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    Based on the Lowell folks on the other thread, we may as well just hand them the trophy! This Dwenger team does’t have Any D1 talent in the senior class. Defense is good. Offense not so much. I’m sure we will give it our best shot! Glad we don’t have to travel for our “beat down”. Have you all booked your rooms in Indy as you said you would?
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    The Mic as a whole not as dominant as so many Indy people think? They may be more dominant than ever. Using the Sagarin ratings, every single team in the MIC is ranked higher than every team but 1 from the NIC & the SAC combined. Since the 6A class has been around, 7 of the 8 teams that have participated in the final game, has been a member of the MIC. With all 4 champions being from the MIC. There is a good chance both teams in the 6A final this year will be MIC teams. Using Sagarin ratings, the MIC's 6th place team is in the 6A semi-state this year. Using conference standings, the #6 team made it to the regionals this year. Nobody is even close to the MIC right now. The only conference that you can even think about comparing to the MIC is the Hoosier Crossroads....another Indy area conference. As long as those 2 conferences are playing each other and making each other better, the Indy teams will continue to dominate the state tournament.
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    Did Lowell win or something? You have so much humility it’s hard to tell.
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    Has nothing to do with the 2 conferences “playing each other and making each other better.” Has everything to do with resources, facilities, demographic, populus, talent pool, importance of football within the schools, etc, etc, etc. No one in the state of Indiana outside of the Indy metroplex can compete with these FACTors (Penn may be the only exception). MIC dominance will never change and it’s not really that difficult to understand why that is the case.
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    This semistate matchup reminds me of 2000, when the Giants hosted Center Grove in the same round. Going into that particular game, the Trojans had never beaten Ben Davis (at the time CG had been 0-4 vs. BD). Very few people outside of Johnson County's White River Township thought that Center Grove would beat Ben Davis. But the Trojans defied the odds and beat the Giants 30-28 on a cold night at Ben Davis' Giants Stadium. Fast forward to 2017. I'm sure very few people outside of Hendricks County's Washington Township (where Avon is located) are giving the Orioles an opportunity to beat the Giants. Avon is in the football semistate for the sixth time in school history. Oriole fans are fed up with the "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride" talk about their football team. I'll tell you something: Avon will come out firing on all cylinders. The Giants cannot underestimate this Oriole team; otherwise Avon will wind up with its first semistate championship in football, just like Center Grove did in 2000. Speaking of the 2011 game, the Orioles committed five costly turnovers, which led to 24 points by Ben Davis. The 64-41 Ben Davis win is the highest-scoring game in the history of Ben Davis Football.
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    Also goes to show you that the Mic as a whole is not as dominant as so many Indy people think they are . Usually the Mic has 1 , sometimes 2 dominant teams . This game and Avon pounding Center Grove is proof of that . This game had nothing to do with Indy metro area competition yada yada yada .It had more to do with Snider self destructing with Mistakes and Penalties .
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    Fewer meth addicts in New Carlisle. Take it personal, lame-o.
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    One heck of a game, two heavyweights slugged it out. 25-20 Lowell win!
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    Looks like another great game against Dwenger. Don’t know anything about this team. Seems like the teams we have seen in the past were all big, fast and well coached. What is this team like?
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    Good question. If anything, it should have been a "running into the kicker" penalty, not "roughing." Again, another of the many questionable calls that extended Carmel's life last night.
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    Stop with this Sagarin nonsense. I'm just saying that Avon's win over CG and Snider's performance last night (minus the mistakes and penalties) show that the MIC can be beaten. It just seems like Carmel's points, after their first touchdown, were all extended by questionable officiating on 3rd down plays in which Snider made great plays.
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    Is France #11? Did he not pick the kid up off his feet and slam him into the turf? It sure looked that way on video and if so, that is a penalty.
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    Laugh all you want, that crew was an absolute joke (at least last night) and was very instrumental in the outcome of the game. Sure, some of the Snider penalties were warranted, but some of the bad ones influenced the outcome. You're commenting on something you know absolutely nothing about since you weren't even at the game. Of course you're going to give the crew the benefit of the doubt, they are fellow officials.
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    Bob , as long as you've been doing this , don't you know every crew ?
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    I know Penn will play hard next week , but i'm not confident that we can beat Carmel in Carmel . I thought Snider would be the best chance to give BD a game at Lucas oil .
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    Congrats to the East Central Trojans! They run a terrific program there! Much respect for the smashmouth football East Central plays!
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    Agreed. Some of the penalties were horsecrap calls, but their reputation hurts them.
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    Mind numbing loss for Snider. Probably right around 14 penalties of which 11 were in the 2nd half after they went ahead 21-7. This has been an issue for years and years and no solution has been found. No reason for Snider to have lost this game at all. Congrats Carmel
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    You make two wide open catches and it’s at least 4 tds...
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    Good Game Lowell. You guys played well. New Prairie had their chances to win that game down to the end. Best wishes and good luck traveling to Dwenger. These two teams will meet again with what NP has returning. Best wishes!
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    They lost to Laporte 41-12, so yes they have trailed.
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    Memorial is more disciplined and no stranger to the situation so dont expect the same results as this.
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    HALFTIME Eastbrook - 35 Lapel - 14 The Panthers have forced 3 turnovers and scored off each one.
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    Too many athletes on the FW Knights side for Mishawaka Knights to match. I expect a big game from one of the Luers RB or maybe even both as long as Coach Lindsay stays committed to the run. Last week Luers contained Anderson-Drew and Morrow. Tonight they’ll have to keep Hemmingway in check. If Marian is forced to throw, this game might not be close. Luers by 14.
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