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    According to this tweet the weight room is taken care of as well. Zollman Strength‏ @ZollmanStrength Mar 26 More Great school board meeting tonight. The weight room got approved for more equipment! Love the total corporation buy in. Much appreciated.
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    Few weeks back I had an idea. Started a spreadsheet that shows the win-loss, win percentage, combined percentage, and total wins for every team that plays football and basketball. Thought others might enjoy it. Football Basketball Records.xlsx
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    It was announced today that Matt Edwards from the Big Ten was hired by the NFL officiating staff. Matt is originally from Michigan, but had some of his early high school and college officiating experience in Indiana, and he now lives in Fishers. Last year Steve Woods (Franklin) and Brian Bolinger (Leo) were hired by the NFL. Both worked HS football in Indiana earlier in their careers. That is an amazing representation from one state. It builds on the 3 active and 1 retired official that live in Central Indiana: Dana McKenzie, Greg Bradley, Bryan Neale, and Mark Baltz (retired). All but Dana worked high school football in Indiana before ascending through the collegiate ranks. You never know when that official you are berating on the field on Friday night (or Monday night for that matter) may one day be officiating in the NFL. Please applaud these members of our officiating fraternity for achieving the pinnacle of our career. In addition to these fine men, Indiana is also home to 17 Division I football officials. Most of them are still actively involved with the IFOA and help give back to their local associations. Not bad for a basketball official!
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    Don't let this distract from the fact, that Al Bundy scored 4 touchdown passes in a single game, while playing for Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship. Including the game winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis "Spare Tire" Dixion.
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    The NCC is a dying conference. Griffith's departure killed off the 50 year Highland-Munster-Griffith competitive partnership. Munster belongs in The DAC. They will realize that at some point and make the move. Lowell and KV are not Region schools and would probably prefer some other conference affiliation that better suits their geographic realities. Hobart still pines for its Duneland past. Andrean has been sliding over the past several seasons and needs to move and relocate to a new facility to reinvigorate its overall operation. This conference has been thru several iterations. Calumet Conference 40s, 50s, 60s Lake Suburban Conference 70s, 80, 90s Lake Athletic Conference 90s, 00s Northwest Crossroads Conference 10s History says that it will change again. Expect that to happen sometime with the next 3 to 5 years.
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    Hmm. Jakone says he was posting this to be informative. And the first reaction to his posting was this: You're not suggesting, are you, that they 'shouldn't have responded' about this topic? I've noticed how many commenting, have their own understanding about who said what about whom. Well, that is typical human behavior. You understand how this occurs, relate the story, after they've read it, while emphasizing something that caught their attention. Those commenters, and even me, have no idea about what may have occurred, because I wasn't and neither were they there, to be a witness. This was the issue for Bishop Dwenger to handle, and as it appears, they've decided what has already been resolved, is the solution to the issue. Surely you have your right to disagree, but it is doubtful you have any more pertinent information about this topic, unless you might be adlibbing, by improvising.
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    So then, is it, you are suggesting, the account of this incident which occurred 3.5 years ago, and the reported stated resolution to the issue, within the recent published response from the Principal's Desk, isn't creditable? If this would be your position, then it means, you're casting aspersions of doubting the integrity towards the Principal's office, and Bishop Dwenger High School as a whole. The regurgitation of this incident only became a current topic of discussion, because of a recent TWITTER post by a former Dwenger Graduate, who wasn't a Football team member in 2014, and after the fact. Maybe this Twitter poster has an ax to grind? Jason Garrett, has been appointed to this Head Football Coaches position; and he was vetted by the search committee selection panel, out of 22 original applicants, and the appointment was not completed until approved by the Diocesan School Office, for the Fort Wayne - South Bend Catholic Diocese.
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