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  1. Regional scores

  2. Regional scores

    Lawrenceburg only has 1 horse. No chance of coming back. This one could get ugly. On to Danville!
  3. Memorial wins 35-21 and moves on to play Danville next week. Road trip to Indy
  4. Wasn’t comparing HC to Reitz. I was comparing how Central came out and played to how Gibson Southern came out and played against Henderson County. I saw the second Reitz Central game. Sorry but there’s no way central should have ever lost to Reitz this year. Talent level wasn’t even close.
  5. Who has Memorial played that throws the ball as well as GS? Memorial pass d may be a little suspect. GS may have had a game at HC like Central had against Reitz the first game...
  6. Steve Fisher and Larry Coker won national championships. That make them better than Brad Stevens and Jim Harbaugh?
  7. This thread will be must see later tonight!
  8. IB So is it true that 2 of the Memorial receivers are dinged up? I heard Spradlin sat out the last two weeks and Montgomery has a broken finger.
  9. I would say quite a few will still be active. GS isn’t going anywhere for awhile. Will there still be a lot of MD activity if the Raiders win in the Reitz Bowl this weekend? Warren05....IB means “I believe”....As in I believe GS wins tomorrow night.
  10. I'm just saying...Lawrenceburg averages around 8 pass attempts a game. I don't like their chances if they fall behind early. And I don't think they can line up and run it down GS or Memorial's throats. I would say GS or Memorial average 8 attempts a quarter.
  11. I don't think either team will have a problem with L'Burg (sorry stinktown). What teams does L'Burg play that throw the ball as much as GS or Memorial? I think either will score at will against L'Burg.
  12. Then he would have to face Columbus East in regionals and either Cathedral or Roncalli every year in semi state. I would be more nervous for North. If they don’t make the right hire there might be a few kids going to GS.
  13. 2017 Titan Clash Tournament

    Greene County Coach.....thanks for coming. We love having you guys from the north down. The Linton coaching staff wearing shorts in the chilly weather shows the toughness your squads always bring. Results from Sunday...
  14. 2017 Titan Clash Tournament

    Saturday's results and Sunday's schedule....