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    I would love statistical proof that indoor plumbing increases reading scores. Using this logic I assume you are against schools possessing pools, auditoriums, Weight rooms, and student common spaces.
  2. 2 points
    Such a Bears move..your team just blew a 21-3 halftime lead and you gave the NFL's leading rusher the ball only 11 times? You're hired! Hopefully Andy Reid was more involved with play calling duties Saturday; I did see several shots of him talking on the headset with his oversized call sheet out--if not calling the play directly, maybe some highly influenced suggestions.
  3. 2 points
    heard at our Region Meeting that 2 rules being talked about by the higher ups are...1) a change to Intentional Grounding...not sure what that change would be...and 2) discussions on making all cut blocks illegal no matter when or where they occur......I don't mind the 'down field' hold enforcement.....don't think a wr hold way downfield on..say..a 40 yard run should be previous spot...seems like a pretty harsh penalty...if it occurred close to runner being down..that could basically be a 50ish yard walk off...
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    Enforcement of a holding penalty that occurs behind the neutral zone on a pass play should be changed to the previous spot, not spot of the foul.
  5. 1 point
    That's an unbelievable stat. You almost have to feel sorry for LSU fans. No reaoson he couldn't have done the same in Baton Rouge had he never left for Miami. Here's a random tidbit: anyone notice former Valpo HS and Penn State kicker Sam Ficken booting FG's for the Rams on Saturday night? They said during the game he had just passed his Series 7 when the Rams called a few weeks ago and asked if he would tryout with a dozen other kickers. Nice little way to supplement your income as a broker.
  6. 1 point
    Very excited. Two Indy guys working tonight! The other is a Michigan transplant though so we only can partially claim him. Both of these guys have given a lot back to Indiana high school officials. We are very fortunate to have 5 active and 1 retired NFL official in Indiana (1 in Fort Wayne and the rest in Indy metro) plus 5 B1G officials (I think I counted them right), 1 MAC official, and several MVFC officials. Most of them worked high school games in Indiana earlier in their careers. You all probably complained about them on this site.
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    When you've been on top of the mountain for most of the 18 years together, these stories are gonna happen, especially as the end is near for TB12. Made it flashier with the Guerrero stuff too. IMO: TB12 has all the legs to stand on: Dude has given up so much money for the betterment of the team, no holdouts, not drama: I mean seriously, dude is paid 15th in the NFL total salary. 15th!!!!! https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/01/highest-paid-quarterbacks-in-the-nfl.html
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    The logic of fouls being enforced from the spot (assuming run ends beyond the spot of the foul) is the team legally gained the yardage to that point. So on a 40-yard run with the hold 30 yards beyond the LOS they legally gained those 30 yards so let them have them. But then enforce the penalty from there. I'm also a huge proponent of most fouls behind the LOS by the offense enforced from the previous spot rather than spot. A holding penalty is already a drive killer. Adding another 5-10 yards to it is excessive. The same applies to fouls by the defense on runs that end behind the LOS. The best example is defensive holding and the QB is subsequently sacked. That's a running play by definition since possession was never lost. If it's a 10-yard sack enforcement will be from the spot of the sack. But if the QB fumbles the ball and recovers it, the foul now happened during a loose ball play and it's enforced from the previous spot. It doesn't happen often (I can only think of it happening 2 or 3 times in my career), but it is an unfair enforcement.
  9. 1 point
    I would love for the enforcement of illegal man down field and (or) PI for true RPO plays. But hey, I’m just a defensive guy, what do I know? 😂
  10. 1 point
    Abby passed Tim Denning Thursday at South Spencer, She now has 1330 points and the schools all-time leading scorer male or female.
  11. 1 point
    Let's make sure we are careful about speculating and posting rumors here. Nothing is out of line at this point, but please be careful. Thanks
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    At what percentage is the crossover point from extravance to reasonable. When 25% of schools posses turf fields? 50%? There was a time I’m sure some viewed air conditioning and indoor plumbing as extravagances. Eventually convenience and function often win out.
  13. 1 point
    Everyone wringing their hands about Indiana high school football, I thought it was interesting watching Purdue pull out a nice win over Arizona in their bowl game last night. For those interested: Markell Jones, RB, Columbus East Gelen Robinson, DT, leader in TFL, Lake Central Joe Schopper, punter, Indy Cathedral Jackson Anthrop, WR/KR/PR, Lafayette Central Catholic Jacob Thieneman, Safety (nice pick to end the game), Guerin Catholic Ben Makowski, Long Snapper, Penn Kirk Barron, Center, Mishawaka Marian Eric Swingler, Left tackle, Munster (walk-on. so much for 'D1 offers' meaning anything) Matt McCann, Right Tackle, Bishop Chatard And these are just the starters! And they all played well, especially the three OLinemen, considering how many passes they threw and how clean Sindelar stayed most of the night. This doesn't even take into account key back-ups and the multitude of freshman on the team from Indiana. This is a program on the rise (hopefully their coach sticks around a few more years) seemingly built on the backs of our Indiana boys! We're doing alright.
  14. -1 points
    There is no crossover point. And comparing AC and indoor plumbing to field turf is apples vs. oranges. Is field turf needed in order to provide a safe, sanitary, and secure environment for trying to teach children reading, writing, and arithmetic?
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