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    Just remain independent. Suits me fine.
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    This is actually a really good idea. The only problem I see is Sullivan to Mt. Vernon would be like a 2 hour drive. Linton would be the smallest school by far, but they're definitely good enough that it wouldn't matter.
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    For a "non-region" northern 5A/6A conference: Michiana Division: Concord, Goshen, Mishawaka, Penn, SB Adams, and Elkhart (when consolidated to one school) Fort Wayne Division: Carroll, Homestead, FW North, FW Northrop, FW Snider, Warsaw 5 division games, 2 cross-over games, 2 out of conference games. Switch up the cross-over games every years so kids play every team at least once.
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    I think we should put a high school out of Kentucky in an ideal conference. Warren Central (KY) anyone?
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    ECI Conference: 1. Delta 2. Muncie Central 3. Yorktown 4. Jay County 5. New Castle 6. Mississinewa 7. Hamilton Heights 8. Eastbrook? Noblesville? Richmond? 1 hr to 1hr and a half depending on where you go with the 8th school. Would be competitive size and competition wise.
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    Since this is nothing more than a "what if" scenario and it does say 10 teams, I am thinking way outside of the box here. I would add 3 teams to the Big 8 (they currently only have 7) and rename it......wait for it........THE BIG TEN!!! Here are the current teams and the teams I would add: Current teams: Vincennes Lincoln, Boonville, Mt Carmel, Princeton, Washington, Mt Vernon, and Jasper, then add Sullivan, Southridge, and Linton (my school). "Beam me up, Scottie. The natives on this planet may become hostile."
  7. 1 point
    Warren Central Ben Davis Center Grove Carmel Cathedral Penn Colrain (OH) Lawrence Central St. X (OH) Open Week for a big showcase weekend for the conference. Oh and i would get rid of the 30 mile rule so we could make that showcase week a huge event at LOS.
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    Why limit to 10? Is that a IHSAA rule? I would like to see a 12 team SAC; Division 1: Homestead Snider Luers South Side New Haven Northrop Division 2: Carroll Dweneger Concordia North Side Leo Wayne Each division plays each in division team, then play a rival cross over every year and then play a rotating out of divison game every year. These games will decide divison vs division seeding for week 9 playoff to determine 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11th place. That would equal 7 total conference games. That would then allow each team to play two out of conference games against other Indiana teams, or teams from OH, MI, IL or KY.
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