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    Madison won the 3A state baseball title in 1999. Won't happen. 1a. Madison has to make the decision to leave 1b. The HHC has to make the decision to invite Silver Creek to take Madison's place OR invite them as a ninth member 2. Silver Creek has to make the decision to accept. Guys, we've gone over this crap time and time again. We've mentioned Columbus East, Jennings County, Madison, Seymour and/or BNL all leaving the conference and we've all mentioned Silver Creek and the like as replacement members. It's time to let these hopes and wishes die. We've beat this dead horse as well. Let's just let things play out. They'll happen if they're meant to be. "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride."
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    Kankakee Valley's two feeder communities, DeMotte and Wheatfield, have a heavy commuter base for tradesmen up in Lake County. While I can certainly appreciate the contrarian in you picking up steam DT, that's a long drive for those of us nestled just south of the river down to Lafayette area, but much more feasible if the time difference wasn't such an issue. It's a solid hour for me to get to Lafayette and I opt for the 231 to 65 route through Rensselaer because it's the same amount of travel time. And I live 5 minutes south of KVHS and don't have to take another turn out of my driveway until I hit 65, just takes me ten minutes. As a part of this community I would rather watch the growth of Wheeler, Boone, and Hanover, and then let Griffith rejoin and make it 10. Maybe make some divisions to allow for non conference to keep region rivalries alive.
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    To rebel03's point, Roncalli had 48 yards of offense. 26 of those yards came on a counter play where the intended rusher was tackled before he received the ball. The QB was forced to tuck it and scramble down the field. When you consider the play should have been a loss of 8, our offensive total should have been roughly 14 yards.
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    You can even go WAY back....Cap Boso, class of 82, TE, played at the University of Illinois and was drafted by the Bears.
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    Mike McNelis- Class of '04- Did not go to a big time school (played at Depauw) but was the nastiest one I ever played against. That Chatard '03 team was nasty. We were 4A state champs that year.....and Chatard beat us 28-0...frankly, it could've been worse.
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    You're making too much sense, Tundra. Lol.
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    Condolences and deepest sympathy goes out to the Sharpe and La Porte Slicer football family. Coach Sharpe and his wife Kristen infant son Jacob passed away yesterday at 9 months old after battling dural sinus thrombosis and arterio-venous fistulas in the brain. http://www.thenewsdispatch.com/obituaries/article_73aeca19-e238-55eb-b18d-727599e96235.html
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