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    Don't get Tango started on the recruiting thing...lol. I've discussed Memorial's recruiting in the past with him.
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    Heritage hills should be loaded at the skills positions but must get stronger up front if they wish to contend with GS and SR. We had 6 Seniors last season and 3 were lineman and a 4th lineman Buse transferred to Tecumseh so the one area we need to make the biggest stride will be where we have the least experience. Return most of the skilled players but 2 of the ones we lose are Keller who was top DB-WR-KR and PR and Yeager who was our top LB and RB. Hoping the schools new conditioning coach who had been at the school around a year now will make a difference said we had over 100 kids at the first day of summer strength training but that's all sports male and female so have no clue percentage of football players. Most of l the PAC school should have a new QB as heritage Hills and Tell City were the only 2 that started a under classmen in 2017.
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    More of committee is my guess... I agree. Ervin was selfless..
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    I don't remember hearing any doubts whatsoever in the Scheller to Sellers to Sellers transitions. This looks to be the first time in the Coach Hart era when there is even a sniff of a QB "?" at GS and I don't mean in terms of talent, just who will be the guy. That is an amazing concept...
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    We actually heard it when Jordan Scheller graduated too. I agree...I don't think QB will be a problem.
  6. 2 points
    I think I heard that when Nick Sellers graduated as well. GS has three solid QB options. That's not the area of concern for me. The area of concern for me would be the line. We lost some very good linemen. If the new linemen step up like they have in the past there will be no concerns.
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    I posted a summary/IHSAA News Release of the Pitch Count Rule -- see above (Tuesday June 5 at 4:57pm). I also looked up the original Rule 51-4 in the By-laws. There is no reference to either regular season or tournament in 51-4. It simply says that violating the Pitch Count Rule results in forfeiture of that game. However, Commissioner Bobby Cox & the IHSAA are standing firm with their decision that the tournament rule (3-9.4 - ineligible player) take precedent over the Pitch Count Rule (51-4 - ineligible pitcher). http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/about ihsaa/2017-18 By-Laws.pdf This whole mess would have been avoided if the IHSAA had done a better job crafting the rule. The IHSAA Pitch Count Rule-- as it currently stands-- lacks proper in-game oversight, does not differentiate between regular season violations versus tournament violations, & leaves the door open for unethical or mathematically-impaired coaches to violate the rule but still win & advance in the tournament. Requiring each team to keep track of their own Pitch Counts & police themselves is akin to relying upon each basketball team to keep track of their own fouls (instead of an Official Scorekeeper) & then remove the player after committing 5 fouls. According to one of the news articles, the South Vermillion Asst Coach went to the press box during the game to check on Ayers' Pitch Count but was told that "it's up to the dugouts". That's correct, according to 51-4 as written. However, there is no in-game recourse outlined in 51-4. Therefore, South Vermillion had no place to turn except to appeal to the IHSAA after the game. Let's hope that the IHSAA gets smart & amends their By-Laws to include a mandate that each tourney site must provide an Official Scorekeeper to track Pitch Counts for every tournament game at that site, report Pitch Counts by every pitcher/every team to each team participating at that site & then send a summary Pitch Count form to the IHSAA at the end of that Sectional, Regional, etc.
  8. 1 point
    Naw....Princeton?? Lol. They did for the 2008-2009 basketball state champs. A couple of them are actually serving time right now.
  9. 1 point
    I'll bet you the Evans' boys don't play a down for Princeton next year.
  10. 1 point
    That game hasn't been a rivalry game since 1997. GS leads the series 32-15 since 1974. (opening of GS). Huge waste of a non-conference game IMO. There you go again with that Evans talk.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Bylaw 3-9.4 being used as a "scapegoat" to save the embarrassment of a team forfeiting a game this deep in the tournament? I would think that Bylaw 3-9.4 would pertain to students ineligible due to transfer violations, academics, etc....... Mac Ayers was not an ineligible player. He became an ineligible pitcher after he threw his 120th pitch, for the day. The penalty for breaking that rule is forfeiture of the game. Does the rule state "only in the regular season"? I've got no dog in the fight and nothing against Scecina. Just seems the rules are being manipulated.
  12. 1 point
    Memorial’s OL got a lot of credit last year, and deservedly so. They were very, very good. But IMO one of the keys to that OL was having Ervin in the backfield. His ability to pick up blocks was huge for them last year. Whoever gets that backfield job has some big shoes to fill.
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    Thought you were a Princeton guy?
  14. 1 point
    LOL. There is absolutely no chance in Hades....
  15. 1 point
    All true, but when you have upperclassmen heavy teams, there are always a bunch of kids waiting their turn. The way GS does football, is that it is a TEAM game. We will have key contributors and roll players you have never heard of. You always seem to know a lot about those Evans boys! digging stand by GS JV 2017 Final GS 37 North 6 Final GS 50 South Spencer 8 Final GS 57 North Posey 0 Final GS 27 Henderson County 0 Final GS 43 Princeton 0 Final GS 30 Heritage Hills 14 Final GS 16 Mater Dei 14 Final GS 6 Reitz 14 Final GS 40 Southridge 0 GS Freshman 2017 GS vs Memorial Canceled not enough players GS 8 Owensboro 0 GS 44 Princeton 0 GS 8 Southridge 18 GS 0 Henderson County 27 GS 38 Fairfield 24 GS 44 Heritage Hills 14 GS 28 Jasper 8 GS 8th 2017 GS 8th grade 44 Mt.Vernon 26 GS 8th grade 32 Vincennes 8 GS 8th grade 48 Pike Central 6 GS 8th grade 36 Tell City 0 GS 8th grade 39 Southridge 6 GS 8th Grade 21 Mater Dei 8 GS 8th grade 49 North Posey 0 GS 8th grade 42 Heritage Hills 0 GS 7th 2017 GS 7th grade 44 Mt Vernon. 14 GS 7th grade 22 Vincennes 6 GS 7th grade 40 Pike Central 0 GS 7th grade 12 Tell City 0 GS 7th grade 28 Southridge 0 GS 7th Grade 0 North 16 GS 7th grade 24 North Posey 0 GS 7th grade 0 Heritage Hills 14
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    Muda, Colton's performance does not count in this post...he's a one sport only guy. ( ;
  17. 1 point
    You're making too much sense, Tundra. Lol.
  18. 1 point
    Easy fix. Swap Madison with Silver Creek. Creek is very good in athletics and that is another school that is growing like a weed.
  19. 1 point
    Great Hire for the Marksmen! Aaron has worked as coordinator on our staff since 2011. He has been an integral part of the turn around at NCF and will be greatly missed! He will work very hard to get things moving in the right direction at TC. Congrats Coach Clements!
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