Dudes812FootballThreadOnly
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    agreed! Best of luck and stay healthy to all teams as they complete their last "test run" before Sectionals!
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    Hey...8 out of 14 on overall Sagarin for their regional (sect. 47-48) ain't bad. Reg RANK STATE RANK TEAM OVERALL RATING SCHEDULE STRENGTH RANK RECENT RATING RANK PREDICTOR RATING RANK 1 43 Linton-Stockton 76.42 34.99 204 76.26 40 76.07 43 2 166 West Washington 43.88 11.42 308 45.45 156 44.87 159 3 195 North Knox 37.29 32.57 222 35.88 201 35.38 200 4 201 Eastern Greene 36.36 28.45 244 39.62 182 38.41 185 5 244 South Decatur 24.55 14.19 303 23.28 246 23.70 246 6 253 North Central (Farmersburg) 19.45 18.27 292 19.27 254 19.05 254 7 259 Springs Valley 17.09 25.48 253 17.80 258 17.74 258 8 260 Tell City 16.24 40.99 169 15.30 265 15.41 264 9 263 North Decatur 16.01 18.75 288 17.22 260 17.15 260 10 271 Perry Central 14.27 15.48 301 11.20 282 12.55 279 11 289 Tecumseh 8.90 22.73 264 9.02 286 9.01 287 12 301 North Daviess -1.60 30.49 232 -0.97 303 -1.32 303 13 315 Edinburgh -9.46 3.96 316 -8.12 312 -9.31 314 14 321 Oldenburg Academy -14.31 13.83 305 -15.76 321 -14.84 321
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    Here is a pretty good article on the Covenant Christian football team. I had no idea they only had 17 players. http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2016/10/13/insider-meet-indianas-most-unexpected-undefeated-team/91991768/
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    Good luck tonight everyone. Safe travels and hopefully everyone stats healthy as Sectionals start next week!! Looking forward to hopefully some good runs into the tourny.
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    Does that matter? Number is 6, maybe you'll get there next year We won 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005 So we did win it 4 out of our 1st 5 years in the conference......what do we win?? Cookie? I prefer Brownies personally also won 2010 and 2014
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    Get one more you can reach the Bombers
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    Is WW better then last year??? Oof...uh...I'd say just a notch below. My opinion. I don't think our Oline is as good. (Last year OL was awesome) but at the same time our Offense doesn't break as many quick drives off so our defense definitely seems more rested. Teams are real close IMO. But what swung my choice was it being senior night and at home this year. Prob our best senior class in a long time. Mcpheeters, Byrne, Sizemore, and top 4 WR (which is why next year could be very interesting to see but that's a topic for another day) just to name a few. I think that group will be very determined to win this game.......but it's also a rivalry game so who knows?!?!
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    Wings and Rings is right out in front of Walmart.
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    On the bright side of things, goal post like you're mentioning are more the exception today than the norm of 20 years ago.
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    Johnson County coaches, including Center Grove's Eric Moore, talk about that week 9 game strategy. http://www.dailyjournal.net/2016/10/14/no_rest_for_weary/
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    When there is something about the playing field that violates the rules, the officials are instructed to go ahead and play the game (unless it's a serious safety issue), and make a report to the IHSAA afterward.
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  39. 1 point
    He said they should "meet" MD in the sectional final, not beat them. The quote is a little after the 25 minute mark.
  40. 1 point
    Lol, well, your pretty much spot on. Other than bragging rights and going into the playoffs on a good note, there is "nothing whatsoever at stake." You see, here in Indiana everyone makes the playoffs. And to those of you in Ohio who don't know, there is not even a seeding system. No, your not hallucinating Ohio fans, you read that correctly. A team that goes 0-9 can draw an easier road to the sectional title than a team with a 9-0 record. It's called a BLIND DRAW. But hey, that's the IHSAA for you. Everyone knows that it's a system that doesn't make any sense, but the IHSAA is too bullheaded to admit when they are wrong and make a change for the better.
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    it must be Thursday again Caston at Knox -- I think my Comets are ready for hoops season -- Knox 35 - 6 Delphi at Winamac -- Are the Warriors really improved or have they just reached the soft part of their schedule?-- Delphi 22 Winny 21 LaVille at Culver -- Interesting game -- Think LaVille has to much speed but Culver is Huuuge-- LaVille 28 Culver 21 Pioneer at Judson -- I know everyone is picking the Panthers big ( except for that one guy-lol) but rumor has it the Panthers might be down three starters-- might make things interesting -- Pioneer 48 - Judson - 6 Triton at West Central -- The cellar belongs to WC- Triton 28 WC 6
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    Lol. This has been discussed on this thread for years. The standard response for the author of these threads is "812".
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    First frost is coming tomorrow morning from what I hear. It should be a nice, crisp night for football tomorrow! I'm looking forward to it! Caston at Knox - I was as shocked as anyone with Triton's showing last Friday against Knox! Some said that was the best game Triton has played in a few years! I don't know about that, but it did feel good to play well against a good team. Bummer that we had to give it away in the 4th and OT, but many positives none-the-less. I don't see Knox allowing another team they should beat easily to hang around with them this week. I'm going with the Redskins easily on senior night. Knox 34-6 Delphi at Winamac - Don't know much about Delphi, but I think Winamac's schedule has them well prepared. With the added incentive of senior night and the last regular season game for their long-time coach, I don't see any way Winamac looses this one. Warriors 28-14 LaVille at Culver - This is a preview of a potential week 2 sectional match-up if Culver can pull off the upset over North Miami. Neither team is going to show their cards this week. A lot of big guys pounding each other in the trenches and two shifty backs trying to break something big. I think it's close through three, but LaVille pulls away down the stretch. Lancers 35-14 Pioneer at North Judson - No drama here. Bigjay is the only one from NJ even suggesting an upset this year! Pioneer is just too good. Panthers 56-7 Triton at West Central - The game of the week? Maybe! WC comes in with a win and Triton comes off a good showing. Both teams wanting to stay out of the HNAC cellar. I think last Friday's game kicked off a string of 4 pretty solid games by Triton. I'm giving the Trojan trophy to the visitors this week. Triton 31-12
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    Perhaps a little stricter drug regimen? A lot of ins, lot of outs, tough to keep track of in Duder's head... man
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    Not a Wilson fan, and I've been outspoken about that. And the fact that IU will likely add a 4th Bucket "I" link this year says more about the dumpster fire that is Purdue football than it does about the quality of the IU program. Having said that, you would have to be blind not to see that this is a better football team than they've had in a while. They're not putting up video game offensive numbers as in the past. But that's OK because they actually have a defense. Still a lot of football to be played, but so far you've got to give Wilson his due.
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    Ok so a 5 year period? Out of 100+ years of disastrous football? How is that even comparable? You have to start somewhere to get somewhere, amirite? You don't go from perennial 2-3 year seasons to 8-9 win seasons over night. Just like you don't go from crawling to running a marathon. There's a thing called walking in between. It's called building a culture. Going to back to back bowl games is a HUGE feat for this program, and that's an understatement. Demanding 8-9 win seasons for a program who only has a handful of 8-9 win seasons isn't a way to build a program. Firing off coaches for posting successful seasons by IU standards is the absolute wrong message to stand. I just cannot fathom how anyone in their right mind would deem another bowl birth an unsuccessful season. Purdue was a bottom dweller for years in the B10. And then a guy named Joe Tiller came along. He posted a lot of 6,7 win seasons and and occasionally chased a B10 title. And they ran him off. Look where they are now? Let Wilson build the program and steer the course. They are getting better every year. The talent gap between IU and the upper echelon teams have closed. We're outrecruiting other B10 teams. We're routinely putting guys in the NFL. IU is no longer a bye week for the rest of the B10 and we are no longer considered the worst team. Culture. Patience. We're on the right path.
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    6 wins doesn't do it? Be the first IU team to go to back to back bowls in 25+ years. IU hasn't ever been "mediocre" in football, we've been awful, awful for 100+ years. We are the losingest program in the history of D1 football. If you're disappointed over back to back postseason bids, I don't know what to tell you. It's not like IU is reaching to go back to the glory years, because you know, there never were any glory years. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is IU football. But, like Rome, IU's growth is continuing every year. Reality. Progress. Accept it.
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