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    I'm genuinely conflicted regarding Bill's article. The Memorial dad makes some fair points about attitude, the product being a reflection of leadership and such. I also think "your heart not being in it" is going to apply to a lot of stuff in this kid's life going forward. Sometimes it's not about doing what you want to do, but what you have to do or should do. I also cringe when I hear or read about "politics" or "favoritism" in HS sports. From my experience that's the go to excuse for a sensitive ego. If anyone thinks those buzzwords are exclusive to program's in disarray talk to Geesman or Sharpe... you could field a team with how many Parade All Americans they didn't coach because of "politics" and "favoritism".
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    I honestly think Delphi vs Tipton will be the close 2nd best game in the conference and might actually end up being closer than the LCC-WL game. The talent on the field won't be as good, but the game will be just as exciting for both schools. Both these teams are even. Tipton plays a better non conference schedule keeping them from having an equal record. They both beat BC by about the the same. You can't look at losses here because they were all blow outs. I honestly have no idea who the favorite is, but experience of winning alone has to go to Tipton.
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    i gave an honest assessment of the HH vs GS game and u threw a fit and hurled insults. Don't quit my day job, remember? Even though I've been right about pretty much every other game I've commented on. As far as the GS vs SR game? Your a real swami, you know damn well we are all beat up and it's going to be a real up hill battle for the Raiders. I guess the problem you have with a face to face is that I am all grown up. Now, we can go from here and have respectful debates about southern Indiana football or we can continue our grudge match. I'll let you decide.
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    "The only fair tournament is a random tournament." Sounds like a "Basketball" state of mind
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    Going on record: Pizza Shack is garbage can food compared to the glory that is Pizza King. You have all been fooled! Had! Hoodwinked!
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    Here is the arrangements for Rodger Seats: http://www.frainmortuary.com/sitemaker/sites/FRAINM1/obit.cgi?user=1435627SEATS R.I.P Rodger
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    Ballhawk, West Central has only one set of bleachers, and they are the same ones that were there when I graduated in 90. I for one wish we would get bleachers on the other side. South Newton and Tri-County are the same way, a little newer. The nicest one side bleacher set up IMO is Whiting. There bleachers are huge. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Seats family, during this difficult time. He was a great guy and I'm going to miss seeing him walk by the house with his wife and dog.
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    When did you become hall monitor? I say rock on War Daddy!!
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    No need to apologize with your tongue firmly in cheek. I didn't say you were crazy. I said I don't think tipton will win. You said you thought they would and asked for an opinion from someone else. That's fine. It's not like I don't want tipton to win? Unbunch them panties.
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    Oh, it's still there. No problems here. Bill B.
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    One moves on in life, but they never forget where they came from. Momma Zach was always so kind to me growing up, and have a lot of memories in your back yard!
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    My apology wasn't directed to you but more so to October and Dazed and Confused for basically saying I was crazy for thinking we have a chance to beat Delphi. I respect your opinion and probably a good chance you are right.
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    Thats why I pointed out that the other scores besides Rensselaer were very similar. Rensselaer was the low point of the season. They could have scored 100 on us. Delphi has won 3 of their last 4 but the teams they played I think Tipton would have won those games as well. I'm not saying Delphi won't win, heck they could blow us out for all I know. I apologize for thinking we have a chance against a team we have beat 14 straight times.
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    The question was asked to provide reasons why people were picking Delphi..... Like I tell my kids, if you don't want to hear the answer to the question - DON'T ASK!
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    And within another decade or two we may see teams such as Linton no longer exist. The way things are going, small town football is starting to fade into just a memory for some. People are starting to move to metro areas for jobs instead of going back home and the smaller towns are struggling and beginning to dry up. I won't live to see it, but the wheels are already set in motion. I guess you could say it is the bane of rural football and let's not forget: that's progress.
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    Loving the thread.
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    Moving to B-town.... man I'm pretty jealous. Make sure to spend some time at Nick's and Yogi's. Bloomington is a good time.
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    I am not sure there is an easy draw in this sectional.... You have Edgewood, N.Montgomery, Brebeuf, TW, and Webo...I think Webo can beat NM... I think Bye needs to be healthy and they need to be able to take shots down the field to open up the D...
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    Great post! LCC coaches are a class act. Can't say the same thing about WL. I'm not talking about everyone from WL as I've met some great people from there but they have their fair share of arrogant and classless people. As a coach in another sport, I have had great experiences with everyone in the conference including WL but football is a different story.
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    It may actually help with the LCC 'image' on this forum. Part of his act is what caused a lot of folks to root against you. From personal experience, LCC is a school that I have had nothing but respect for from the get-go. Great people. I remember speaking with Coach O'Shea in 2008 when they lost a heartbreaker to us, and I can tell you the words he spoke to me and my son are words I won't forget. Total class guy. Had some LCC folks invite me to share some food with them at a pregame tailgate before the playoff game in 2011. All of these experiences can quickly be forgotten when you read some of these comments here. I always respected you folks way more than the folks at West Side. They were always the complete opposite, with the exception of Coach Overley. He was a good guy. Can't comment on the current staff as I haven't had any meetings with them. But as far as fan bases go, LCC is far and above the Red Devil faithful.
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    My apologies for turning this NSC RIP thread into a Shawn Kemp thread...LOL... Back to football...
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    Exactly my point. I was at that Plymouth-Northridge game. My comment was that Plymouth was then .. and is .. a better football team. Rockies did not dominate the Raiders, however, like they have the rest of the NLC. It was a great game. Plymouth made two huge plays which turned the game around. Plymouth and Northridge each dominated Concord in the NLC. There ya go. And you've ever read anything I've ever posted or written about Plymouth, I don't give back-handed compliments. I call it straight up. Rockies are real damn good. Bill B.
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    Arm Chairs, my men, Arm Chairs.
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    Translation: "The regular season is a series of relatively meaningless exhibition games."
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