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    I have to say this is one of the most enjoyable threads I have ever read here on the GID. No one is arguing and no one is pooh poohing what someone else is doing. I have seen no one say, "we do it the right way or you are doing it the wrong way". I hope you'll forgive me a couple of moments to share a couple of things. Since the youth leagues are all volunteer, it reminds me of when I was in the Navy. At my last command before I retired, we were stationed overseas in Spain. All of the military children went to a Department of Defense school on the base. Grades 3 - 6 played together and were put in a pool for a draft. We had 6 teams. There were 6 volunteer coaches (all military members) who would meet a week before practices started for the season and would draft their teams from the kids who wanted to play. There were no tryouts so you drafted only on the names of the kids. They did list the kids sizes so one team wouldn't end up with all of the "big" kids on one team. The league was all flag with no pads. I was a volunteer coach for 2 of the 3+ years that I was there. It was mostly about fundamentals but some coaches had fairly elaborate play books. At any rate, most families were only stationed there for 3 years so one team never got stacked for a dynasty and the coaches changed due to their being transferred to other places in the world. I do know of one kid left Spain and went back stateside. We lost contact with him and his family but found out years later that he played at Clemson on a scholarship and was the starting center for Clemson. Talk about a shock! I believe he ended up being a 3rd or 4th round draft pick for the Rams. So having said all of that, I appreciate ALL of the volunteer coaches who give their time to this great sport. Lastly my son played one year (he was in 6th grade when we moved there) in the Linton youth league back in the mid 90's after I retired and we moved to Linton. It was really quite different seeing them in pads and playing tackle than playing flag and no pads. Thanks for letting me ramble for a couple of moments. I am waxing nostalgic reading this thread. My sincere thanks to all who coach and/or are involved!!!
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    I would be perfectly happy to go 15-0 and be known as the worst state champs in history
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    If you truly believe the competition you play has no impact on how good a team is (any sport) then we will just have to agree to disagree. If you're content with HH and GS having a combined semi-state record of 2-10 since 96 then so be it.
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    The bus driver not knowing where to go...
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    Seeger players paused and prayed for Triton before our team meal last evening.... Also prayers from this former Triton assistant.
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    Another study conducted with convenience sampling and therefore contains self-selection bias. Not to dismiss any findings - but I wish popular press articles spent half as much time discussing that instead of writing sensational headlines. For example, I am a fan of - and sent my kids to - a P/P school. If I show up at a PTO meeting and conduct a survey of P/P parents, would any conclusions I draw about the state of HS education be valid? Maybe. Maybe not. But you can't ignore the fact all the respondents were drawn from my convenience sample - and my results should be met with a healthy dose of skepticism.
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    Been drinking plenty of water tonight. I'm not driving tomorrow, so I'll follow a strict rehydration program after the game:)
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    Bremen 21 Mishawaka Marian 14 F
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    Raiders Just went up 10
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    I tell ya, as much as I hate getting my (Triton's) ass kicked, I was happy it was Pioneer. With everything that went on this week, it was emotionally draining. Pioneer showed they are a real class program. The after game prayer was awesome. I stood there with tears in my eyes as I listened to Coach Berry talk to our team. They didn't have to do any of the things they did but they did and it was greatly appreciated by our community. It was also nice to see some Bremen families and players there, and also Coach Barr from Winamac.
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    Nice gesture by Pioneer last night to honor him!
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    The game aside, what a moment last night to invite the teams and fans to come onto the field for prayer and condolences. Pioneer normally sings the school song to their fans after a win but on this night there would be no singing, no high-fives or celebrating a win. Instead only sorrow shared and deepest heart-felt sympathies to Cameron's family and to our football brothers and their families. Seeing both teams linger on field hugging and crying was a moment anyone who was there will not soon forget. To see the scoreboard show 54 to 54 with 5.4 left was quite a sight as well Nothing against coach Berry cause he is great and great to play for, but the coach who spoke to all was actually Coach Lewellen who is also a minister God Bless to All
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    Uh....that is 15 years ....unless you are using common core math
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    Thanks again to the Pioneer community for the great outpouring of support last night. Coach Berry, I would be honored for my kids to play on one of your teams! Your tribute and prayer after the game was heart-felt and sincere. Thank you. As for the game... not much to say really. I was proud of our kids, especially on the offensive side of the ball. We were able to move the ball a bit and I believe half of our possessions stalled on the Pioneer end of the field. Of course scoring the TD was the highlight of an otherwise dismal night. On defense we simply couldn't tackle anyone. I'll blame some of that on the circumstances, but it's definitely an area we need to improve on regardless. Pioneer is head-and-shoulders better than anyone else in the HNAC. I'll be shocked if they get seriously challenged at all on their way to Lucas.
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    I'd be good with that, or even back to the old ways of not observing DST at all
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    If I could like this 1 million times I would.
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    An adjustment like the whole state moving to Central time (as it should be)?
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    HUGE win. Good game NW. Bronson Yoder is a stud, both sides of the ball. Honestly I thought we should've pulled away in the first half but you guys made it a tough game near the end.
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    Its over!!! The Warren Central Warriors defeated the Pike Red Devils 41-12. Warren Central snaps a two game losing skid and improves to 3-3, 3-2 in conference play. Congrats Warriors!!!
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    Perry Meridian 24 Bloomington North 14 (5:15, 3rd) PM's Tre Breaziel goes 54 yds for a TD as PM extends their lead.
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    Bloomington South 14 Terre Haute South 14 (2:19, 2nd) South went for it on 4th and 1 at their 36 yd line and turned it over on downs, but were able to force a 43 yd FG attempt by THS which was no good. South with the ball.
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    That loss to Crete-Monee has awakened the beast! 42 in the first quarter. Wow
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    Found this: https://scorestream.com/game/champaign-central-vs-rensselaer-central-1362313 Don't know if it's going to be a live stream or not when it hits game time or not.
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    I believe the time Coach Dale threw down the challenge we ordered 36 against the Twin Lakes coaches! It's a light year for us. We are treating our Illinois counter parts to 1 WagonMaster each. Just 1 though. Its tradition that Coach Ellenwood, Coach Rodriguez, and Coach H could all attest too. The Rebels share their delicious sammys.
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    Irish pub on Mass Ave. It's a chain but it's actually a pleasant spot. Within walking distance of Tech (about a mile) or a short Uber ride. Mass Ave will be busy that time of night and parking will be limited I'm afraid.
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    almost game time!
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    Apparently you missed LCC winning the state title 4 years in a row. They last won it In 2015 against Linton and then Linton won it last year (against Pioneer). Other than Monrovia, Linton dominated everyone they played last year. LCC the year before (2015) had 2 (or was it 3?) D-1 players on that team. In fact one of them is a lineman (Cronk) for IU. Anthrop is a WR at Purdue. I'm not sure but maybe they had a punter on that team who is playing D-1. Foxbat would know for sure. While Pioneer is enjoying a dominance this season, sorry but they aren't really the best team in a long time.
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    Sorry all..I had to take a week off from pregame write-up this week. Just ran out of time. I think both teams fans know the other well enough lol. Plus., Both teams have injuries that will be game time decision on who is where....nd actually has a pretty big senior group yet also playing young kids as well. Miners certainly seeing a lot of sophs on the field. I see Hayden Norris starting on both sides of the ball for the cougars....after spending a year at linton and eating ring.... Scotty has a couple new faces on the roster, and got a couple back who didn't play last year..but I also see a couple big guys who started last year...that aren't playing this year. Just hope we can get thru tonight without more injuries.... Interested to see who plays where tonight.
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    Just to be clear, the score was not on the fake punt. The fake punt gained first down yardage at the Pioneer 42, then the next play from scrimmage was the TD connection, Snyder to Shumpert. Didn't want people thinking the score was on a trick play. Score was legit against the 1st team Pioneer D, 3 minutes into the second quarter. But that was about the only thing that went right for the Trojans.
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    Yes, Danville is a quality squad with several athletes on the field, pretty typical for Big 12 schools. Fun fact, Danville currently has one linebacker in the NFL (Cut by Chiefs after a few seasons, picked up by Dolphins) and one receiver playing in the SEC at Vandy. Up to this point, they've played opponents with a combined record of 3-13 so the verdict is still out on how they'll finish in the conference. Bloomington High School is the Purple Raiders, historically a pretty good team but have put out a below average to average product as of late. Best of luck to you guys tonight. I'll keep rooting for you and keeping an eye on the score while watching NV at Attica and making my way down to Seeger at FC.
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    The poll was released on 9/19... its also been updated on the John Harrell site
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    I do its a fun hobby for me, its interesting watching different teams and coaching staffs every week. Hopefully at some point I can be an advanced scout for a team.
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    I believe NR ground attack will wear down NW , the Raiders need long drives to keep the D fresh , Raiders by 14 , of course I could be wrong
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    http://www.newsandtribune.com/sports/football-floyd-faces-tall-task-against-east/article_c89c08d2-9f41-11e7-9c27-3fa055e513f3.html Good preview article from our end. It's not just about beating East. Southern Indiana football needs to improve, for the sake of improvement. It's probably the worst region of the state for football. Especially the Southeastern region. I think East and Seymour are the only HHC teams to win a Regional.
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    It is interesting how much it has thrown a hitch in the sagarin ratings. I compared Sagarin top 10 to Calpreps top 10 over all the classes and it was pretty interesting. 6A Sagarin 6A Calpreps 1 Ben Davis 1 Ben Davis 2 Avon 2 Avon 3 Center Grove 3 Warren Central 4 F.W. Snider 4 Center Grove 5 Warren Central 5 Lawrence Central 6 Carmel 6 F.W. Snider 7 Homestead 7 Carmel 8 Lawrence Central 8 Valparaiso 9 Brownsburg 9 North Central 10 Pike 10 Pike 5A Sagarin 5A Calpreps 1 Ind. Cathedral 1 Ind. Roncalli 2 Ind. Roncalli 2 Ind. Cathedral 3 Columbus East 3 Michigan City 4 Michigan City 4 Plainfield 5 New Palestine 5 Decatur Central 6 Decatur Central 6 LaPorte 7 LaPorte 7 New Palestine 8 Plainfield 8 Zionsville 9 Zionsville 9 Columbus East 10 Bloomington South 10 Concord 4A Sagarin 4A Calpreps 1 East Central 1 Ev. Reitz 2 Ev. Central 2 Ev. Central 3 Ev. Reitz 3 East Central 4 New Prairie 4 Lowell 5 Griffith 5 Mishawaka 6 Northwood 6 Northridge 7 F.W. Dwenger 7 Angola 8 Franklin County 8 Plymouth 9 Lowell 9 New Haven 10 Hobart 10 Northwood 3A Sagarin 3A Calpreps 1 West Lafayette 1 Ind. Chatard 2 F.W. Concordia 2 West Lafayette 3 Ind. Chatard 3 Ev. Memorial 4 Gibson Southern 4 Danville 5 Ev. Memorial 5 Ind. Ritter 6 Ind. Ritter 6 F.W. Concordia 7 Lawrenceburg 7 Gibson Southern 8 Danville 8 Lawrenceburg 9 Brebeuf Jesuit 9 F.W. Luers 10 Vincinnes Lincoln 10 Vincinnes Lincoln 2A Sagarin 2A Calpreps 1 Ev. Mater Dei 1 Ind. Scecina 2 Linton-Stockton 2 Ev. Mater Dei 3 Woodlan 3 Southridge 4 Southridge 4 Woodlan 5 Eastbrook 5 Western Boone 6 Ind. Scecina 6 Eastbrook 7 Western Boone 7 Tipton 8 Triton Central 8 Linton-Stockton 9 Rensselaer Central 9 Rensselaer Central 10 Tipton 10 Triton Central 1A Sagarin 1A Calpreps 1 Pioneer 1 Pioneer 2 Ind. Lutheran 2 Ind. Lutheran 3 Monroe Central 3 Churubusco 4 Churubusco 4 Eastside 5 Eastern Greene 5 Eastern Greene 6 Eastside 6 Fountain Central 7 Sheridan 7 Sheridan 8 Hagerstown 8 Monroe Central 9 Fountain Central 9 Hagerstown 10 Adams Central 10 South Adams
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    Would make life so much easier! I realize it's only +1, -1, but it would just simplify things on so many levels.
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    The good thing is it has been warm all week. Having the week to adjust to the heat is big.
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    I won't speak to who will be the next to climb over the CE HILL. I also can't tell you what programs are making the right changes. I can say that things are moving in the right direction here. It is looking like the "Center Grove" model. Speaking about the facilities and plan, not the talent of course. GO STARS! They Seymour game we didn't look like the same team as weeks prior. Hopefully was a wake up call. We need to develop the killer mentality full time , I could see the lack of it by their body language, I'm sure Coach has lined that out thid week.
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    and free safety and 2nd leading tackler
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    Keep in mind a 7:00 kickoff was 6:00 several years ago. An effect of DST
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    I disagree that GS's run will end anytime soon. It ends when people stop putting in the effort in the feeder leagues beginning in first grade. I like to look at Mater Dei's wrestling program. It's a factory. Sure there are some years they have more talent than others. But even in their down years they are better than most in the state. It's all about teaching kids fundamentals and love for the sport at a very early age. And in each class to get players to hold each other accountable for making practice, workouts and training. Once the process is in place… It can go on and on. Curious patriot74....do you think Mater Dei's wrestling run is going to end anytime soon ?
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    Probably will be official timeouts for water based on what the officials and coaches agree on prior to kickoff. Keep fluids in coaches, players and officials!!
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    I am going to share this GOFUNDME: Feel inclined if you wish, but sharing the story is important as well. https://www.gofundme.com/4ghjlcg RCHS lost a sophomore student Spencer Davis, Sunday evening an a horrible accident in town. Spencer was known to be very giving of his time for others and this was the case here as well. Next is desciption from his the GOFUNDME page. He had 2 sisters who played athletics as well at RCHS, both have graduated and his Mom has been working for our Middle School for MANY years. Very Tragic and heartbreaking. Please remember to hug your loved ones. Spencer did not play Football, but was very much a part of many of our players lives. We as a community want to help this family in anyway that we can. I myself (Karli Siegrist) and Holli Shafer have put together this Gofundme for the Davis Family, below is a description of what it will be for.. On September 17th, a beloved young man of our community, Spencer Michael William Davis, was involved in an accident. He stopped to help a stranger with their van and was working underneath when something happened to the scissor jack, causing the car to fall on him. Despite the efforts of first responders and hospital staff, Spencer sadly passed away on September 19th at 5:19pm. To help the family through this trying time we would like to help raise money for the Davis family. Funds will go towards medical bills and other expenses due to not being able to work through this hard time. The Davis family has positively impacted the community and Spencer has been the epitome of generosity and compassion with a fun loving and positive attitude all the time. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Valpo is the strongest 6A school in The Region thru Week 5. Our bigger 6A schools up here are really struggling. Lake Central is awful, and is likely headed for a last place finish in the Duneland. Merrillville is in the midst of its worst season in over 40 years. Crown Point is hanging around but just beating other bad 6A schools. Portage is a potential bright spot as second year coach Darren Rodriguez is doing a nice job of turning that program around. The DAC is dreadfully weak. Dont think you will find a D1 prospect in the conference. Valpo beat both Penn and Mishawaka , which has never happened previously. They are the team to watch in Northwest Indiana.
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    Thanks to the Pioneer football community (our opponent this Friday night) for creating a Cameron Scarberry Memorial Fund on GoFundMe.com! There is also a GoFundMe account set up to assist the family with funeral expenses. I am always amazed at the outpouring of support from our small town communities in times of crisis and sorrow! I have no personal connection to the Scarberry family, but I'm sure they are extremely grateful for the support. Thanks to all! If anyone is interested in contributing, the link to the Memorial Fund is https://www.gofundme.com/cameron-scarberry-memorial-fund.
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    12 year olds (and teens for that matter) need NO help w/ mood disorders.
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    The Fine Print Disclaimer: For those unaware this post in no way contains the true beliefs, feelings, thoughts, or conjectures of the indivdual(s) posting. This is meant strictly for recreational and entertainment purposes, and in no way shape or form should be considered factual, useful, or anything you probably think it is. Aweful quiet round these parts... Ima channel my inner QBEagles here: You fellers been spending too much time with Raelynn? I hear she may have a Snapchat account, boy oh boy, the wonders of the modern age that Snapchat brings. Supposedly, a friend of a friend who visited Young America and talked to a guy and told my friend's friend that she bought some new boots... But you know what they say believe half of what you hear, and even less or what you see, wait I think I might have that backwards. Either way I digress. We need more cowbell, let me see if I can get a little ding-a-ling-a-ling rolling: 1) LCC what's the deal with LCC? Sandbag much? About time to hit that soft underbelly of your schedule, and then... achachacchachaaaaa! State champ level... engaged. AmIRight? Huh? Huh? If 09er were hear which angle would he take? Poor pitiful sarcasm, enraged I told you so, perhaps subtle copy and paste last word artistry? There are so many options, which to pick, which to pick? 2) Renssy can you pick an offense already? I bet in elementary school you all were asked to pick your favorite color, and you responded with Rainbow. Get it together. Ain't nobody got time for that! 3) RDP where y'all been? Trying to act like CJB's Vietcong stories, lurking in the weeds all ninjer like? Fire up the banter. Aggie you always had great incite. 4) I miss Blackhawkkkkkkkkk, he was fun. Probably spending too much time on them Tri-County talks. How Cavalier of him. 5) Tipton, your pork is inferior to the Phi's. We all know it. Time to admit it. Victory is ours. 6) WagonMasters 7) WCW with NWO was actually very entertaining. However when the WWF got all PC that ruined a great era. I refuse to acknowledge the WWF with an E. Here Here! Can a brother get a second to that motion? 8) Pizza: House? Shack? Hut? King? I don't even know anymore. Unite the pies. 9) Donde esta el Fearless Fly? 10) Stones Boxes may or may not make the best Halloween costume armor. 11) Haikus can make wins Haikus can make you lose but in the end, fun 12) Anyone remember TurdFerguson? Man he was funny. He reminded me of that old adage. He who s---s fast don't s---- long. 13) Muda - soccer doesn't suck, but for the sake of this post... it does. Now Ima go home and vociferously play my FIFA 18 demo I just downloaded on PS4. Because that game is boss. 14) Ima go back to my hole and dream of duck blinds, and inside jokes for now. I don't believe in goodbyes. Just see you next laters. OVERTIME 15) Your HS Algebra story problem of the day. Q) How many cans does it take to drive from Pioneer to anywhere? A) If distance is equal to rate times time, then the flux capacitor is engaged at 1.21 jiggawatts. Who am I kidding. It depends on the can...
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